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09:01<jdike>Hi guys
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10:03<jdike>what's that?
10:04<jay31>are you talking to me?
10:04<jay31>what's what?
10:04<jdike>-jay31- DCC Chat (
10:05<jay31>oh sorry I'm new to IRC, I just wanted some quick help on UML if that's at all possible
10:05<jdike>well, just ask here
10:05<jay31>suppose I have a UML running, and the server reboots by whatever means, how can I start up the UML again?
10:06<jdike>some people put UML startups in an init script
10:07<jay31>oh right, but what if I've started it from the command like. For example, I've got one running now that I like, so how can I get it back if the whole server reboots?
10:07<jay31>(Thanks a million for your time)
10:08<jdike>what's the problem?
10:08<jay31>if I reboot my host, how can I get my original UML back?
10:08<jdike>BTW, do you mean rebooting the UML automatically, or getting the same UML instance back?
10:09<jay31>I mean getting the same UML instance back
10:09<jdike>i.e. it's been saved to disk at some point, and you restore that image?
10:09<jdike>UML doesn't do that
10:10<jdike>your best bet is an automatic boot when the host boots
10:10<jay31>right, so does that mean, say, if I create a document in a UML instance, save it, but reboot my host, I've lost the document?
10:10<jdike>not necessarily anyway
10:10<jay31>okay, I have a better example (I think), put it this way:
10:10<jdike>has it been checkpointed to the UML disk at any point?
10:10<jay31>I have no idea what that is
10:11<jdike>i.e. emacs autosaves files every couple minutes or so
10:11<jdike>so if the system crashes, you lose at most 2 minutes of work
10:12<jay31>I mean on a bigger scale, suppose you put cPanel onto a UML and have users. The host restarts, how can you start that UML again with the original cPanel etc..., is that possible?
10:12<jdike>cpanel runs inside UML?
10:13<jay31>yes, for example
10:13<jdike>it needs to save its state once in a while and restore it when it restarts
10:13<jay31>can you tell me how to do that, if possible?
10:14<jdike>besides, if you're talking about having network connections, having a disk image isn't very useful
10:14<jdike>there's too much state outside the box which is lost
10:14<jdike>read cpanel documentation :-)
10:14<jdike>that sort of thing is app-specific
10:15<jay31>oooh right
10:15<jay31>thanks for your help, then I don't see the point in having cPanel if you risk loosing it all ... or I may have the wrong end of the stick
10:16<jdike>is cpanel something the user has running for days?
10:16<jdike>and if the system crashes, everything is lost?
10:17<jay31>cpanel would run as long as possible, basically untill the host crases/needs a restart, if cpanel is on a dedicated server (say) and it crashes, nothing is lost, all data is automatically saved anyway
10:19<jdike>then what's the problem?
10:19<jay31>if the host was restarted, how would you boot back into the original UML with the cpanel ...
10:20<jay31>becuase, unless I'm wrong again, if I do another command like for UML, i will get a new instance, not my old one
10:21<jdike>but if cpanel saved all its data, what's lost?
10:21<jay31>the uml instance ...
10:21<jay31>by host I mean the dedicated server (right?)
10:21<jay31>so is there any way to execute a command that restores my old uml (on the host)?
10:22<jdike>like from a disk image on the host?
10:23<jay31>from anything, just a way to do it
10:23<jdike>across a host reboot, only data on disk is safe
10:24<jay31>so there isn't a way to restore the uml or create a new uml with the old uml's data (so cpanel is there etc.)
10:25<jdike>what's the old UML's data?
10:25<jdike>its filesystem?
10:26<jdike>you boot a new UML on the existing filesystem
10:28<jay31>how is that done (sorry)
10:28<jdike>nothing special
10:28<jdike>it's done the same way you booted the original UML
10:28<jdike>same command line
10:29<jay31>what do I add/change?
10:31<jay31>but won't that give me a clean (new) filesystem?
10:32<jay31>we're talking about the uml's filesystem not the hosts filesystem right?
10:35<jay31>oh right I get it now. thanks for all your help
10:35<jay31>it has to run from the same directory too (as the filesystem)
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10:45<jdike>that would help, but it's not strictly necessary
10:48<jay31>ok, thanks so much for your help!
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15:38<kokoko1>see ya
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