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08:11<LemyDanger>Hello all
08:11<LemyDanger>Here is my problem :
08:11<LemyDanger>Setting up networking....
08:11<LemyDanger>Configuring network interfaces...TUNSETIFF failed, errno = 1
08:11<LemyDanger>SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
08:11<LemyDanger>TUNSETIFF failed, errno = 1
08:11<LemyDanger>SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
08:11<LemyDanger>Failed to bring up eth0.
08:12<LemyDanger>If I start the linux as root there is no problem
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08:17<LemyDange1>someone there?
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08:42<LemyDange1>Configuring network interfaces...SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not permitted
08:42<LemyDange1>can someone help me?
08:43<dang>Sound like you're not root...
08:43<LemyDange1>thats right
08:43<LemyDange1>and i dont want too
08:43<dang>You can't configure interfaces unless you're root.
08:44<LemyDange1>i want to run the uml as a user
08:44<dang>Which interface are you trying to configure?
08:44<dang>(you can run uml as a normal user; I do... That's not the issue)
08:44<LemyDange1>i set the rights in /dev/net/tun to 666
08:45<dang>Bad idea, but it should be sufficient... For modifying /dev/net/tun
08:45<LemyDange1>i have a script
08:45<dang>What are you trying to do, specificially?
08:45<LemyDange1>one moment
08:46<LemyDange1>i will tell you what exactly i do
08:46<LemyDange1>tunctl -u user -b
08:47<LemyDange1>ifconfig tap0 up
08:47<LemyDange1>this i do all as root
08:47<LemyDange1>then i start the uml with the eth0=tuntap, tap0 option
08:48<LemyDange1>the tap 0 already exists then
08:49<LemyDange1>how do you do it?
08:49<dang>Is "user" actually your username? Or is it the word "user"?
08:50<LemyDange1>user is the username
08:51<LemyDange1>oh i think I found the problem, there is a fault in the skript
08:52<LemyDange1>ill test that
08:52<dang>Because that's basically what I do (except using ip instead of ifconfig)
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09:03<LemyDange1>now it works, many thx, you give me the right hint, thx :)
09:13<dang>No problem.
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09:36<jdike>Hi guys
09:41<kokoko1>Hello Jeff
09:46<jdike>what to send Andrew today?
09:47<kokoko1>hmm beaf burger? :)
09:47<kokoko1>sorry i can't thought of anything atm coz i am hungry
09:48<jdike>I don't think that will work so well through email
09:49<kokoko1>how many you are going to sent today "patches" ? :)
09:51<jdike>only a couple I think
10:16<dang>How about the magic patch that makes a UML 10 times faster than the box it's running on? :P
10:17<jdike>that MINE MINE MINE!!!1!
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15:41<jdike>three more off to andrew
15:47<kokoko1>dump question, how to force coping when there is alias alias cp='cp -i'
15:48<kokoko1>i am trying with cp -f but still it asking before overriding
15:50<jdike>"cp" -f should work
15:50<jdike>or unalias cp
15:50<kokoko1>jdike, got it :)
15:51<kokoko1> /bin/cp -f
15:51<kokoko1>no need to unalias cp
15:51<jdike>that works too
16:07<dang>Or just /bin/cp
16:17<dang>Me, I always unalis cp. Then re-alias it to more useful things. :)
16:18<dang>Time to go home...
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16:35<ds2>or ''cp -f
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23:48<force>anyone around
23:49<force>i have a debootstrap image of a system as debian-root.img
23:49<force>if i wish to run more than one UML
23:49<force>say i want five.. do i just use uml_moo & uml_mkcow
23:50<force>i assume uml_mkcow to make debian-root.img into a cow file then use uml_moo to create the diff images
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