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00:04<Magotari-#uml->>remus: Just so you know, I am asleep from -7 to 0 hours from now, usually.
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04:39<groundy-#uml->>erm, current release is 16-bs2?
04:40<groundy-#uml->>but there are patches for 18 already?
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10:48<jdike-#uml->>Hi guys
10:50<Magotari-#uml->>Hello, jdike.
10:55<jdike-#uml->>Magotari, BTW I had already looked at the !SWAP problem
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10:55<jdike-#uml->>that's a compilation problem we've seen already, somehow sparc is responsibly for it
11:15<Magotari-#uml->>jdike: Someone on uml mailing list fixed it.
11:15<Magotari-#uml->>With a one-liner include.
11:15<Magotari-#uml->>He was not sure if that does not break something.
11:19<jdike-#uml->>it's not really the right fix
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11:41[~]jdike #uml sends out a couple 2.6.23-mm1 build fixes#uml-> sends out a couple 2.6.23-mm1 build fixes
12:03<jdike-#uml->>crashme doesn't work nearly as well as yesterday
12:05<jdike-#uml->>it just took longer
12:11<Magotari-#uml->>Be back later today.
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13:46<freeloader-#uml->>Hello, can anyone assist me, please?
13:49<dgraves-#uml->>we'd need to know more about your problems.
13:50<freeloader-#uml->>I am trying to access the internet from within UML. I tried configuring it myself and eventually gave up. I then tried a pre-built RH filesystem image.
13:50<dgraves-#uml->>did you use uml_net?
13:50<freeloader-#uml->>And I get this problem with it: No more processes left in this runlevel. I went in /etc/inittab of the filesystem.
13:50<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: is that a filesystem image? I tried TUN/TAP method as described in the UML page.
13:51<freeloader-#uml->>I went in the /etc/inittab of the filesystem and saw that it was using sgetty and I verified that it existed in /sbin/.
13:51<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: if there is an easier way of getting internet to work within UML, I'd appreciate if you could guide me.
13:52<caker-#uml->>freeloader: boot with con=null con0=fd:0,fd:1, edit uml:/etc/inittab and start a getty on tty0, add tty0 to uml:/etc/securetty .. that will fix
13:52<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: you follow this: for network?
13:53<caker-#uml->>I recommend for setting up networking
13:53<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: I followed the first link unsuccessfully. Let me try this other one.
13:54<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: either way, output from the session\errors would be useful.
13:56<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: From my (mis)experience, it seems that setting up the network requires some stuff to happen in the filesystem that the UML will mount. If so, is there a pre-built image with networking already configured and "good-to-go"?
13:57<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: i'm not quite sure what you mean. as far as i know, the guest file system only needs to be able to detect the presence of a network device. Most recent FS's should be able to do that. :)
13:57<caker-#uml->>freeloader: the set up inside UML *should* be like the set up on a non-UML arch Linux box. Before that'll work, however, you need to configure the host side of things to get the UML machine onto the network.
13:58<caker-#uml->>freeloader: read that how-to link I posted. It works
13:58[~]dgraves #uml used the link he posted to do his networking... :)#uml-> used the link he posted to do his networking... :)
13:58<dgraves-#uml->>put the links in a circle and let em fight it out! :0
13:58<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: what's your network config? NAT? If so, do you have NAT enabled on your host?
13:59<freeloader-#uml->>caker: For the inittab thing, let me first verify that I have a good inittab file. It reads: c1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty vc/1. Is that compatible with the command line you asked me to execute?
14:00<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: thank you for the advice. So it seems that most of the config has to be done on the host and I can just use a vanilla RH image from, say, and get internet working?
14:01<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: sure. if caker says his link works, go for it, he's usually spot on.
14:01<freeloader-#uml->>dgraves: For a lazy person like myself, I would like to do minimal config. myself and would like to build on pre-configured images etc. if possible. :)
14:01<dgraves-#uml->>freeloader: except that network config is different for each config.
14:02<freeloader-#uml->>Ah, I see.
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14:07<Magotari-#uml->>*sigh* is out already.
14:11<dgraves-#uml->>Magotari: feel the burn, baby!
14:11<dgraves-#uml->>we need a UML chick.
14:11<dgraves-#uml->>like the firefox and linux chicks.
