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08:49<jdike>Hi guys
08:52<caker>... Jeff
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09:24<jdike>he's getting tricky
09:25<jdike>sigh, dealing with verizon is particularly painful
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15:54<caker>jdike: whatcha been working on?
15:54<jdike>getting rid of tt mode
15:54<caker>is it going down fighting?
15:54<jdike>I have 5000-10000 lines worth of patches almost ready to go
15:55<caker>heavy on the -'s, I presume
15:58<jdike>I get everyone's attention with a
15:58<jdike> 87 files changed, 35 insertions(+), 4204 deletions(-)
15:58<jdike>open with a bang and let them appreciate the music that follows
16:15<dgraves>jdike: when did 2.6 get uml arch merged in?
16:16<jdike>well, it was actually merged in 2.5
16:16<caker>2.5.34 ?
16:16<jdike>it fell into disrepair for a while because Linus wasn't taking patches
16:16<dgraves>was there a bunch of improvements then from 2.6.9 - 2.6.14?
16:16[~]dgraves goes to look at change logs.
16:16<jdike>BB got it back into shapre around 2.6.[789]
16:17<jdike>not sure exactly
16:17<dgraves>that must have been it. and then some gradual improvements around the 10,11,12,13
16:18<jdike>there were sporadic compilation and other problems around then
16:18<dgraves>hmm.. looks like cow files and skas weren't working well in 2.6.9.
16:19<jdike>I wouldn't rely on 2.6.9
16:19<jdike>that was too soon after the resync
16:19<dgraves>jdike: yeah, we use 2.6.14, i'm just trying to trace the history of how we ended up here for some coworkers.
16:19<dgraves>apparently someone got something working in 2.6.14 and then found out it didn't work in 2.6.9.
16:20<jdike>I'd forget about 2.6.9
16:21<dgraves>::L:: yeah, except for silly RHAS4. :)
16:21<dgraves>also fixes a silly panic (EINTR returned by call)
16:21<dgraves>you have awesome patch notes.
16:23<dgraves>[PATCH] Make UML build and run
16:25<jdike>was that mine or BB's
16:26<jdike>there's only so much you can put in a Subject line
16:26<dgraves>yours, i think.
16:26<dgraves>i'm not looking at that one anymore. :)
16:26<jdike>sounds important to me
16:34<dgraves> [PATCH] UML: add some pudding
16:34<dgraves> This adds pud_t support to UML.
16:34[~]dgraves likes pudding!
16:34[~]jdike forgot about that
16:38<dgraves>your past has come to haunt you!
16:38<dgraves>i am the spirit of PuD_T!!!
16:40<jdike>... and they're off!
16:41<jdike>lkml might bounce one back at me
16:42<jdike>dunno what the size limit is, offhand
16:46<dgraves> It broke because:
16:46<dgraves> a) because this part doesn't fall under the description
16:46<dgraves> b) the author didn't know what he was doing here
16:46<dgraves> c) the author didn't try to compile the existing code and see that it worked
16:46<dgraves> perfectly.
16:46<dgraves> d) the author didn't ask us what was happening
16:46<dgraves> e) you didn't either, and somebody there should have learned that UML is a bit
16:46<dgraves> different.
16:46<dgraves>Ooo!! there's my patch! ;)
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