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00:45<anderiv>caker: what kernel versions will your token-limiter patch apply to cleanly? I've tried several kernel versions (all 2.6.20 and newer), and the patch has failed on all of them.
01:13<anderiv>caker: ...I was using the v5 patch, btw.
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07:50<caker>anderiv: it takes a bit of munging .. I haven't updated the patch in a while
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09:04<anderiv>caker: far back would I have to go to get a kernel version that would accept the patch cleanly?
09:05<caker>anderiv: if you apply it with fuzz, I think there are only two rejects -- and they're fairly obvious
09:06<anderiv>I'll dig in and see what I can do.
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10:15<jdike>Hi guys
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11:59<kokoko1>Hello Jeff
12:01[~]jdike fixes yesterday's bogus patch
12:02<kokoko1>Off to mainline?
12:02<jdike>in 2.6.24
12:03<jdike>I forgot to remove some debugging stuff from it
12:03<kokoko1>hehe strip it
12:04<jdike>it was a pretend you're out of memory on every 100th packet
12:04<jdike>and make sure the network still runs
12:05<kokoko1>jdike, off topic wondering why there is no exit code list for yum
12:05<kokoko1>i can only find one code ie 100 (if updates available)
12:05<jdike>In the source, no doubt
12:06<kokoko1>yeah and i am in no mode to read yum source for finding yum exit values why they did't documetn it in man yum just like rsync
12:07<kokoko1>one fedora guy says 'the exit codes aren't very helpful for most transaction-operations'
12:07<kokoko1>he asked me to do ERRORS=`yum -d0 -e0 -y update 2>&1`
12:07<kokoko1>if [ "$ERRORS" != "" ]; then
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16:53<psy>anybody around?
16:54<flamingo>I am writing a simple device driver in UML. The driver has open(), close(), read(), ioctl() operations. I'm simulating a device using iomem'd file on the host. I want the read() to block until the specific byte in the file has changed. I looked up the LDD3 and found that wait_event can be used for such a case.
16:55<flamingo>But this requires someone to call wake_up() on the wait queue. Host system will be writing bytes to the iomem'd file. When a byte is written, I want the sleeping read() to be notified.
16:56<flamingo>Is there a way for the host system to convey to the UML that something has been written to the file?
16:58<jdike>if you have something on the host cooperating with you, it can provide the notification
17:00<flamingo>yes, exactly. Is that through mconsole or is there any other way to do this?
17:01<jdike>any way you want, basically
17:01<jdike>a pipe to the process would be easy
17:03<flamingo>you mean to say a separate communicating process in the UML would open a pipe() just for communicating with the host?
17:05<jdike>your driver would open the pipe, attach an IRQ to it, declare an interrupt handler, and the handler would wait to be called
17:05<flamingo>and the host can easily use the pipe to convey messages
17:06<flamingo>jdike, thanks
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19:15<flamingo>I am trying to find a way to access the file descriptor of the pipe() call in the device driver inside UML from the host. I'm finding it hard to figure out a way to do this. Could you give me a hint as to where I can look?
19:38<flamingo>I call a pipe() and fork() in the device driver, I get two fds. Now I want to be able to write to one end from the host. How can I do this?
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