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00:06<mgross>never mind /etc/init.d/udev doesn't exist. udev isn't running.
00:08<mgross>never mind. It seems that the string that I'm using to set the misc name is coming from an echo str > operation. It seems that this wedges in an implicit /n. the extra charactor in my device nodes are '/n' . I'll have to filter my string in kernel to look for such nonsence.
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09:20<jdike>Hi guys
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09:33<kokoko1>Hiya jeff
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13:12<the_hydra>jdike: welcome back
13:17<jdike>the network is a bit bouncy
13:17<jdike>getting TV over fiber set up and they replaced my router
13:20<the_hydra>wow! fiber TV!
13:20<the_hydra>for HD quality?
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14:01<jdike>actually, it's like cable
14:02<jdike>just a different kind of wire coming into the house
14:02<jdike>we don't have HD TVs, so we can't use an HD signal
14:02<the_hydra>oh i see
14:02<the_hydra>well, enjoy your new fiber connection, jeff
14:03<jdike>I have been, that's our internet connection
14:03<jdike>I don't watch TV anyway
14:05<the_hydra>i c
14:05<the_hydra>so I assume you have blazing internet speed
14:06<jdike>it's pretty good
14:06<jdike>I get kernel tarballs at ~630K/sec
14:08[~]jdike disappears for a while
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15:36<kokoko1>jdike, around?
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15:45<kokoko1>jdike, one of our host which hosting 3 UML starting giving problem from last three days
15:45<kokoko1>its going unaccessible, i can only ping it but i can't ssh to it or any uml running on it.
15:46<kokoko1>a while ago it was unaccessible then i have to powercycle it via datacentert web
15:46<kokoko1>in logs 'messages' i can find these suspicous entries before i reboot it
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15:56<kokoko1>i wonders if these error could make machine unresponsive?
15:57<kokoko1>uname -r
16:04<kokoko1>gota go, will catch you later
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