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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-08-26

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05:57<dEUS_>hi, i'm trying to set up a musticast network between two uml instances, the "uml_mconsole <umid> config eth0=mcast" gives me no errors, I give assign some ips to my virtual network instances but i still can not ping from one uml nstance to the other
05:58<dEUS_>can anyone help me?
06:00<dEUS_>i've tried before the tuntap connection and the uml_switch with no problems but it seems that i've got probs with the "easiest" connection method
06:00<dEUS_>can you point me to the right direction?
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11:34<dEUS_>hi, i'm trying to follow the example jeff dike's book for multicast network between two uml instances and although i can hotplug with no erros the two multicast network instances, i have a problem pinging one instance to the other
11:34<dEUS_>can anyone give me some advice?
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