14:14[~]jdike #uml gives dgraves some lipstick and a dress#uml-> gives dgraves some lipstick and a dress
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14:20[~]dgraves #uml won't say anything about his college days here...#uml-> won't say anything about his college days here...
14:20<dgraves-#uml->>but somewhere there's some interesting pics floating around of me.:)
14:20<dgraves-#uml->>jdike: i doin't think i'll make anyone want to use UML. :)
14:22<jdike-#uml->>There are all tastes out there
14:22<jdike-#uml->>think of it as targetting a new demographic
14:25[~]dgraves #uml doesn't want to be in the center of a target though!#uml-> doesn't want to be in the center of a target though!
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15:21<freeloader-#uml->>So after some effort and following the webpage that caker gave me, I was able to setup a bridge between my UML and host. However, the host has lost connectivity to the internet. Any solutions? :)
15:22<caker-#uml->>freeloader: assign your host's IP to br0, and don't forget to add back your default route on the host
15:23<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Can you please explain as to how I can "add back my default route on the host."
15:23<caker-#uml->>freeloader: route add default gw <gateway ip address>
15:23<caker-#uml->>freeloader: that's if "route -n" doesn't show it already
15:24<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Is the default gateway ip address the same as the bridge ip address that we give in the previous step?
15:25<caker-#uml->>freeloader: no. It's the gateway assigned by your ISP or network admin
15:26<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Correct me if I am wrong, but this ip address is the same as the host ip address that it got assigned by the ISP before I tried anything?
15:27<caker-#uml->>freeloader: The ISP assigned you two things. An IP address, and a default gateway. The IP address goes onto br0, and the gateway probably got erased and you need to add it again with my line above
15:27<caker-#uml->>freeloader: if you captured the output of "ifconfig" and "route -n" before messing with anything, they'd be in there
15:28<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Thanks, let me try that real quick.
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15:31<freeloader-#uml->>One general question: apt-get install uml-utilities returns not found. And building from source is returning a lot of errors. What is the easiest way to install uml-utilities on Ubuntu?
15:32<caker-#uml->>freeloader: enable the universe line in your /etc/apt/sources.list, apt-get update, and try again
15:34<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Still not working. I uncommented the two universe lines.
15:34<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Do I have to reboot my system after uncommenting those?
15:34<caker-#uml->>did you apt-get update?
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15:34<freeloader-#uml->>I did apt-get install uml-utilities
15:35<caker-#uml->>16:32 < caker> freeloader: enable the universe line in your /etc/apt/sources.list, apt-get update, and try again
15:35<caker-#uml->>^-- read carefully :)
15:35<dgraves-#uml->>reading is overrated. ;)
15:35<freeloader-#uml->>caker: thank you! that worked. :)
15:35[~]caker #uml bonks freeloader #uml-> bonks freeloader
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15:46<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Thanks for the bridge help. It now works on one machine. On another one, wget is failing. When I execute the same command for setting up the gateway, I get a warning unreachable.
15:52<freeloader-#uml->>caker: route -n returns empty (just the field names there). When I try to add the default gateway, it says Network Unreachable.
15:52<caker-#uml->>freeloader: It works on the host, but not inside UML?
15:53<freeloader-#uml->>caker: The host isn't able to use the internet. More precisely, the host isn't able to add the default gateway. My default gateway is empty when I do route -n.
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15:53<caker-#uml->>freeloader: that message usualy means that you don't have a device in that subnet (you never added it to br0, is my guess)
15:54<caker-#uml->>paste the output of ifconfig on the host somewhere?
15:55<freeloader-#uml->>caker: I started doing the steps all over again. Let me try it again and see if I missed any steps on the webpage.
16:02<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Okay, I think I mis-typed a number earlier. Now I have the bridge setup and the host is able to connect to the internet. :) Step 1... done!
16:07<freeloader-#uml->>caker: I ran UML linux with the command line argument of eth0=tuntap,uml-conn0 as instructed on the webpage. I am not able to ping from within UML, though when I type in ifconfig, I do see some RX bytes and TX bytes.
16:10<freeloader-#uml->>jdike: Thank you. I am now setting that up. On my other machine, when I run UML, I get set_thread_area failed and it kernel panics.
16:11<jdike-#uml->>what's the host?
16:11<freeloader-#uml->>Host is Ubuntu running on VMWare.
16:11<jdike-#uml->>what kernel?
