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09:25<jdike>Hi guys
09:25<caker>Hello Jeff...
09:27<caker>Aug 11 16:34:52 jenny kernel: map : /proc/mm map failed, err = 12
09:27<caker>Aug 11 16:34:52 jenny kernel: fix_range_common: failed, killing current process
09:27<caker>vas ist das?
09:27<jdike>ENOMEM, looks like
09:28<caker>inside the UML or on the host?
09:28<jdike>do you fiddle /proc/sys/vm/max_map_count on the host?
09:28<caker>no, should I have?
09:29<caker>these boxes have LotsaRam and much of it allocated to UMLs
09:29<jdike>because with a sufficiently large physical memory, it is possible for a UML process to exceed the limit
09:29<caker>ok, makaes sense
09:29<jdike>the VMA limit, 65536 entries by default
09:30<jdike>so, if that's 65536 pages, that's a 256M process
09:30<jdike>double or quadruple it maybe
09:33<caker>thanks Jeff
09:33<jdike>wish more problems were this simple
09:39<jdike>BTW, I sense my day is off to a bad start when the first thing I see is... <caker> Hello Jeff...
09:39<caker>hehe, you had a few days of me saying hello without bugging you
09:39<caker>so you can't assume that
09:39<caker>(the three dots may have been a good indicator, however)
09:41<caker>at least it wasn't: Jeff Dike's calendar goes straight from March 31st to April 2nd; no one fools Jeff Dike.
09:42<jdike>there are subtle differences, like the dots
09:42<caker>you know me so well
09:42<jdike>I think normally, "hi" is more likely
09:42<jdike>you get more formal when there is trouble
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12:49[~]kokoko1 peaks
13:03<dgraves>morning jdike!
13:03<dgraves>then you get me. i just always keep you guessing. :)
13:03<dgraves>either that, or you assume there's trouble... :-P
13:04<jdike>mr randomness
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13:10<dgraves>that's me!
13:23<kokoko1>jdike, need little help with patching
13:23[~]dgraves hands kokoko1 some patches:
13:24<kokoko1>i am rebuidling the vixie-cron source rpm to get rid of the error i am getting in /var/log/secure..
13:24<kokoko1>pam_loginuid(crond:session): set_loginuid failed opening loginuid
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13:24<kokoko1>its filling the vms logs
13:25<kokoko1>how to make this line commented ?
13:25<kokoko1>session required
13:25<jdike>put a # at the beginning
13:27<kokoko1>+ patch -p1 -b --suffix .pam-session-system-auth -s
13:27<kokoko1>patch: **** malformed patch at line 6: # session required
13:27<kokoko1>error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.74904 (%prep)
13:27<kokoko1>RPM build errors:
13:27<kokoko1> Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.74904 (%prep)
13:27<kokoko1>give me this error durng rpmbuild
13:28<jdike>don't edit patches unless you know what you're doing
13:29<kokoko1>this is how our ex.sysadmin rebuild the viex-cron and intalled it on all vms
13:30<kokoko1>now fc6 released updates and it overrid it and again our logs is filling with all these errors.
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