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10:06<Groundy>hello all,
10:06<Groundy>I recently got my 2.4 uml upgraded to 2.6
10:07<Groundy>except that now some programs (like aptitude and apache2) are segfaulting on startup
10:07<peterz>2.6 is rather ambiguous
10:08<Groundy>host is
10:08<Groundy>uml was 2.4.26-1um
10:08<Groundy>is now
10:08<Groundy>(and it looks like it was for a moment)
10:08<peterz>right, not the latest but sort-of recentish
10:09<Groundy>this is a hosted box, so I have full access to inside uml, but very little outside,
10:09<peterz>jeff might know, I just remember other people having similar issues
10:09<peterz>didn't pay too much attention, so I missed the solution, if any
10:09<Groundy>would it be in a chat log somewhere?
10:10<Groundy>or on one of the lists?
10:10<peterz>just sit around for a while, maybe someone else remembers/knows more
10:11<dang>Jeff hasn't shown up yet today...
10:11<peterz>yeah, I know
10:11<dang>When he does, you might ask him again.
10:12<Groundy>cool, most of the host stats I've only managed to find in dmesg in syslog
10:15<Groundy>aiiie, soft lockup detected on CPU
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10:23<Groundy>actually it seems to die after clone's
10:23<Groundy>if that possble?
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10:32<Groundy>hrm, due to lack of tls support,
10:32<dang>Ah, makes sense.
10:33<Groundy>found this:
10:33<Groundy>works 100%
10:34<Groundy>okay, so what's the RIGHT way to fix it?
10:34<dang>Update your userspace inside your UML?
10:34<Groundy>is that it?
10:35<dang>Yeah. Your userspace is using the old 2.4 kernel TLS stuff, rather than the new 2.6 kernel hotness.
10:35<dang>(NPTL is the new API)
10:35<dang>Or, you can just leave the workaround in place...
10:36<Groundy>nahh, that's ugly, it's going to confuse debian's aptitude
10:36<dang>It may cause a bit of a performance issue, but I'm not sure...
10:36<dang>When I switched from 2.4 UML to 2.6 UML, I built a whole new userspace based on a 2.6 distro... That may or may not be a solution for you.
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11:12<jdike>Hi guys
11:13<peterz>hey jdike
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11:13<peterz>jdike: Q, do you have lockdep support for um?
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11:14<peterz>care to send it out?
11:14<jdike>let me make sure we're talking about the same thing
11:14<jdike>Ingo's lock ordering proof stuff?
11:15<jdike>that's there, just enable it
11:15<peterz>hmm, must be blind today
11:15<peterz>would not be the first elephant I missed
11:16<jdike>at least the bootup checking was enabled by default for a while and I saw all these self-tests go by
11:16<jdike>never actually really played with it
11:16<peterz> │ │ [*] Lock debugging: prove locking correctness │ │
11:16<peterz>don't get that on ARCH=um
11:17<jdike>OK, hold on
11:17<SNy>Uh, sorry for the disturbance, guys. I needed to fix a PEBKAC with NickServ here.
11:18<peterz>jdike: I would have thought you'd made extensive usage of it when doing the skas-smp work
11:19<jdike>the skas-smp work was just getting something booting
11:19<peterz>ah, the correctness part still has to come :-)
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11:22<jdike>OK, there is a maze of dependencies around LOCKDEP_SUPPORT
11:23<jdike>but it depends on TRACE_IRQFLAGS_SUPPORT, which isn't there
11:24<peterz>a well, I'll hack around it for the time being
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12:33[~]dgraves would love to have locking correctness. :)
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13:21<kokoko1>hi hi
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14:05<ctrace>< Groundy> found this:
14:05<ctrace>yup i ran into the same problem /w TLS
14:05<ctrace>expect and tclsh would just segfault upon trying to run them
14:06<ctrace>i found a couple of webpages documenting this fix as well:
14:06<ctrace>and also this one:
14:07<ctrace>increasing the amount of memory in a UML instance helps in some other cases too, like if you try to run tshark in a UML /w only 32MB it will just abort but 128MB works fine
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14:10<jdike>UML has had TLS support for quite a while
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15:11<ctrace>jdike: yup i noticed from dang's comments...seems like i am probably running a 2.6 kernel with old 2.4 userspace cruft
15:12<jdike>2.4 userspace shoud run
15:15<ctrace>hmm yes, it does seem to, but i did have to mv /tls / in order to run some apps (such as expect/tclsh)
15:16<jdike>what version of UML?
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15:50<ctrace>jdike: 2.6.20
15:54<jdike>have you tried anything closer to current?
16:01<ctrace>not yet, but i can give that a try
16:02<ctrace>is there a good place to find more updated UML filesystems ?
16:03<ctrace>(prefer debian)
16:05<ctrace>so far we have been using the debian 3.1 root fs at as well as a custom root fs built with debootstrap
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16:19<jdike>you could just upgrade it from that to whatever is more current
16:19<jdike>Debian makes it fairly easy
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