16:12<freeloader-#uml->>It was working before about thirty minutes ago on the very same host. This is odd. You think the fs is corrupted?
16:12<jdike-#uml->>Can you paste the full boot log on or somewhere?
16:13<jdike-#uml->>no, fs corruption wouldn't do it
16:14<freeloader-#uml->>jdike: grr... VMWare doesn't allow copy/paste. I will reinstall UML.
16:14<freeloader-#uml->>ping just hangs in my UML. Any idea why?
16:15<Magotari-#uml->>freeloader: This might be a DNS/name resolution problem.
16:16<Magotari-#uml->>Try to ping
16:16<Magotari-#uml->>That is the ip which I got for
16:16<Magotari-#uml->>If ping works, that means that your name resolution is somehow not working.
16:16<freeloader-#uml->>Magotari: Ah, okay. Thanks.
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16:17<freeloader-#uml->>Magotari: Destination host unreachable. Looks like it really isn't working. I have put in the host's resolv.conf in the same place in UML.
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16:18<jdike-#uml->>routing problem then
16:18<Magotari-#uml->>Yes, it must be.
16:18<caker-#uml->>freeloader: does "brctl show" show your tap device and eth0 connected to the bridge?
16:22<caker-#uml->>freeloader: also check your UML's eth0 netmask is correct, and that the UML has a default route (route -n)
16:22<freeloader-#uml->>caker: On the host brctl show does show eth0 and uml-conn0 (I am using uml-conn0 as my tap device).
16:22<caker-#uml->>freeloader: ok.
16:22<freeloader-#uml->>caker: What does the default gateway of UML have to be?
16:23<caker-#uml->>freeloader: heh .. you said your "host" is actually a VMware instance?
16:23<freeloader-#uml->>Yes, but the host is able to connect to the internet just fine.
16:23<freeloader-#uml->>(While upholding the bridge).
16:23[~]dgraves #uml is watching the virtualization stack up...#uml-> is watching the virtualization stack up...
16:24<caker-#uml->>so VMware is assigning your "host" an IP address ... 192.168.x.x ?
16:24<freeloader-#uml->>caker: yes.
16:24<caker-#uml->>freeloader: how is it doing that? DHCP?
16:25<caker-#uml->>freeloader: or rather, do you have to manually configure your VMware instance's networking config?
16:25<freeloader-#uml->>caker: DHCP, I believe.
16:25<freeloader-#uml->>caker: I did not have to do anything manually. It assigned me
16:26<caker-#uml->>ok .. then the UML may also be able to acquire an IP via dhcp. Let's try this instead..
16:26<caker-#uml->>does the UML have an IP assigned already (ifconfig eth0) ?
16:26<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Should I restart UML?
16:26<caker-#uml->>freeloader: no.
16:26<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Currently it has manually assigned by me.
16:27<caker-#uml->>freeloader: ok -- and what is the default gateway?
16:27<freeloader-#uml->>caker: (same as the ip address of the bridge).
16:27<caker-#uml->>freeloader: ok, that's wrong
16:27<caker-#uml->>freeloader: what does route -n say on the host ?
16:28<freeloader-#uml->>caker: is the default gateway (internet works on the host).
16:28<caker-#uml->>freeloader: that's the default gateway you want for the UML, as well.
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16:28<freeloader-#uml->>caker: and what about resolv.conf, should I copy it from the host (I have already done that).
16:28<Magotari-#uml->>Hey, the_hydra.
16:28<the_hydra-#uml->>jdike: maybe you saw the PoC too?
16:28<the_hydra-#uml->>Magotari: hello
16:28<caker-#uml->>freeloader: resolv.conf from the host should work inside the UML, once you fix the default gw
16:29<freeloader-#uml->>caker: ping still doesn't work.
16:29<freeloader-#uml->>caker: What should have been my command line arguments for UML?
16:29<caker-#uml->>freeloader: fix the default gateway inside the UML
16:29[~]caker #uml waits for light to come on#uml-> waits for light to come on
16:29<freeloader-#uml->>caker: It is the same as the host's default gateway.
16:30<caker-#uml->> ?
16:30<freeloader-#uml->>caker: I used the website eth0=tuntap,uml-conn0
16:30<freeloader-#uml->>caker: Yes, it is.
16:30<caker-#uml->>can you ping that IP from inside the UML?
