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09:44<jdike>Hi guys
09:45<caker>good morning
09:51<dgraves>morning jdike!
09:51<dgraves>morning caker
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10:00<caker>dgraves: good morning :)
10:06<caker>that so rocks
10:09<jdike>just off the coast of .au
10:09<jdike>so close
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12:07<dgraves>anyone know how to compile a 64bit kernel on a 32 bit machine?
12:10<jdike>you need a 64-bit toolchain
12:10<jdike>it's basically a cross-compile
12:10<dgraves>jdike: is there a good instruction page for this?
12:11<jdike>not that I know of
12:11<dgraves>right. :)
12:14<kokoko1>dgraves, may be this of any help
12:14<dgraves>thanks, kokoko1. following those other links first.
12:15<kokoko1>second line is kinda cool
12:16<kokoko1>Congratulations, you now are running a 64-bit kernel <-- in end this solgan kinda catchy :)
12:18<dgraves>::L:: yeah.
12:18<dgraves>so i think the answer here is that i need to figure out how to get the cross-compiler stuff going for rhel4.
12:19<jdike>there are cross-compile tarballs available somewhere
12:19<dgraves>jdike: i'm checking the rhel ftp site now, then i'll take both those suggestions. thanks.
12:21<kokoko1>dgraves, short version: build a cross-compiling gcc, then build a 64-bit kernel with that
12:21<kokoko1>however, you want a 64-bit userspace if you want to use any proprietary graphics drivers
12:22<dgraves>kokoko1: yeah, this is for a build machine.
12:22<kokoko1>or a few other things :p
12:22<dgraves>the modules will be used elsewhere. :)
12:23<kokoko1>dgraves, i am quoting you from 'fred' the Slamd64 creator who have ported slackware to 64bit.
12:24<dgraves>::L:: what a name. :)
12:24<kokoko1>if you need any help you let me know you can find him on oftc :)
12:39<kokoko1>he works for oracle :P
12:41<dgraves>dang. doesn't list his last name, or i'd look him up. ;)
12:42<dang>Sorry, can't help with that one...
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12:42<kokoko1>oh dgraves sorry
12:42<kokoko1>he not working for oracle
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12:56<dgraves>kokoko1: oh, i thought you said he did.... :)
13:07<kokoko1>power failure for jeff? :)
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13:20<jdike_>dunno what happened
13:20|-|jdike_ changed nick to jdike
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13:37[~]dgraves slowly steps through the whole cross-compile build....
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14:44<jdike>6 more patches off to Andrew
15:02<dgraves>400 to go?
15:08<jdike>50, smartass
15:09<jdike>depending on what crops up over the weekend
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