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#uml IRC Logs for 2007-11-20

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11:05<jdike-#uml->>Hi guys
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11:41<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>I'm working on udev rules. Is the uml-blkdev driver's kernel name 'ubd' ?
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11:49<jdike-#uml->>not sure
11:50<jdike-#uml->>#define DRIVER_NAME "uml-blkdev"
11:51<jdike-#uml->>that's used as if that helps
11:53<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>Yes that was why I asked since the object file is ubd.o
11:53<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>I'll try both, see which it prefers :)
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13:26<jdike-#uml->>Four more off to Andrew
14:34<Magotari-#uml->>I am at a point where my program is good enough for me. It can apply patches and try to build the resulting mess. The test system does not have the needed stuff to run mconsole or uml commands, but it does have enough to check for an existance of a "linux" file.
14:35<Magotari-#uml->>Ah, yes. And need to plug in checkpatch, which is pretty much ready too.
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15:24<Magotari-#uml->>jdike: With the current -stable, when using defconfig, I get stuff like "warning: trying to assign nonexistent symbol UNWIND_INFO". Shall I remove the offending symbols in defconfig and kconfig?
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16:33<Magotari-#uml->>The current kernel don't have those warnings, but they have others... Real hardware stuff, it seems.
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