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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-08-29

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00:22<force>i have the tap module loaded on the host, but i'm getting a SIOCSIFFLAGS operation not permitted and SIOCSIFADDR invalid argument when using ifconfig within the UML
00:22<force>i started the UML with the eth0=tuntap,,, parameter
00:23<force>anyone got any idea why it's saying this?
00:23<force>perhaps something i missed in the kernel configuration on the host?
00:29<caker>are you running the UML as non-root, and what are the perms on /dev/net/tun ?
00:30<caker>fix /dev/net/tun's perms and it should fix it
00:30<force>oh true
00:31<force>:D thanks
00:33<force>i assume the same with ttys etc
00:33<caker>I don't assign UML any host ttys... I run it inside a screen session, and send its console out put to stdin and stdout
00:33<caker>con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1
00:33<force>oh okay
00:34<caker>which may be the default now, I forget
00:34<caker>I think it's con=pts or something
00:34<caker>anyway .. time for sleep
00:34<caker>good luck
00:35<force>:D thanks mate
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07:08<jdike>Hi guys
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09:32<dgraves>morning jdike
09:34<caker>good morning, chaps
09:36[~]jdike tries to figure out why tickless isn't working
09:48[~]kokoko1 knows there are ways, and there are jdike ways :)
09:51<jdike>the jdike ways aren't working atm
09:51<jdike>you got some better ones?
09:52<kokoko1>Nope :D
10:07<kokoko1>off topic, just wondering how different is Sun Solaris from linux?
10:08<kokoko1>imean if i have to manage one how long it will takes me to learn it :)
10:14<jdike>their userspace sucks
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12:37<jdike>maybe I have it
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12:49<kokoko1>hehe i know you got your own ways
12:51<jdike>it seems fixed
12:52[~]jdike boots a few more times, while removing debugging, to make sure
12:57<jdike>seems OK now
12:57<jdike>it appears that your idle loop must tell the time system to turn ticks on and off
12:57<jdike>otherwise you get hanging I/O
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13:03<jdike>various nice things happen as a result
13:03<jdike>the host doesn't have to deliver 100 timers/sec for each idle UML
13:03<jdike>I can turn off the process timer
13:04<jdike>the idle loop can sleep until the next wakeup instead of having to take an interrupt
13:30<jdike>and kernel builds are a few seconds faster than before
13:30<jdike>~1 percentage point
13:33<jdike>accounting is whacked, though
13:33<jdike>real 5m56.043s
13:33<jdike>user 0m0.000s
13:33<jdike>sys 0m55.580s
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