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10:24<jdike>Hi guys
10:24<caker>hello Jeff
10:24<caker>how's it going?
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10:26<jdike>going OK
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10:27<kokoko1>Hi guys
10:28<kokoko1>jdike, host is up without any problem from lost 4 days
10:28<kokoko1> up 4 days, 18:58
10:28<jdike>OK, looks like it was fixed
10:28<jdike>that beats bisecting
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11:42<the_hydra>jdike: hello
11:44<the_hydra>jdike: kinda OOT, have you heard about "Blue Pill"?
11:44<jdike>don't know the details though
11:44<the_hydra>theoritically, should I be worried if I use Linux?
11:45<jdike>it's hiding a rootkit in a hypervisor or something, below the OS
11:45<jdike>so the OS you're running doesn't matter
11:47<dang>Assuming you could get infected if you use Linux...
11:47<dang>It obviously will still be a problem for Linux if it's there, but you may not be able to be infected in the first place.
11:47<dang>Depends on the attack vector.
11:48<the_hydra>jdike: anyway, regarding syscall, technically what are the showstopper for creating somekind of system call converter...let's say solaris-to-linux?
11:48<the_hydra>dang: i am thinking the same way too
11:48[~]dang wonders what happens if you already have a hypervisor...
11:49<jdike>there aren't any showstoppers afaik
11:49<jdike>there is binary compatibility support for other unixes
11:51<the_hydra>the things which will complicate this my future work is the fact that it's actually solaris/sparc to linux/x86 :|
11:52<jdike>you have bigger problems than system calls then
11:52<the_hydra>jdike: yep
11:52<jdike>like how are you dealing with the instruction set
11:53<the_hydra>true... this is why I am checking qemu source code deeper and see what I can improve there
11:54<jdike>in that case, you can deal with system calls there
11:54<the_hydra>i hope so... although Transitive folks seems already did the hard work regarding Sparc to x86...afaik
11:55<the_hydra>maybe you also heard about it...QuickTransit by Transitive
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16:41<mgross>I've been running UML off 2.6.22 and all of a sudden I'm getting the following crash when starting up my uml.
16:41<mgross>Checking for the skas3 patch in the host:
16:41<mgross> - /proc/mm...not found: No such file or directory
16:41<mgross> - PTRACE_FAULTINFO...not found
16:41<mgross> - PTRACE_LDT...not found
16:41<mgross>UML running in SKAS0 mode
16:41<mgross>Segmentation fault (core dumped)
16:41<mgross>could I have changed something bad in the .config file?
16:46<mgross>never mind.
16:46<caker>mgross: ?
16:46<caker>what was it?
16:47<mgross>I think I found the problem. I buggered up a make file and got a confusing error.
16:49<jdike>gdb the core file and look at the stack trace if you need to know what happened
16:59<ds2>wild question - does UML run on non x86 arch's?
17:00<jdike>although I'm pondering waking up the s390 port
17:01<ds2>what kind of device uses the S390 besides the old IBM boxes?
17:01<jdike>I use hercules
17:01<ds2>yeah like if I want to run an ARM port, I'd look for an old PDA or phone...
17:03<mgross>I don't think its a UML issue. I think my new device_initcall is causing trouble. my bug.
17:09<dgraves>don't wake the sleeping beast?
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17:20[~]ds2 randomly pokes and prods
17:48[~]dgraves stands well back.
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