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05:18<GoGi>what UML guest kernel should I use? One with -bsN or the latest directly from
05:41<kokoko1>i am using 2.6.21 direct from
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17:08<JDLSpeedy>Im booting up my UML RootFS and I am getting 'TUNSETIFF failed' in the virual console
17:08<JDLSpeedy>can anyone help?
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19:44<caker>JDLSpeedy: yes, fix the permissions on /dev/net/tun on the host
19:47<JDLSpeedy>hey there caker, i fix it awhile ago, sorry, i shoulda post saying i got it
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22:54<runeword>Hi.I am a newbie and I am starting to read some code of UML. I found that the tracing thread mode seems to be abandoned by recent releases(when I compile from source, the files in arch/um/kernel/tt/ are ignored by the compiler). anybody knows how to turn the tracing thread mode on. Thanks.
22:58<caker>TT mode is going away
22:58<caker>but if your kernel tree is old enough: make menuconfig ARCH=um, and turn it on under UML options
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22:59<JDLSpeedy>caker: u a UML developer too?
22:59<caker>I wouldn't call myself that, but I've done some stuff...
23:00<caker>namely, (patch in the same directory)
23:01<runeword>i download the old kernel, it works fine, but when I starts the virtual machine it cannot accept the root filesystem file that I download from the sf site
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