16:30<caker-#uml->>this may be a vmware thing
16:30|-|You are now talking in #uml
16:31<caker>it may only allow certain IP addresses, or you need to configure more
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16:31<freeloader>caker: I am not able to ping my default gateway from inside UML. However, I am able to ping the bridge ip from inside UML.
16:32<caker>freeloader: host: ip/gateway: .. uml: ip/gateway: <-- assuming netmask
16:33<caker>freeloader: did you remove the previous, incorrect, default route of ?
16:33<freeloader>caker: Yes I did.
16:33<caker>I blame vmware config
16:33<freeloader>caker: The default gateways match and the ips do too.
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16:34<caker>freeloader: good luck, got to go now
16:34<freeloader>caker: How can this be? The host is able to connect through the bridge.
16:34<caker>also: PC LOAD LETTER
16:34<the_hydra>jdike: found it...
16:39<freeloader>When I do "ifconfig ... up" on UML, I get SIOSCIFFLAGS: Permission denied.
16:39<freeloader>This is when running as root on UML.
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16:58<Ice>Hi, can I get some help
16:58<Ice>having issues with connecting UML to the interent
16:59<Ice>Host is able to connect to the internet through a bridge, but the guest UML is not able to
17:01<Ice>I am able to ping the bridge from UML but cannot go out to the internet.. Please help
17:04<freeloader>I am getting kernel panics when I boot UML. Seems like my mount_root panics. Any solutions?
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18:48<remus>I am running UML under GDB and I get a segv when I try to insert a module ... anyone else has this problem ?
18:49<remus>caker, Magotari: ?
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19:02<Ice>Can I install apt-get inside of UML?
19:02<Ice>Or some other installation manager like urpmi?
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20:46<Ice>I need some help to share data between two intances of UML running on the host.. what is the best way to do this
20:56<Ice>caker.. Are you there ?
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21:10<Magotari>Ice: Yes, you can put a package manager into an UML.
21:10<Magotari>It is a normal system for most purposes, you can use it like one.
21:11<Magotari>Sharing data between UMLs? Hmm... You can network them together. The other solution would be hostfs.
21:12<Magotari>remus: Which module you are inserting? Does it work when compiled in into the kernel?
21:12<Magotari>And does it segv without GDB?
21:14<Ice>Magotari: I am looking for some help to share data between multiple instances of UML running on host
21:14<Ice>what is the best way to do it ? Virtual networks between UMLs ? Please let me know
21:16<Magotari>Ice: Depends. If you already have a network you can use it. Likewise, if you have used hostfs in the past, it will be easier to do it that way.
21:16<Magotari>Do you have any special needs regarding the data transfer?
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21:17<Ice>no special support is required
21:17<Ice>Just want to know which is easier.. Networks or hostfs ?
21:17<Ice>I don have experience on either technique
21:18<Magotari>I think hostfs, but I have never used it. Networks and some form of scp would be what I would use though, because I already have a running network.
21:18<Ice>I may require some amount of syncronisation between the read and writes...
21:18<Magotari>That is trickier.
21:19<Magotari>hostfs might not give you that. I don't remember. Try networking methods.
21:19<Ice>ok.. thanks.. Can u suggest a place where I can learn more about this inter UML netwroking or some code samples
21:20<Magotari>Yes, sec.
21:21<Ice>Magotari: I have one more questi on. A slightly different requirement... I want to build a kernel module for UML that should be able to talk to other processes running on the host using memory page sharing. Do you think that is possible?
21:23<Magotari>I don't know. Sorry, you must ask jdike. He is here monday to friday from about 15:00 to 23:00, GMT.
21:23<Ice>okay.. Thanks for the support
21:24<Magotari>caker and the_hydra are other people who might know. There was one more smart person here, but the name eludes me at the moment.
21:24<Magotari>It is 4 in the morning here.
21:24<Ice>where are u guys ?
21:24<Ice>in Europe ?
21:25<Magotari>The only reason why I am not asleep is because I have a bit of a food poisoning going on. Ugh.
21:25<Magotari>I am in Poland.
21:25<Magotari>jdike is in USA, I am not sure but I think Boston.
21:26<Ice>ok.. I am in Atlanta.. Thanks.. Get well soon
21:29<Magotari>Thanks. I am here just about around a clock, unless I am asleep. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
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