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08:02<vins-#uml->>hi all
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08:12<Magotari-#uml->>Hello, vins.
08:13<Magotari-#uml->>Is there anything I can help you with?
08:13<vins-#uml->>oh, yes
08:13<vins-#uml->>thank you ^_^
08:14<vins-#uml->>i'm trying to installa a suse 8 into a suse 10
08:14<Magotari-#uml->>I see. So you are using suse 10 as the host and 8 as guest. Ok. So far I am with you.
08:14<vins-#uml->>using kernel uml linux-2.4.21-rc7-netfilter20030605-uml24205
08:15<vins-#uml->>but it hangs while checking the new hardware
08:15<Magotari-#uml->>Oh dear.
08:15<Magotari-#uml->>This is the host kernel, right?
08:15<Magotari-#uml->>I see. Where does it hang exactly?
08:15<Magotari-#uml->>Can you post dmesg or something of the sort?
08:15<vins-#uml->>if I run in init 1, it boots correctly
08:15<Magotari-#uml->>Yeah, I guess not if it hangs. Nevermind.
08:16<vins-#uml->>i'm rebuilding the guest filesystem
08:16<vins-#uml->>just some minute, pls ;)
08:16<Magotari-#uml->>Sure, take your time. I am not going anywhere for a while.
08:16<vins-#uml->>ok, really thank you ;)
08:17<Magotari-#uml->>I am helping out with this project a little bit. Some patches, but mostly I try to help anyone who comes asking for it.
08:17<vins-#uml->>it's really a good job, i think
08:18<Magotari-#uml->>Not a job, I'm here for the fun.
08:21<vins-#uml->>sure, i meant it's nice to meet people helping other people ;)
08:21<Magotari-#uml->>Yes, it rather is.
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08:32<vins-#uml->>uhm, dc
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08:41<Magotari_-#uml->>vins: Sorry, I missed anything in the last 6 minutes.
08:41<Magotari_-#uml->>I hate my ISP.
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08:44<Magotari_-#uml->>vins: I had internet problems. I missed anything after you saying "uhm, dc"
08:44<vins-#uml->>ehy, no problem, i didn't saying nothing :P
08:44<vins-#uml->>still waiting for file system rebuilding
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08:45<Magotari_-#uml->>Out of curiosity, why such a kernel as you are using? I am sure there is a good reason for using it, but... Just curious.
08:47<vins-#uml->>so, i need to use a kernel version 2.4.21
08:47<vins-#uml->>so i found that precompiled kernel
08:47<vins-#uml->>and i'm using it now.
08:48<Magotari_-#uml->>Yes, I understand that. Just wondering why do you have to use it. Why won't anything newer work for you? Anyway, I am just curious, so you don't have to say if this is a secret.
08:49<vins-#uml->>ah, ok.My boss askend me for that particular version. It's the reason.
08:49<Magotari_-#uml->>A very good reason then. :)
08:50<vins-#uml->>THE reason :P
08:50<waldner-#uml->>Is there a way to force an UML virtual machine to preserve MAC address across reboots (apart from saving it in a file and doing a script that reads it)?
08:50<Magotari_-#uml->>waldner: You can specify the MAC on the UML commandline.
08:51<waldner-#uml->>Magotari_: yeah, apart from that
08:51<Magotari_-#uml->>You could try to add an interface from the mconsole, but this is not much different than the commandline method.
08:51<Magotari_-#uml->>Lastly, you could put something to change the mac inside your guest system.
08:52<waldner-#uml->>I already have a script that reads the MAC address from a file and passes it to UML on the command line
08:52<Magotari_-#uml->>"ifconfig eth0 hw ether" or something like that.
08:52<waldner-#uml->>I just wanted to know whether some other method existed
08:52<waldner-#uml->>ah ok, that could be an option
08:52<Magotari_-#uml->>Lastly, you could change the source code to use just one MAC instead of randomly generated one.
08:53<waldner-#uml->>yes, but that doesn't work in a lab of 20 networked UML virtual machines :-)
08:53<Magotari_-#uml->>:) Gotcha.
