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10:23<kokoko1>Anyone using skas-2.6.20-v9-pre9.patch.bz2 with 2.6.21 ?
10:23<kokoko1>I just patched .21 it give no Failed
10:24<kokoko1>I wonders if its wise to reboot this remote host into 2.6.21 patched with skas-2.6.20-v9-pre9 ? :)
10:24<caker>if you can get it to patch successfully, I'd think you'd be ok
10:24<caker>but YMMV
10:25<kokoko1>Right the skas patched giving Failed with 2.6.22
10:26<linbot>caker: The latest stable kernel is; the latest snapshot of the stable kernel is 2.6.23-rc3-git5; the latest beta kernel is 2.6.23-rc3-mm1.
10:26<kokoko1>cool yeah i did tried the patch with but no luck
10:26<kokoko1>Recently this host of ours giving lot of problem went into unresponsive then we have to powercycle it
10:27<kokoko1>all UML on it giving no response i wonders what happened it was working fine from a while.
10:27<kokoko1>caker, only once before rebooting it i found these in messages logs wana see ?
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10:28<jdike>Hi guys
10:28<kokoko1>This is the only log i have
10:29<kokoko1>hiya jdike
10:29<kokoko1>nothing in logs else and this didn't appear again even the machine again gone into the coma
10:30<caker>kokoko1: long shot, but have you tested the ram (memtest)?
10:30<jdike>still trying to figure out the page ref thing?
10:30<kokoko1>caker, nope didn't
10:30<caker> <-- this thing
10:30<caker>kokoko1: that's 2.6.20.x, right?
10:30<kokoko1>caker, yes
10:31<jdike>kokoko1, what did you change right before this started?
10:31[~]caker runs 2.6.20.x as well
10:31<kokoko1>jdike, hmm nothing but yes i did updated UML kernels
10:31<jdike>from what to what?
10:32<jdike>maybe UML started exercising a host bug
10:32<kokoko1>from 2.6.17.x to
10:32<jdike>big jump
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10:32<kokoko1>jdike, you want me to compile 2.6.21 with skas3 which i have already started compiling
10:33<kokoko1>imean on actual host
10:33<jdike>how often does it happen?
10:34<kokoko1>from last sunday it gone into coma condition three times
10:34<kokoko1>2 times it was within an 2 or 3 hours
10:34<jdike>how hard is it for you to change UML versions?
10:35<jdike>and how much scope do you have to experiment?
10:38<kokoko1>changing uml kernel version is no problem i can do it fast
10:38<kokoko1>i am not very lucky with experiment remotely :)
10:38<kokoko1>this host is only running 3 uml
10:39<jdike>probably the best way to narrow down what's happening is to bisect it
10:40<jdike>get a git tree, tell it that 2.6.17 is good, 2.6.21 is bad, and have it give you a UML in between that you can test
10:40<jdike>tell it whether that one is good or bad, and repeat until you're down to a single commit
10:41<jdike>then we can stare at that commit and see how it might be affecting the host
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11:01<kokoko1>heh, brb in a while not getting this :)
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12:02<kokoko1>jdike, you do not want me to update the host kernel which causing problem?
12:02<kokoko1>How about giving a try to 2.6.21 with skas3, i am just few minutes away to reboot the host into it :)
12:03<jdike>Go ahead
12:03<kokoko1>Right, btw 2.6.21-uml is working find on other 2 hosts and we do not have any problem there.
12:04<jdike>However, what reason do you have to switch host versions, except "maybe it's fixed on a newer kernel", which is fine
12:04<kokoko1>I have update all uml versions to 2.6.21
12:04<jdike>but if it's not, what do you do?
12:05<kokoko1>That's a difficult questions thats why i am here to get free support for uml :)
12:06<jdike>There are two things you can do in order to chase this in an organized way
12:06<jdike>1 - bisect UML to figure out what it's doing differently and see if that suggests anything about what broke on the host
12:07<jdike>2 - bisect the host and see which commit breaks things
12:07<jdike>1 is quicker, but less direct
12:07<jdike>2 is slower, but will pin down what happened to the host
12:13<kokoko1>lets go for for the actaul host kernel
12:13<kokoko1>make modules_install under way
12:14<kokoko1>damn this host hosting our mail server on uml
12:14<kokoko1>programmers will bitch on me if match do not boot into new kernel
12:15<kokoko1>anyhow i have no other option this machine is making lota trouble already
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12:17<jdike>long time no see
12:18<jdike>kokoko1, the other thing about option 2 is that you need to find a good host kernel
12:18<jdike>with option 1, you already have the two endpoints
12:19<kokoko1>jdike, so basicaly you want me to go for kernel between 2.6.17 and 2.6.21
12:19<kokoko1>for uml
12:20<jdike>not 2.6.17.x and 2.6.21.x
12:20[~]kokoko1 ponders
12:20<kokoko1>how about 2.6.20 for uml
12:20<kokoko1>i am ready to give it a go on umls
12:21<|Blaisor|>Hi Jeff
12:21<|Blaisor|>(but going away now :-( )
12:21<kokoko1>It this the nice guy were maintaining the skas patches before ? :)
12:22<|Blaisor|>it was me
12:22<kokoko1>Nice to meet ya
12:22<|Blaisor|>nice to meet you too,
12:22<|Blaisor|>but I must go
12:22<kokoko1>Okay catch you later
12:23<jdike>kokoko1, get a git tree and let git-bisect make decisions for you
12:23<kokoko1>jdike, how to ask the git tree for good kernel :)
12:26<kokoko1>but jdike i can't test that much :(
12:27<kokoko1>to get a "good" kernel
12:27<jdike>it'll take maybe 10-15 reboots to narrow it down
12:28<jdike>and you're not looking for a good kernel
12:28<kokoko1>But still I can't do that much reboots to these uml all of them in use for production
12:28<jdike>you're looking for the boundary between good and bad
12:28<jdike>in that case, bisect UML
12:29<kokoko1>jdike, quick try let me first boot into 2.6.21 at host, if it still going into koma then we will come to uml
12:29<kokoko1>what you say?
12:29<jdike>another alternative is to boot 2.6.22 on the host and if it's bad, complain to LKML and see if anyone knows what's happening
12:30<kokoko1>jdike, skas works with 2.6.22?
12:31<jdike>IIRC, jjkola had problems with it
12:31<kokoko1>okay then i am not going to touch it untill someone here booted it with skas3 :)
12:31<jdike>but you don't need it for testing
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12:34<kokoko1>jeff why skas stopped at skas3-v9-pre9 from very long.
12:36<jdike>ask BB
12:36<jdike>except he just left :-)
12:38<kokoko1>i tho its you maintaining skas now
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12:52<dgraves>boot more times!
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15:51<kokoko1>jdike, I have rebooted the host into 2.6.21-skas3-v9-pre9, i'll let you know if this could fix the instability problem
16:08<dgraves>if it does, i'm installing 2.6.21.-skas3-v9-pre9. I'm seriously instabile.
16:08<dgraves>jdike: when is pre9 going to be skas3-v9?
16:09<dgraves>its been pre for years now.
16:09<jdike>ask BB
16:09<dgraves>right. ;)
16:11<kokoko1>look like we have to live with -pre9
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