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05:13<cl4sh>hi all
05:15<Magotari>Hello. I am on the phone.
05:16<Magotari>Something broke?
05:16<cl4sh>im tryin do add user to vnuml grou and ive got seg foult
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05:18<cl4sh>and second thing i cant start programs by "vnumlparser -x xxxx@xxx.xml -v"
05:19<cl4sh> of course
05:22<Magotari>How do you try to add the user to the group?
05:23<Magotari>You can just nano /etc/group in a pinch.
05:24<cl4sh>im tryin that but it doeasnt work
05:24<Magotari>Which part fails? The edit itself?
05:24<cl4sh>then i try to groupmems -a cl4sh -g vnuml
05:25<cl4sh>and then was seg fault
05:25<Magotari>I see.
05:26<Magotari>When you try to edit the groups file, which part fails?
05:26<Magotari>The edit?
05:26<cl4sh>no the eit was good
05:26<cl4sh>but doeasnt efects
05:26<Magotari>Did you log out and back in?
05:26<Magotari>The changes take effect after you do that.
05:27<cl4sh>ok it works
05:27<Magotari>:) Now, the second problem.
05:27<cl4sh>but i dont understand why ive got seg foult
05:27<Magotari>I have no idea either.
05:28<Magotari>You can try runnig it in gdb...
05:28<Magotari>But Gentoo strips files of symbols by default.
05:28<Magotari>Or you can strace it too....
05:29<Magotari>Generally, segfaults are a bug.
05:30<cl4sh>it could be when some vnuml user have run process
05:30<Magotari>I don't think so, as changed take effect only after a login.
05:31<cl4sh>ok next one
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05:31<Magotari>Yes, I am already looking into it.
05:32<Magotari>What is the output?
05:33<Magotari>You could execute things with the use of mconsole in the past.
05:33<Magotari>Now it does not work for me anymore.
05:34<Magotari>I mean, it never worked for me.
05:34<Magotari>I don't know.
05:34<cl4sh>problem solved :P
05:34<Magotari>Ah, I see.
05:34<Magotari>I think I found something, please wait..
05:36<Magotari>You need to apply this patch to your guest kernel. Somehow.
05:36<Magotari>Note that it is for a .18 kernel. So unlikely to work without a hitch on a current kernel.
05:36<Magotari>Plus, you would have to build a kernel somehow.
05:36<cl4sh>ive got 22
05:37<Magotari>That patch did not get mainlined yet.
05:37<Magotari>And the person who wrote it "has not been active for the summer and till now"
05:38<cl4sh>thik i cuold live without
05:38<Magotari>In the patch you can see the email of the guy, so you can mail him.
05:38<Magotari>Also, you can get around the no exec thing by using notifications.
05:38<Magotari>It will require a program inside each UML listening, but it is doable.
05:39<Magotari>Now, it would not be easy, but it is possible.
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05:39<Magotari>VNUML was shipping a patched kernel, but since it was totally unusable we had to do away with it.
05:40<cl4sh>yes, ill back to my researches
05:40<Magotari>If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.
05:41<cl4sh>ok :)
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05:52<cl4sh>Magotari: how to start uml_switch process im tryin something from tutorial of vnuml?
05:52<cl4sh>look at this command
05:52<cl4sh>su -pc 'uml_switch -tap tap0 -unix /var/run/vnuml/Net3.ctl < /dev/null > /dev/null &' vnuml
05:58<Magotari>First of all... Ever thought about using sudo?
05:58<cl4sh>i dont have sudo
05:59<cl4sh>im using su but it seems dont have -pc options
06:00<Magotari>I would love to test but I am stuck in Ubuntu here, and the root password is scrambled.
06:01<cl4sh>yes i know it under ubuntu
06:01<Magotari>I would get sudo, which is a good idea in general, and then try it with uml_switch -tap tap0 -unix /var/run/vnuml/Net3.ctl
06:01<Magotari>Why the redirects anyway?