08:53<waldner-#uml->>I didn't think about the ifconfig thing
08:54<waldner-#uml->>I'll look into it
08:54<Magotari_-#uml->>Some distros allow you to specify a mac in init scripts. If not you can cram the ifconfig line somewhere.
08:54<Magotari_-#uml->>Good luck.
08:54<Magotari_-#uml->>Welcome. If you ever have any more questions, feel free to ask.
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16:01<n1Owl-#uml->>hi everyone!
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16:07<niteOwl-#uml->>Anyone else notice Ubuntu 7.0.4 root fs from nagafix seems to have problems with networking using tun/tap? I tried starting it using both linux-2.6.19-rc5 and using ../downloads/kernel32-2.6.23. In both cases ifconfig fails to create eth0. The command line is use to start uml is: ./kernel32-2.6.23 eth0=tuntap,,, mem=512m ubd0=./Ubuntu-FeistyFawn-i386-root_fs
16:08<niteOwl-#uml->>zcat /proc/config indicates tuntap is built-in to the 2.6.23 kernel
16:09<niteOwl-#uml->>in case it matters, my host os is suse 10.1 with kernel
16:09<niteOwl-#uml->>previously I was using a nagafix root fs image for breezy badger (ubuntu 5.x) for my guest os and the networking was working fine
16:10<niteOwl-#uml->>Any ideas?
16:18<jjkola-#uml->>did you get any error messages?
16:19<niteOwl-#uml->>yes. many but one or two seem related perhaps
16:19<niteOwl-#uml->>one second
16:21<niteOwl-#uml->>actually no errors related but looks like a good sign
16:22<niteOwl-#uml->>the following message appears when using 2.6.23 as the kernel
16:22<niteOwl-#uml->>Netdevice 0 (de:b9:cc:d3:82:7b) : TUN/TAP backend - IP =
16:22<niteOwl-#uml->>sounds like it is starting the setup properly, yet ifconfig does not show anything except lo
16:23<niteOwl-#uml->>and if I try to ifconfig tap0, it says SIOCSIFADDR: No such device
16:23<niteOwl-#uml->>tap0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
16:23<niteOwl-#uml->>SIOCSIFNETMASK: No such device
16:23<niteOwl-#uml->>tap0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
16:26<jjkola-#uml->>did you do that ifconfig tap0 on host or guest side?
16:27<niteOwl-#uml->>I already setup the interface on the host side
16:28<niteOwl-#uml->>I'm beginning to wonder if the host interface has got confused - at one point I accidently had 2 umls running with same ip address on that tap interface
16:29<jjkola-#uml->>on the guest side the tuntap interface should be present as eth0 and not tap0 (which is host device)
16:29<niteOwl-#uml->>I think I will remove tap0 on host and recreate it
16:29<niteOwl-#uml->>then start uml
16:30<niteOwl-#uml->>jj: ah ok - I was copying the ifconfig from dmesg on a working uml - it seems to first modprobe tap on the guest, then ifconfig it
16:31<niteOwl-#uml->>anyway let me see what happens when I recreate tap0 on host and start uml
16:31<jjkola-#uml->>although if udev is choosing numbers for eth devices based on mac address then you may run in to problems (because of MAC address randomization)
16:35<niteOwl-#uml->>ok, that failed - still no eth0
16:36<niteOwl-#uml->>not sure what you think might be going wrong with the mac randomization but why don't we rule it out by specifying the mac address - do you recall which of the currently empty comma sections of the eth0= param I need to set to the mac
16:40<jjkola-#uml->>how about trying to specify tuntap interface on command line by giving it in eth0=tuntap,tap0,,
16:41<jjkola-#uml->>and replace tap0 with the interface name of tap device
16:44<niteOwl-#uml->>ok, trying that now
16:48<niteOwl-#uml->>jjkola: sorry still no luck here :-( Tried with both kernels - I now have two host tap devices tap0 at and tap1 at I usually make the guest
16:51<jjkola-#uml->>ok, take a look on /etc/iftab on guest
16:52<jjkola-#uml->>is there anything out of ordinary?
