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10:20<jdike>Hi guys
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12:00<dgraves>jdike: i didn't mean to scare you away so quickly... :)
12:00<jdike>I accidentally turned off a couple of machines
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12:46<caker>did the mconsole exec patch make it in, at some point?
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12:48<kokoko1>hi the_hydra
12:48<jdike>didn't like it then, don't like it now
12:48<the_hydra>kokoko1: hello
12:48<kokoko1>long time no see ...
12:48<the_hydra>kokoko1: had a pleasing weekend?
12:49<the_hydra>kokoko1: yes... I was quite busy
12:49<kokoko1>right nice to see you back in the #
12:50<the_hydra>kokoko1: thanks man
12:50<the_hydra>kokoko1: been busy lately?
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12:51<caker>What's the preferred method to make a UML dump core from the host?
12:51<kokoko1>the_hydra, yeah uml and xen keeping my ass kinda busy :)
12:52<the_hydra>kokoko1: call me stone age man... I never tried Xen before... :|
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12:52<kokoko1>heh, xen is fine, no virtualization war tho ;)
12:53<jdike>you can kill -SEGV the main kernel process
12:53<jdike>after making sure that you will get a core
12:53<caker>jdike: so .. see the Citrix/XenSource announcement by now?
12:54<caker>I figure UML is work at _LEAST_ $250mil
12:54<jdike>no one I have talked to knows what Citrix actually bought
12:54<kokoko1>the_hydra, waiting for 2.6.23 to hands dirty with lguest, look like Rusty Russell did some good work with 5000 lines of code
12:54<caker>totally insane.
12:54<caker>XenEnterprise<tm><r>(c)... their management thingy
12:55<jdike>that's been going nowhere from what I hear
12:55<caker>indeed. I don't really get the connection, unless Citrix plans to go into the datacenter provisioning market, which I suspect is going to be big business Real Soon Now
12:55<jdike>the only interesting theory I've heard is that Citrix is trying to turn itself into a nice buyout package for MS
12:56<the_hydra>kokoko1: you plan to do something with lguest?
12:56<caker>ahh .. scary
12:56<jdike>yeah, there are some potential synergies between Citrix and Xen, but not $500M worth
12:56<kokoko1>the_hydra, not something which will go production.
12:56<the_hydra>ok, now we talk about Citrix...shall we, gentlemen?
12:56<caker>jdike: speaking of -- are you for sale? :)
12:57<jdike>cheap! Make an offer!
12:57[~]caker checks pockets
12:57<the_hydra>what? jeff for sale?
12:57<the_hydra>what happened?
12:57<caker>the_hydra: dibs!!
12:57<jdike>the_hydra, check your pocketses too
12:57<jdike>maybe we can make a deal
12:58<kokoko1>no one gota bottom less pocket to acuire UML :P
12:59<kokoko1>jdike, anyhow its a interesting question, you will sale UML if someone come with GOOD offer?
12:59<jdike>what would I sell?
12:59<the_hydra>jdike: maybe I can offer something... but not now
12:59<caker>wget <-- there... UML is mine!
12:59<kokoko1>heh i mean your support
12:59[~]dgraves thinks jdike's wife might get upset if he sold himself...
12:59<the_hydra>dgraves: hehehehe
12:59<kokoko1>you bet
13:00<jdike>she'd be interested in whether I got a good price :-)
13:00<the_hydra>jeff is like beckham in IT world... you know
13:00<the_hydra>wherever he goes, chicks follow
13:01<kokoko1>backham? the realmarid ?
13:01<the_hydra>no, LA galaxy now
13:01<kokoko1>damn he move to US recently
13:03<kokoko1>here it goes, guys i am on UPS
13:03<the_hydra>jdike: if it's not a big secret, is there any offer from Intel exec to you to make Intel-UML chips?
13:03<kokoko1>which i'll only lost 20 minutes if power do to restore
13:03<jdike>that wouldn't make any sense anyway
13:04<jdike>UML needs some sort of OS underneath
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13:14<dgraves>jdike: embedded linux on a chip... running as part of AMD's virtual accelerator. :)
13:15<jdike>yeah, you'd need Linux in hardware first
13:15<dang>Shouldn't be difficult...
13:16<dgraves>but think how fast it'd be! ;)
13:16<dang>That virtual accelerator sounds interesting. I wonder what hypervisor they're planning on using?
13:18<jdike>and think about the bugs that you'd be committing to transistors
13:18<dgraves>jdike: fpga? :)
13:19<jdike>but then how many transistors would you need?
13:19<dgraves>dang: not a virtual machine accelerator, but that's doable as well. this is a generic accelerator for java, etc, depending on what you put to silicon.
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13:19<dgraves>jdike: ouch.
13:20<jdike>Oh, their co-procs
13:20<dgraves>yeah. that old coproc come to life again. :)
13:20<dgraves>but with better memory access, etc than the old ones.
13:21<dgraves>although i heard someone talking about dell putting a virtual machine capability on an mb using linuxbios and some fpga's.
13:21<dgraves>so that you could run virtual machines right off the bat, and get more speed, etc.
13:21<dgraves>basically a hypervisor in a board.
13:22[~]dgraves hopes AMD catches up with intel again...
13:22<dgraves>i really like them. :)
13:23[~]jdike 's options hope they don't :-)
13:25<dang>dgraves: Intel is doing that...
13:25<dang>(I think it's intel, it may be AMD...)
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13:30<jdike>no, it's AMD
13:30<jdike>at least the coprocessor thing
13:31<dang>Not coprocessor.
13:31<dang>The putting a hypervisor on the board.
13:31<dang>And booting into it.
13:32<jdike>Oh, vPro?
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13:34<dang>Oh, it was Dell.
13:35<jdike>there is an Intel thing like that too
13:35<dang>Yeah, it's a pretty obvious thing to do.
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13:35<jdike>have a service OS running alongside the real OS so it can be debugged/rebooted/patched remotely
13:50<dgraves>da-x: dell.
13:50<dgraves>dang: dell, as you said.
13:50<dgraves>jdike: works great, until you crash both of them.... like we're want to do on the dell boxes... :(
14:05<jdike>heh, yeah
14:15<dang>But, hypervisors don't crash, right? :P
14:16<dgraves>ask my friends who work on one. :)
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23:41<mgross>I'm having issues with udev on the ./linux ubd0=../Debian-4.0-x86-root_fs. Has anyone had any issues with misc device creation using the Debian-4 root fs? FWIW I'm running linux-2.6.22.
23:41<mgross>What I'm seeing is that my driver is registering the misc device but the /dev device node is not getting createed.
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