06:01<Magotari>Do you need to provide some input to uml_switch?
06:01<cl4sh>it seems
06:02<cl4sh>section Some Root Privileges
06:03<Magotari>I see.
06:03<Magotari>Maybe emerge sudo, and try using that. If su won't work I don't see a better idea.
06:04<cl4sh>it looks like uml_switch -tap tap0 -unix /var/run/vnuml/Net3.ctl alon works fin
06:04<Magotari>Yep. It would.
06:05<cl4sh>running by user crash
06:06<Magotari>Oh boy.
06:06<cl4sh>i know im problematic man
06:06<Magotari>No, I don't blame you.
06:06<Magotari>I cannot believe that people who wrote vnuml actually got paid for it.
06:07<Magotari>Ok, let me think.
06:07<Magotari>The crash is a segfault?
06:07<cl4sh>want to see the log /
06:08<cl4sh>its not all anly tjhe end
06:09<cl4sh>before that everything looks fine
06:09<Magotari>Ok, I am reading it.
06:10<Magotari>Can you add a redirect to > /dev/null ?
06:11<cl4sh>i dont understand
06:12<Magotari>What command line causes the problem?
06:12<cl4sh> -t tutorial_user1.xml -v :p
06:12<cl4sh>unnder user
06:13<Magotari>Ok. Can you add > /dev/null to that?
06:13<Magotari>Or maybe > ./log or something.
06:14<Magotari>It complains about stdout, so let us provide it with an alternative one.
06:14<Magotari>To a file.
06:16<cl4sh>seems worked
06:16<cl4sh>one moment
06:18<cl4sh>running looks good but i cant get into vm
06:18<Magotari>With an mconsole you mean?
06:19<Magotari>Hmmm... Log?
06:19<cl4sh>maybe i should halt vm and try once more time
06:19<cl4sh>one moment
06:20<cl4sh>i feel like im in grat RPG game and make exp for vnuml
06:20<Magotari>Heh. :)
06:24<cl4sh>:/ ive got zombie
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06:29<Magotari>Welcome back.
06:29<cl4sh>i supposed to make autojoin to #uml
06:30<Magotari>If you ever start building your own kernels you might want to also stick ARCH=um into your profile. :)
06:30<cl4sh>hermetic sense of humor :p
06:35<cl4sh>in log we've got seg fault
06:35<cl4sh>but machine was created
06:35<cl4sh>really strang
06:35<Magotari>Can I see the log?
06:38<cl4sh>binary file ;/
06:39<Magotari>Pretty funny, really. Let me think.
06:40<Magotari>Ok, can you get a log of an uml instance booting?
06:40<Magotari>The path to mconsole is listed there.
06:41<cl4sh>i dont maybe i make it wrong "less log" ?
06:41<Magotari>You might want to talk a look at netkit, which is something like vnuml. Maybe the authors there were a tad saner. They do say that 64 bit is not supported though.
06:41<cl4sh>strange answer from console
06:42<cl4sh>longer then ive sitting here im more stiupid
06:43<cl4sh>when i was cat log
06:43<cl4sh>everything is in very goot state :P
06:43<Magotari>The log looks like a hex dumped text file.
06:44<Magotari>Plan B. Can you ssh into an UML? I could use the dmesg output.
06:45<cl4sh>i dont understand that output of cat is other than less
06:45<Magotari>Yeah, no idea either.
06:46<Magotari>Oh, and what is the output from your attempt to you mconsole which fails?
06:47<cl4sh>one moment
06:48<cl4sh>You saaw an outpu of cat
06:49<Magotari>Yeah, but it is not complete. Does not say about mconsole. Thus we need dmesg.
06:49<cl4sh>one moment
06:49<Magotari>And I will need the output of your failed mconsole attempt too.
06:51<cl4sh>i dont know what i was made
06:51<cl4sh>but now its wrok
06:51<cl4sh>when properly start with redirect >log_1
06:51<cl4sh>mcondole works fine
06:52<cl4sh>i cant screen into pts which it returns
06:52<cl4sh>look at this
06:54<Magotari>The strangeness continues...
