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08:37<jdike>Hi guys
08:38<dang>Morning, Jeff
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08:46<the_hydra>jdike: hi
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14:00[~]jdike gets tickless ready for -mm
14:00<netdrake>can anybody help me with build external kernel module for uml, i have some troubles with include headers (using 2.6.21 kernel)plase
14:01<dang>netdrake: I always build in a chroot of the uml filesystem, using it's kernel headers, or else inside the UML itself.
14:01<dang>That way you don't have to worry about accidentally getting the system headers involved.
14:02<jdike>The usual method should work for UML
14:02<jdike>it's no different from any other kernel in this regard, AFAIK
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14:03<netdrake>dang: hm nice idea, i will try it .. thanks :)
14:06<netdrake>jdike: usual method ? did you mean CFLAGS ... make script ... or .. something else ?
14:06<jdike>not something I usually do
14:07<jdike>but I recall a little Makefile which does a make -C /path/to/kernel/tree or something along those lines
14:08<netdrake>ah ok :)
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14:13[~]dgraves builds like that all the time, outside uml.
14:13<dgraves>its way faster.
14:14<dgraves>netdrake: how are you attempting to build it?
14:14<dgraves>jdike: did you fix the speed up? :)
14:14<jdike>you mean the accounting stuff from yesterday?
14:14[~]dgraves thinks his keyboard ish drinked.
14:15<jdike>somewhere in there is a complete, coherent, one-word answer
14:15<jdike>damned if I can find it though
14:16<dgraves>yeah, the accounting stuff.
14:16<dgraves>where you were magically making things take less time than they really did.
14:16<dgraves>so how are you putting tickless in?
14:16<jdike>I'm not convinced that the generic code gets that right
14:16<dgraves>but it works! ;0
14:16<jdike>does it?
14:17<jdike>Have you looked at a tickless i386 kernel?
14:17[~]dgraves actually doesn't know.
14:17<dgraves>what's tickless get you?
14:18<netdrake>dgraves: i trying use uml fs ...
14:18<jdike>looking at a single UML, somewhat better performance
14:18<jdike>it doesn't have to take 100 interrupts a second
14:18<netdrake>... because i need debug my module
14:19<jdike>looking at a lot of UMLs on a host, the host doesn't have to deliver 100 interrupts/sec to a bunch of idle UMLs
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14:25<jdike>tickless gets me another 1-2% on a kernel build
14:27<dang>dgraves: That's why I usually build in chroot...
14:27<dang>Rather than in uml...
14:27<dang>I have a whole complex dev environment involving different OS versions in different chroot/uml combinations.
14:33<dgraves>netdrake: what's your build line?
14:34<dgraves>dang: not sure how that fixes it, but its the same idea, i suppose...
14:34<jdike>dang, I don't suppose you have a sparc cross-build environment in there somewhere?
14:35<dang>dgraves: I'm building in the same environment as the UML (modulo uname output), but at full speed.
14:35<dang>jdike: No, sorry. Only x86 and x86_64...
14:35<dgraves>dang: for a kernel, so am i. :) and since we've got 26 developers using the root image, its not like a chroot would easily work.
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14:41<dang>dgraves: Well, I'm the only one making root images here... Others just use them.
14:42<dgraves>dang: yeah, our developers all use the same root image through the magic of cow. no sense setting up complex chroot stuff when the kernel build process (and module build) already handles different kernel versions.
14:43<dang>dgraves: You assume I'm working with sane kernel modules. :)
14:44<dang>You also assume the chroot environment is even remotely similar to the host box...
14:45<dang>Some of the environments inside the chroot/UML are *old*.
14:45<dang>I'm sure I could do it; it's just simpler to use a chroot and be sure I have the correct environment...
14:47<dgraves>dang: long as it works. :)
14:47<dang>Yep, it works. Quite well, I might add...
14:48<dang>Of course, I'm a bit of a chroot junky... :)
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14:58<jdike>11 patches ready to go, so 11 builds and boots to make sure
15:00<dang>Run all 11 at the same time. :)
15:16<jdike>one of them broke delay calibration
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16:18<jdike>11 patches off
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16:27<dang>Good stuff.
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17:33[~]jdike off too
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21:35<force>i am having a little trouble with uml networking
21:36<force>my topology is server->switch->router(nat)->internet
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21:37<force>i can't ping anything it just drops out
21:37<force>the tap0 interface IP address is set to netmask
21:37<force>within the uml the eth0 address is set to netmask
21:38<force>and i have uml_switch running
21:38<force>i tried to add a route both within the host and the uml
21:38<force>but i'm unsure exactly what it should be set to
21:39<force>ideally i want to run a couple uml kernels each with their own private IP address
21:40<force>none of the documentation i have read has anything for this topology
21:40<force>has anyone here got a solution for this?
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