16:52<niteOwl-#uml->>ok - brb
16:53<niteOwl-#uml->>There is no such file
16:54<niteOwl-#uml->>sounds like that means something to you. what next?
16:56<jjkola-#uml->>'/etc/iftab' contains mapping of eth devices and mac addresses (at least in older ubuntu distros)
16:56<niteOwl-#uml->>so I should add a line there perhaps and make up a mac address
16:57<jjkola-#uml->>that file is automatically updated so you don't normally need to edit it
16:58<jjkola-#uml->>sorry, I can't think anything else cause why it wouldn't work
16:59<jjkola-#uml->>somebody else will have to help from now on :/
16:59<niteOwl-#uml->>do I need anything else in /etc/networking/interfaces? I commented out the lines related to eth0 since UML takes care of it and I don't have dhcp
17:01<jjkola-#uml->>yes, you need to specify interfaces in that file
17:01<niteOwl-#uml->>jjkola: Thank you very much for your assistance! I'm kind of out of ideas too... it's kind of frustrating that even my old kernel and root fs now are failing to setup networking
17:01<niteOwl-#uml->>ahh ok
17:02<jjkola-#uml->>if you don't use dhcp then specify it as static and provide the addresses etc. for it
17:02<niteOwl-#uml->>ok, let me try that - strange that I never seemed to need this before but let me try
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17:17<niteOwl-#uml->>ahh ok things are working. What I did was start uml as root. It's still odd and annoying though - this used to work fine as a user as long as I became root long enough to use tun_ctl to set things up
17:17<niteOwl-#uml->>before starting uml as a normal user
17:18<jjkola-#uml->>maybe it's permission problem, although I think it would have printed different error then...
17:19<niteOwl-#uml->>Just before I got it working by switching to running as root, I noticed an error during guest boot - something like "tuntap device error=13"
17:21<niteOwl-#uml->>I spoke too soon - the interface is up but no packets are being routed
17:22<niteOwl-#uml->>and yes ip_forward is turned on on the host - let me double check that and also check ipv6 forwarding is on
17:23<jjkola-#uml->>can you reach the host from guest?
17:24<niteOwl-#uml->>can't ping it so I doubt it
17:24<niteOwl-#uml->>routes look good
17:27<jjkola-#uml->>routes look good on both side?
17:32<niteOwl-#uml->>ok, finally got it. I read the man page for tunctl on the host side, did a proper delete of the interface tap0 and tap1
17:33<niteOwl-#uml->>then recreated (while root of course) tap0 using my usual -you username flag so I could then launch uml as a normal user
17:33<niteOwl-#uml->>The difference is last time I killed tap0 I only did an ifconfig tap0 down on it - it really needed to be destroyed and re-created since somehow it got into a bad state
17:34<niteOwl-#uml->>(tunctl -t tap0 -you username)
17:35<niteOwl-#uml->>ug - that was not me making the horrible typo - looks like xchat is converting \-you to you - strange
17:35<jjkola-#uml->>that's quite funny :)
17:35<niteOwl-#uml->>it converts - you (without that space) to "you" - why? I have no idea
17:36<niteOwl-#uml->>wait what the?? I can't type that letter
17:36<niteOwl-#uml->>testing: you
17:36<niteOwl-#uml->>it always turns into you
17:36<jjkola-#uml->>there must be some script which is doing it
17:36<niteOwl-#uml->>yes I know its a bit amusing
17:37<niteOwl-#uml->>it must be - how did I turn this on accidently
17:38<niteOwl-#uml->>got it - it's a plugin that seems to be turned on
17:38<niteOwl-#uml->>i fixed u now
17:39<niteOwl-#uml->>:-) ok back to the bigger task at hand setting up a new dev environment to try out some maemo hacking
17:39<niteOwl-#uml->>jjkola: Thank you again for your patience and assistance!
17:41<jjkola-#uml->>you are welcome
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22:24<niteOwl-#uml->>jjkola: night!
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