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09:06<jdike>Hi guys
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09:10<peterz>jdike - he who killed of tt mode
09:18<jdike>spent a week getting the patches right
09:18<jdike>UML is slightly, but measurably faster, too
09:27<rlb>Is the copy of the x11-fb patch in old/work/current/2.6/2.6.21/patches supposed to work with 2.6.21, or might it be stale?
09:28<jdike>It has never worked for me
09:28<jdike>which is why it's not in mainline
09:29<rlb>jdike: OK, that's too bad, but thanks.
09:31<rlb>That feature would certainly be useful in cases where you don't want the guest to have any network connectivity to he host, but you do want a GUI.
09:32<rlb>Of course you can use kvm for that, but then you don't have anything like hostfs.
09:33<rlb>I played around with the patch, trying to get it to work with 2.6.21 or 2.6.22, but didn't have much luck. It probably doesn't help that I'm not deeply familiar with the kernel build/config infrastructure.
09:34<rlb>s/work/at least compile/
09:36<rlb>If it's not too aggravating to explain, does an arch's defconfig need to be updated manually, or is there some automatic way (like oldconfig) to bring a defconfig up to date?
09:38<jdike>defconfig is part of the source
09:38<jdike>but, defconfig, oldconfig, copy .config to defconfig should do what you want
09:45<rlb>jdike: OK, I was just trying to figure out how to bring the 2.6.17 defconfig up to date wrt say 2.6.21 or 2.6.22 correctly.
09:53<rlb>Hmm -- looks like I got it to compile with 2.6.21 with a few minor modifications, but there are a few link problems...
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09:55<rlb>One ugly hack I used was to add #include <../../../drivers/video/console/fbcon.h> to x11_kern.c (for soft_cursor()). I'm sure that's not the thing to do, and I suspect the correct fix for the fbcon.h inlclude might also fix some of the link problems.
09:56<rlb>Since soft_cursor is one of the missing symbols at link time, I presume that something needs to be added to arch/um/drivers/Makefile.
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09:59<jdike>caker shows up after me
09:59<caker>I was already here and left :)
09:59<caker>you cannot escape.
10:00<jdike>whoops, right
10:02<jdike>now to deal with a week's worth of backlog
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10:26<dgraves>jdike: we will hunt you down!!!
10:26<jdike>go away
10:26<jdike>I'm busy
10:26[~]dgraves wonders just what he did this time... :)
10:27<dgraves>i knew i shouldn't have shipped the sugar in a plain envelope to you...
10:27<jdike>hunting me down is what you did this time
10:27<peterz>he's trying to read this 556 patch set
10:27<jdike>my day was off to a bad start when I saw:
10:27<jdike>[PATCH 525/nnn] in my inbox
10:28<jdike>and 612 unread messages in my lkml folder
10:28<peterz>we were having bets on how much many would be
10:28<dgraves>I'm in your inbox deleting your patches!
10:28<dgraves>jdike: why so many patches?
10:28<peterz>dgraves: and all to the same file
10:29<peterz>dgraves: because he's insane is why
10:29<jdike>he turned 6xx changes to the MAINTAINERS file into 6xx individual, unthreaded patches
10:29<jdike>it seems like a decent idea, but badly carried out
10:29<jdike>only that many?
10:29<jdike>seemed like more
10:29<peterz>it will bitrot too fast
10:29<peterz>nobody maintains MAINTAINERS that good
10:30<caker>haha @ [PATCH] [556/2many]
10:30[~]dgraves nukes whoever did that.
10:30<caker>(the subject, not the contents)
10:30<dgraves>just on principle.
10:30<peterz>some people did express their love
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10:34<jjkola>by the way, that vde patch didn't compile without patching it
10:35<jjkola>when building it I got error stating that vde_kern target was not found or something like that
10:36[~]dgraves installs cheerleaders in jdike's place of work to cheer him on.
10:36<jdike>cute ones?
10:36<jdike>jjkola, what did you do to it?
10:37<jjkola>I added that target and after that it compiled
10:38<jdike>I built it here
10:38<jjkola>I applied that patch to 2.6.23-rc3, would that make any difference?
10:39<jdike>I don't think so
10:39<jdike>I have it on rc2-mm2
10:39[~]jdike double-checks
10:41<jdike> CC arch/um/drivers/vde_kern.o
10:41<jdike> CC arch/um/drivers/vde_user.o
10:41<jdike>ld -r -dp -o arch/um/drivers/vde.o arch/um/drivers/vde_kern.o arch/um/drivers/vde_user.o -m elf_i386 -r /lib/libvdeplug.a
10:49<jjkola>I'll try applying that patch again to see if it does it again (without applying a whole lot of other patches)
11:12<jjkola>hmm, I could build it now
11:12<jjkola>either one of the other patches messed up something or I did something stupid...
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12:06<jjkola>hmm, now I got the error again
12:06<jjkola>make[1]: *** No rule to make target `arch/um/drivers/vde_kern.o', needed by `arch/um/drivers/vde.o'. Stop.
12:06<jjkola>make: *** [arch/um/drivers] Error 2
12:09<jdike>what did you do?
12:14<jjkola>stock 2.6.23-rc3-git1 + humfs patches + exec patch + vde patch + console and cleanup patches for 2.6.24
12:17<jdike>so you think one of the others is interfering with vde?
12:17<jjkola>it would seem so
12:18<jdike>do any of them fiddle arch/um/drivers/Makefile?
12:18<dgraves>jdike: of course they're cute. i have high standards. in fact, i got your wife to sign up to be lead cheer. :)
12:18<jdike>now I know you're fibbing
12:19<jdike>she's many things, but a cheerleader for me she's not
12:22<dgraves>jdike: with enough money, anything is possible. :)
12:23<jjkola>only vde patch seems to fiddle with that Makefile
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14:00<jjkola>when building 2.6.23-rc3-git1 with humfs I get these error messages
14:10<jdike>you're missing an entire file
14:15<jjkola>I have applied externfs patch so it is there...
14:15<jdike>is it being built?
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14:19<jjkola>ah, I had to enable hostfs so that I could build humfs
14:19<jdike>that's a bug
14:24<jjkola>externfs.patch:1450:+ .sendfile = generic_file_sendfile, <-- sendfile isn't available anymore
14:25<jjkola>so I think that could be dropped from the patch especially that nothing seems to use that function
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