06:54<Magotari>I have an idea.
06:55<Magotari>Really crazy.
06:55<Magotari>But here goes: screen log_1
06:55<Magotari>I don't know screen, sadly, so I am guessing.
06:55<cl4sh>Cannot open your terminal '/dev/pts/1' - please check
06:56<Magotari>Screen is borked.
06:57<Magotari>What are the permissions of /dev/pts/1 ?
06:58<cl4sh>crw--w---- 1 root tty 136, 1 pa 21 13:58 /dev/pts/1
06:58<cl4sh>not good ?
06:59<Magotari>Yeah... Maybe add yourself to the tty group? Or change them somehow. Or something.
06:59<Magotari>But I think this could be a problem.
07:02<cl4sh>this same error
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07:03<Magotari>What did you change the permissions to?
07:03<Magotari>Did you su to the user you are currently using?
07:04<cl4sh>no im not changed and yes
07:05<Magotari>Erm, so you did not change the permissions and used su, yes?
07:05<cl4sh>but the pts/3 owner is user
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07:07<Magotari>If you used su, try loging in as the user directly, without su.
07:07<cl4sh>then i must relog to X as cl4sh
07:08<cl4sh>cuz under console is pty error
07:08<Magotari>You mean that on a non-graphical terminal you get an error?
07:10<cl4sh>tryin to relog under X
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07:13<cl4sh>fluxbox without configuration looks wafully
07:14<cl4sh>this same answet about pty under X
07:17<cl4sh>ok relog
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07:29<Magotari>If you can live with it, chmodding all of pts to something like 666 could do the trick.
07:29<Magotari>There is a security problem with that, of course.
07:31<cl4sh>oh this trick from vnuml site
07:31<cl4sh>ill try it
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07:43<cl4sh>it works fine
07:43<cl4sh>next small step in my history of vnuml
07:45<Magotari>What was that trick?
07:45<cl4sh>seem satan 666
07:45<cl4sh>but problem is that i cant get in to screen to toher pts
07:45<cl4sh>very strange
07:46<cl4sh>ververy strange
07:46<cl4sh>i try it one more time
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07:48<cl4sh>next zombie
07:49<cl4sh>seem growin up to big problem
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07:54<Magotari>Really, you should kill the still living parent, to make the zombie an orphan and to be reaped by init.
07:58<cl4sh>wow really
07:59<cl4sh>when i get into one screenafter the 666
07:59<cl4sh>in /dev/pts is creating new pts
07:59<Magotari>Yes, it would.
07:59<cl4sh>without 666
07:59<cl4sh>and there is problem
08:00<cl4sh>when i want to get ion few screen i must 666 few times
08:02<Magotari>Yeah, there must be a better way.
08:02<cl4sh>priest rydzyk will sad "linux is the satanic OS"
08:02<Magotari>Add yourself to tty?
08:03<Magotari>God. :)
08:03<Magotari>Ok, let me think...
08:04<Magotari>I have no idea. You are in tty group, so that should take care of the problem.
08:04<cl4sh>think the problem is that the new pts is created
08:05<cl4sh>without required laws
08:05<cl4sh>and onwnes is root
08:05<Magotari>Yeah, because you are using su, I think.
08:06<Magotari>Or maybe not.
08:06<Magotari>I don't know for sure.
08:06<cl4sh>i must said that again i can live with that :p
08:06<cl4sh>back to researches
08:06<Magotari>If you can, that is good.
08:06<Magotari>A strange setup you have there, all around. Anyway, good luck.
08:07<cl4sh>think ill back soon
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08:13<Magotari>Sure, have fun with uml.
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09:11<cl4sh>Magotari: next strange but related with network
09:11<cl4sh>Magotari: for this same example from tutorial
09:11<cl4sh>traceroute -n
09:12<cl4sh>traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 15.480 ms !N 0.188 ms !N 0.158 ms !N
09:12<Magotari>Is that it? One line?
