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08:40<jjkola>is there an easy way to modify cowed filesystem when you have borked /etc/fstab file?
08:41<jjkola>other than using uml_moo to remove cow
08:43<jjkola>I already tried using single mode but that didn't help
09:08<caker>jjkola: boot with init=/bin/bash?
09:08<caker>it'll dump you to a command line, then remount root read-write: mount -o remount,rw /
09:13<jjkola>ok, I'll try that as soon as I reboot my server
09:16<jjkola>hmm, I didn't need to reboot my server as I found out that there was still one process which was keeping uml image file open and after killing that process I could boot with that uml image
09:17<jjkola>I got this: [42949492.790000] EXT3-fs: cannot change data mode on remount
09:26<jjkola>I could correct my fstab file by mounting it when running some other uml in single mode (those others also have borked fstab)
09:28<jjkola>by the way I found out that if I try to remove one of the ubd devices when the ubd device points to non-existent file that it will panic the uml
09:36<jjkola>wohoo, I could get my umls back up and running
09:37<jjkola>now if only I could rectify the network problem which has forced me to make umls reboot every half an hour to keep network connections from stalling...
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