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10:22<jdike>Hi guys
10:31<kokoko1>Hiya Jeff
10:46<kokoko1>busy? :)
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10:52<jdike>currently trying to figure out if "Lepton Wu" is a pseudonym
10:57<jdike>apparently not
11:06<peterz>Would be awesome if his brother would be called Boson
11:07<jdike>I guess it's another Chinese guy choosing an odd English name
11:08<jdike>He already has a couple commits, so I don't think I need to worry about figuring out if that's a pseudonym
11:14<peterz>uml_mconsole `lsof -n | grep mconsole | tail -1 | awk '{print $8}'`
11:14[~]peterz wonders if that can be done simpler
11:17<jdike>what's it doing?
11:29<peterz>starting uml_mconsole for the currently running uml instance
11:38<jdike>ah, right
11:38<jdike>you could just look at the contents of ~/.uml
11:39<jdike>but if you start it with a known umid, then you know how to talk to it
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12:26<peterz>jdike: ah, one can set the umid
12:26<peterz>I thought it was just random stuff
12:36<jdike>it's random stuff only if you don't give it one
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12:37<cgf>(20:01:29) jdike: looks like something's wrong with stdout
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12:38<cgf>That's what I figured from my strace output, too. From the response it sounds like this isn't expected behavior.
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12:41<jdike>I was also wondering how the strace output was making it to a terminal
12:41<jdike>that implies a working terminal
12:42<cgf>I was using 'strace -ofoo'
12:43<cgf>It almost looks like something is detecting that there is no more input on stdin and closing stdout in the process.
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13:53<peterz>jdike: .23-rc8-m1
13:53<peterz>localhost ~ # ping twins
13:53<peterz>PING twins ( 56(84) bytes of data.
13:53<peterz>64 bytes from twins ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=63 time=563 ms
13:53<peterz>Warning: time of day goes back (-52830us), taking countermeasures.
13:53<peterz>after a while the whole network dies
13:54<peterz>I fixed the compile error in time.c by copying the in-kernel stuff
13:54<peterz>saw you did a similar thing
13:54<peterz>no_hz=y/n doesn't seem to make a difference
13:55<jdike>it's not optional
13:55<jdike>so that won't make a difference
13:55<peterz>oh, heh
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14:02<jdike>any other time-related anomalies?
14:06<peterz>non that I could see
14:06<peterz>but I don't do much useful anyway
14:06<peterz>just bang on my kernel to see if it breaks
14:06<jdike>How nice
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19:54<flamingo>hi, anyone there?
19:56<flamingo>I have a question about iomem, I'm quite new to UML. I was trying to use the mmapper_kern module and got it working. Just to know
19:57<flamingo>(sorry for the incomplete sentence) ... Just to know things better, I changed the code in the mmapper_kern.ko - in the find_iomem, I gave "queue" instead of "mmapper"
19:58<flamingo>I then booted the UML, insmod'd the mmapper_kern.ko
19:58<flamingo>created a device called queue - mknod /dev/queue c 137 0
19:58<flamingo>and tried cat /dev/queue
19:58<flamingo>I get an error: No such device
19:59<flamingo>I'm not sure where I am going wrong
20:00<flamingo>caker, :) my xchat is not showing user list for some reasons, I had to ask that q
20:01<flamingo>one thing that I noted was that if I use the original code, the /dev/mmapper seems to be already created for me, this puzzles me
20:03<flamingo>does anyone have any comments on what I'm doing wrong? I seem to be doing *something* wrong here
20:05<flamingo>(I did search the IRC logs and checked with google, didn't have much luck)
20:07<flamingo>I had started uml using ./linux ubda=root_fs mem=128M iomem=queue, queue.dat
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21:33<stavros>hello everyone
21:54<stavros>I downloaded the latest kernel from and instead of using the filesystem provided on the uml site, I want to get my own, how do I do that?
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