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10:15<jdike>Hi guys
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10:32<Magotari>Hello, jdike.
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12:37[~]jdike fixes humfs
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12:46<Magotari>I could not build the most recent -mm. I think it was my fault, but no ammount of fiddling around could fix it.
12:47<Magotari>I have a list of all the problems I found, and I am eager to check their status on the -mm.
12:52<jdike>builds here
12:53<jdike>BTW, I haven't sent fixes for most of your problems to Andrew yet
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12:55<Magotari>Don't worry, I will always find more. :) I have a knack for finding bugs. Finding bugs for UML is actually fun, in FreedroidRPG the maintainer took ages to fix something, or blamed the fault on me.
12:55<Magotari>Sure, sometimes it was my fault, but usually when more and more people reported it, he would get off his ass and fix them.
12:56<Magotari>He shipped two REALLY ugly bugs. On the first day of school I got people all over me asking did anyone test the game...
12:56<Magotari>Here at least there is a response of some kind, other than blaming it on my setup.
12:57<Magotari>Oh, and after they shipped that broken release I went looking for something to do. And I found the memsplit bug. The rest is history.
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13:16<kokoko1>Hi hi
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14:36<Magotari>jdike: I feel like experimenting with filesystems. Do they need porting to UML, or are they independant from it?
14:37<Magotari>Oh, and I can work -mm now. It was my fault before.
14:38<Magotari>gcc: -pg and -fomit-frame-pointer are incompatible
14:38<Magotari>That looks like a linux fault, not UML, let me make sure...
14:39<the_hydra>you want to turn of profiling?
14:39<the_hydra>yes, that needs frame pointer
14:41<the_hydra>AFAIK fp is needed so that you know where you are in the stack frame.... i.e call trace
14:41<Magotari>Yeah. But config let me do it.
14:41<the_hydra>Magotari: it's your chance to submit a patch :)
14:41<Magotari>Should be a one-liner.
14:41<Magotari>Or two-liner.
14:41<the_hydra>think so
14:41<Magotari>Yeah, I will take a look at it.
14:42<the_hydra>however, you also have oprofile there
14:42<the_hydra>so -pg is kinda useless for Linux kernel
14:42<the_hydra>it's better (read: low latency)
14:43<the_hydra>and low overhead
14:53<Magotari>Starts looking like UML only problem.
14:54<Magotari>Yup. Only UML.
14:54<jdike>Magotari, they are independent
14:54<Magotari>I see.
14:55<Magotari>Gonna try again on i386.
14:55<jdike>-pg is for profiling, UML supports it
14:55<jdike>non-obvious that it's incompatible with -fomit-frame-pointer though
14:55<jdike>that could use a Kconfig constraint
14:55<the_hydra>jdike: Magotari will work on a patch :)
14:56<Magotari>Yes, I can patch that. (Three tries is the charm.)
14:56<the_hydra>Magotari: this is your chance to get 3133t!
14:56<Magotari>Yeah, no -pg in makefiles for i386. Not even gprof support.
14:56<Magotari>It does exist in UML though.
14:57[~]Magotari kisses randconfig.
14:58[~]the_hydra is scared knowing there is a girl named randconfig
15:00<jdike>i386 has its own profiling infrastructure
15:00<jdike>UML can just use libc's
15:05<Magotari>Wow. My change even seems to work. A oneliner indeed. Now, to take a look at kernel newbies about patching and all.
15:08<the_hydra>Magotari: quick recipe, use diff -u
15:09<the_hydra>put description, write your sign, diffstat...and the patch itself...done
15:13<Magotari>Yeah, I know about diff, but where in the directory tree I should be? Now I know, but 'tis ain't easy!
15:17<jdike>the diff should be between a/arch/um/kernel/Kconfig and b/arch/um/kernel/Kconfig
15:17<jdike>for any value of a and b
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15:22<Magotari>Oops. I have it done differently. No problem. Will fix right away.
15:23<jdike>oops, arch/um/Kconfig
15:23<Magotari>Actually Kconfig.debug
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15:28<Magotari>Got the patch. Description now.
15:28<jdike>Give it a Signed-off-by: and you're good to fo
15:30<Magotari>Slowly, slowly. I am trying really hard not to slip up somewhere. This is why this is taking so bloody long.
15:34<jdike>Don't sweat it - I can fix up anything that's wrong
15:34<jdike>the only thing I won't do is add a Signed-off-by: someone else
15:40<Magotari>Ok. So I have my diff, with a description and a Signed-off-by: Karol Swietlicki <>. What is the next step? Sorry, I am really green to all this.
15:40<Magotari>Ah, yes. Diffstat. Hmm...
15:41<jdike>I'll add the diffstat
15:41<jdike>I always do anyway, in case I touch up the patch
15:42<Magotari>So what now? Do I email the text file to you? Or do I put in inside the email? I don't know how this works. :(
15:42<jdike>just an email
15:42<jdike>in the body, cc uml-devel if you want
15:42<Magotari>Ok. To your intel email is good? uml-devel?
15:42<Magotari>Aha. Ok.
15:43<jdike> gets read once a day
15:46<Magotari>Just let me test the patch one more time in case I fucked up.
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15:50[~]Magotari dies of a heart attack.
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16:05<the_hydra>Magotari: congratulations!
16:07<Magotari>I tell you, it will break SPARC and Alpha and allow arbitrary code execution on other architectures.
16:07<Magotari>On a more serious note: Thanks for the great support.
16:08<the_hydra>a patch can not live without bugs :D
16:08[~]the_hydra thinks it's the right time to open a bottle of wine...
16:09<Magotari>It really felt strange to write that Signed-off line. Never done that before, never thought I will. Ah well.
16:09<the_hydra>for Magotari , for his first patch
16:09<Magotari>Sorry, I am going to bike, cannot drink. :)
16:09<Magotari>But I do need tea. Lots of tea. I am catching the flu, I think.
16:09<Magotari>Once again, thanks for the support everyone.
16:11<the_hydra>np, supporting each other is what we really need
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16:12<Magotari>One reason why I love open source and linux.
16:12<Magotari>Great community.
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