09:12<cl4sh>two :P
09:13<cl4sh>ping returns
09:13<Magotari>Pretty bizzare. I don't know anything about traceroute, so you are on your own here, I am afraid.
09:13<cl4sh>From icmp_seq=1 Destination Net Unreachable
09:14<Magotari>Networking is my bane.
09:14<Magotari>Does it work when run as root?
09:15<cl4sh>i didnt try it
09:16<cl4sh>this same result
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09:17<Magotari>No idea then.
09:17<Magotari>Did you run it from the host one one of the UMLs?
09:17<Magotari>How the UMLs are networked?
09:18<cl4sh>tutorial from site
09:19<cl4sh>second one
09:20<cl4sh>i think that must be something wrong by host side
09:20<cl4sh>with interface everythin is alright
09:21<Magotari>Did you execute the trace from the host or one of the UML machines?
09:21<cl4sh>from vm
09:22<Magotari>Puzzling, I must say.
09:28<cl4sh>Didi You see te grph from vnuml site?
09:30<Magotari>Yeah, I did.
09:31<Magotari>What are the permissions of /dev/net/tun?
09:31<cl4sh>seems no interface addres
09:31<cl4sh>maybe the instruction from site
09:32<cl4sh>"The following is a variation of the tutorial_user_limited.xml file. Copy it to a file named tutorial_user1.xml and save it"
09:32<cl4sh>this is reading with understanding ;/
09:32<cl4sh>ah sorry for wsting Your time
09:33<Magotari>No problem.
09:33<Magotari>I am here to help you.
09:33<Magotari>I am sick, in bed with a laptop.
09:33<Magotari>Bored out of my skull. You can play Samurai Shodown or Nethack only so much before it stops being fun.
09:34<Magotari>Hey, talking to people is much better than being sick and bored.
09:34<cl4sh>ss really good game
09:35<cl4sh>nethack too
09:36<Magotari>I used to play ADOM like a madman, but I don't like closed source software so I stopped.
09:37<cl4sh>adom yes it is quite good
09:37<cl4sh>i stoped to play rougelike in LO
09:37<cl4sh>now when i play its chess or bridge
09:38<cl4sh>as i said last time ive foun really god damn rpg called vnuml
09:38<Magotari>Have fun playing. :)
09:39<cl4sh>i must do my first tutorial and its not as as it seems
09:39<cl4sh>as easy as it seems
09:39<Magotari>Heh, it looks very difficult to me. Networking is something I always sucked at.
09:40<cl4sh>but when i end i will have basic expierence and skills
09:40<cl4sh>and could fight wight biggest monsters :D
09:41<cl4sh>btw i was MG in warhammer by 5 years
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09:46<Magotari>Pretty nice.
09:47<Magotari>I sadly did not have much experience in RPG games...
09:47<Magotari>The game master was strange...
09:47<Magotari>And really had no mercy.
09:47<Magotari>So I never stuck around more. And in my small town of 20k people, there is hard to find someone interested in those.
09:48<Magotari>Cowcity here, really.
09:49<cl4sh>small town
09:49<cl4sh>i was living in 2.5k
09:49<cl4sh>ive got little satanistic group 5 peaple
09:49<cl4sh>everybody like fantasy
09:50<cl4sh>everyone of tryin to be MG
09:50<cl4sh>finnaly democracy said that i should stay
09:51<cl4sh>i was really lik construt scenario
09:51<cl4sh>and somethimes i was really brutal
09:51<cl4sh>longest session 13h
09:51<cl4sh>13 13h
09:52<Magotari>I like creating stuff myself, I write small bits. Not exactly scenarios, but settings.
09:52<cl4sh>oh i see
09:53<Magotari>I can show you a bit which I wrote recently, if you want.
09:53<cl4sh>when i was went to gdnsk and studing group was separated and the warhammer fall down
09:53<Magotari>Yeah, moving does that.
