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18:12<rlb>Is there a way to get uml to have only one login console, on standard IO?
18:12<rlb>I've been playing with con=..., but I haven't gotten it quite right yet.
18:13<caker>add: con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1 to the command line, and start a getty on tty0 by editing the UML's /etc/inittab
18:13<caker>comment out the other gettys in that file to prevent init from complaining
18:14<caker>for added fun, run the UML inside screen
18:14<dang>That's how I run it...
18:18<rlb>I think I had it all but the con=null bit. I had problems with input, so I'm guessing that maybe two things were contending for stdin.
18:18<rlb>caker: thanks.
18:19<rlb>Any easy way to redirect the IO to a socket that might work with unixterm?
19:16<JDLSpeedy>is UML still being developed?
19:24<dang>Yes, actively.
19:28<rlb>Do people use launchtool to keep a uml instance running on a server, or is there something obviously better?
19:29<rlb>(just for one or two instances)
19:58<dang>I use screen...
20:09<rlb>dang: I want something that will keep the instances running, start them at startup, shut them down at shutdown, etc. (I suppose I might also want a ups daemon or similar.)
20:11<caker> <-- probably bitrotted, but there's a bunch of scripts included to do that kind of thing, I think
20:11<dang>rlb: My uml's are all scripted and left behind screens... The scripts can be run at startup, if you want.
20:11<dang>It's not that hard to do.
20:12<dang>There are lots of scripts floating around; you can find a lot of them with google.
20:13<rlb>dang: right, but I was looking to see if there was some more general infrastructure already available (like launchtool, for example).
20:13<dang>Not that I know of. Doesn't meant it doesn't exist, since I've never really looked for it.
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21:17<rlb>caker: I tried con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1, and although I do get a login on stdin, it doesn't quite work. i.e. it takes the username and then just immediately prints "Login incorrect". I assume that means that stdin isn't getting to getty correctly. FWIW I only have one relevant line in inittab "0:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty0".
21:19<caker>rlb: add tty0 to the UML's /etc/securetty
21:19<caker>that file controls where root can log in from
21:19<rlb>caker: AHH -- I knew I was forgetting something.
21:19<caker>sure :-p
21:20<rlb>I was pretty sure I remembered that someone (jdike?) had told me something that was key before, and I'm pretty sure that was it. This time, perhaps I'll write it down :/ Thanks so much.
21:25<rlb>caker: that worked perfectly. Thanks again. Now I'll see if launchtool seems useful. (I thought I saw some other similar tool a while ago, but now I can't recall what it was.)
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21:41<stmartin>Is a 64-bit multi-core Xeon a good platform for a UML host?
21:47<caker>stmartin: short answer: yes. Depending on what you're doing on the host, the disk subsystem may be your bottleneck. I *rarely* have had any problems with not enough CPU
21:55<stmartin>memory seems to be the more dominant bottleneck for me I think. I'm specing a sister machine to add to my current virtual server host.
21:57<stmartin>Thankfully there is not a lot of disk activity happening that isn't served from cache.
21:57<stmartin>(think 125ish very similar machines -- it's for network management training)
22:04<stmartin>Thanks for the info btw.
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22:59<rlb>Is there a common way to handle signalling a uml instace to shut down if when the host is going down? I assumed you might just hook in to the normal UPS related infrastructure.
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23:31<caker>rlb: uml_mconsole cad
23:40<rlb>caker: OK, thanks -- just have to change the inittab.
23:44<caker>rlb: for what it's worth -- I modify the UML src to shutdown on reboot. It's a one-liner in arch/um/kernel/reboot.c
23:44<caker>should be fairly obvious
23:51<rlb>caker: OK, though I don't mind changing the inittab to just shut down on cad.
23:53<rlb>caker: is vde{2,} use very common w/uml?
23:54<caker>rlb: it's new to UML. I've never used it
23:54<rlb>That's one convenient thing about qemu (the built-in default networking).
23:55<rlb>That and -redir are sufficient for some situations...
23:55<caker>^-- basically my setup (gave advice to the guy that wrote the howto)
23:59<rlb>Thanks -- I was wondering if the vde setup might be a little more flexible and require fewer privileges (other than the vde setup itself). I'll probably poke around.
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