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00:48<hrishi-#uml->>hi, when I create a new process in uml, a corresponding process is also created on the host kernel. Could someone tell me where exactly this is happening?
00:49<hrishi-#uml->>There is supposed to be a tracing thread that ptraces new processes on uml and creates processes on the host
00:49<hrishi-#uml->>but I can't really see where that is happening...
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12:01<jdike-#uml->>Hi guys
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12:17<jjkola-#uml->>jdike: did you get anything out of that core dump?
12:21<jdike-#uml->>haven't looked at it yet
12:26<jdike-#uml->>got it late last night and spent this morning merging in rc2-mm1
12:27<jdike-#uml->>currently getting rc2-mm1 to build
12:35<jjkola-#uml->>it's ok, I can live with using bandaids to make servers not crash but it would be nice to get things working as soon as possible
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13:08<jdike-#uml->>jjkola, I know what's going on
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14:43<jjkola-#uml->>so is it network related, or something else?
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15:01<jdike-#uml->>something else
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15:01<jdike-#uml->>there might an easy fix
15:01<jdike-#uml->>I have a fix for this in the works already
15:01<jdike-#uml->>but I think it's probably too intrusive for 2.6.24 and -stable
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16:25<Magotari-#uml->>jdike: You had a great idea to start at the hard parts. After a day of thinking I got started, but it will allow testing just about anything, easily extended by just adding tests to a directory containing them. I will keep quiet about that project for now, untill I have some working results, but so for so good.
16:29<jdike-#uml->>my reasoning is that it's easy to write fancy option and config file parsing
16:29<jdike-#uml->>anyone can do that
16:29<jdike-#uml->>so if you do that and discover that you can't actually do the guts, then you've wasted a bunch of time and have nothing
16:32<Magotari-#uml->>Turns out the guts are way more fun than configs.
16:33<Magotari-#uml->>Really, I like a challenge to my algorithmic skills. I already have the data structures worked out, now just to get the file reading of the tests and memory handling.
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16:55[~]jdike #uml puts 4 %formats in a format string and gets them all wrong#uml-> puts 4 %formats in a format string and gets them all wrong
17:13<peterz-#uml->>sounds like its time for a break :-)
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17:32[~]jdike #uml takes a break#uml-> takes a break
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18:01<Magotari-#uml->> aroscha]
18:01<Magotari-#uml->>it: aroscha]
18:01<Magotari-#uml->>it: aroscha]
18:01<Magotari-#uml->>it: aroscha]
18:01<Magotari-#uml->>it: aroscha]
18:01<Magotari-#uml->>it: aroscha]
18:02<Magotari-#uml->>My mouse is dying. And the middle click is paste.
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19:52<remus-#uml->>Magotari: what happened ? did your cat break loose ?
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21:03<jjkola-#uml->>jdike: could you send me a notice when you have a patch for that hang/crash situation, either through irc or email
21:03<jjkola-#uml->>I'll pm you my email address
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