09:53<cl4sh>you can show
09:53<Magotari>I was glad to go to Lublin, away from people who know me.
09:54<cl4sh>ill read it when i will have time
09:54<Magotari>I am the local insane person, or so everyone thinks.
09:55<cl4sh>inmy town this group of 5 people was acciusing about black mess eatin cats and oder strange things hahaha
09:55<Magotari>Pretty funny. People are naive.
09:55<Magotari>Afraid of the unknown, I guess.
09:55<cl4sh>oh its in english
09:56<Magotari>Anyway, I am in Krasnystaw now, need to go to Lublin soon...
09:56<Magotari>Yeah, I always write everything in English. Even my school notes.
10:01<Magotari>I am 100% bilangual.
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10:01<cl4sh>thats great plus
10:01<cl4sh>im learning deutch
10:01<Magotari>I even have a dvorak keyboard layout, optimized for typing English.
10:01<cl4sh>and technical must use english
10:01<Magotari>English is the new Latin.
10:01<cl4sh>yes it is
10:01<cl4sh>i wish to have no breaks in speaking
10:01<cl4sh>as deutch as polish and as english as polish
10:01<cl4sh>mine grammar lay down :p
10:01<cl4sh>if i can say that
10:03<cl4sh>really beatuifull prose
10:04<cl4sh>Do You have more
10:07<Magotari>cl4sh: I do, but not here.
10:08<cl4sh>ill ask in the future
10:08<cl4sh>when you go to Lublin
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10:10<Magotari>Which is today. In half an hour. I am preparing.
10:14<cl4sh>if im in the time i will ask
10:14<cl4sh>but is great probability
10:14<cl4sh>that i will be out of net
10:14<cl4sh>cuz ive got ban from ds admin
10:14<cl4sh>now i use friend mac
10:15<cl4sh>but i must give back when he became
10:15<Magotari>Why did you get banned?
10:15<Magotari>And what does ds mean?
10:15<Magotari>Ah. I see.
10:15<cl4sh>in polish :p
10:16<Magotari>Here is a hint for a future, you can put a virtual machine with it's own ip and mac address into the network.
10:16<Magotari>I have done it before, without dhcp and it worked.
10:17<Magotari>I imagine the admin could go looking for a computer which does not exist. If done right.
10:17<cl4sh>hmm seems thta i dont understand
10:18<cl4sh>but we have dhcp
10:18<cl4sh>and mac must be registered
10:18<Magotari>Oh. I see. No dice then.
10:19<Magotari>Unless you could have someone else to register a second addy for you. :)
10:19<cl4sh>yes but it must be the person from my root
10:19<cl4sh>or room behind
10:20<cl4sh>and the problem is that man from myroom
10:20<cl4sh>is &#^$^%@#^%
10:20<cl4sh>when in last year he had banned i was went to admin and register new mac
10:20<Magotari>One last idea would be to NAT some network from people around you, but I guess the cables across the corridors would not be received too well by the people in there...
10:20<cl4sh>but now he dont want
10:21<Magotari>When do you get unbanned?
10:21<cl4sh>he said that when he buy laptop he regster mac
10:21<cl4sh>and then i get it
10:22<Magotari>That is brutal.
10:22<cl4sh>its ok at weeken ive got net :D
10:22<cl4sh>now i can fun with vnuml
10:23<cl4sh>maybe sublocator buy laptop in this week
10:24<Magotari>Yeah, I hope so. Bans are brutal.
10:25<Magotari>I suggest you get lots of rootfs and scenarios to play with, while you have the net still.
10:26<Magotari>Here seems to also be a mconsole exec patch for .21 kernel.
10:28<cl4sh>i was do that
10:29<cl4sh>i was done that
10:29<Magotari>And I must go. I will be back in an hour or two.
10:29<Magotari>In Lublin already.
10:29<cl4sh>ok np
10:29<Magotari>See you later.
10:29<cl4sh>good trip
10:29<cl4sh>i hope so
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