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13:09<namit-#uml->>I am just wondering how does UML deal with memory allocation? could anyone point me in some direction to some documentation about it?
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13:25<namit-#uml->>like if I run a fork bomb in my uml instance what happens to the server?
13:29<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>It panics :)
13:32<namit-#uml->>IntuitiveNipple: how badly? and is there a way of stopping it from doing that?
13:33<namit-#uml->>suppose could use some resource manager.
13:41<caker-#uml->>the UML server would lockup/panic, but the host should not
13:41<caker-#uml->>worst case is it'll spin CPU
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15:35<Micksa-#uml->>okay, so
15:35<Micksa-#uml->>I have an amd64 machine that's running x86 linux and i want to run an amd64 uml on it
15:35<Micksa-#uml->>(1) is it possible? and (2) am I going to have to cross-compile a uml kernel to make it happen?
15:42<Micksa-#uml->>oh, I can run an amd64 host kernel
15:43<Micksa-#uml->>IIRC an amd64 kernel will run x86 binaries and everything will work the same
15:46<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>What host kernel version?
15:46<Micksa-#uml->>erm, whatever I can get going for dapper I guess
15:47<Micksa-#uml->>I vaguely remember running an x86 OS using an amd64 kernel a while ago
15:47<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>older then. You may have problems, there seem to be some random issues with 32-bit on 64-bit related to SKAS0 but they've not been pinpointed yet
15:47<Micksa-#uml->>32-bit guest you mean? or 64-bit guest running 32-bit apps?
15:47<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>I'm seeing issues with Gutsy, and a guy at Oracle is seeing issues with 2.6.18
15:48<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>Yes, 64-bit host running 32-bit guest
15:48<Micksa-#uml->>well what I want is effectively a 64-bit guest and host
15:48<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>Something seems to have changed after 2.6.9 that causes it but we've not yet pinned it down
15:48<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>64-bit on 64-bit is fine
15:49<IntuitiveNipple-#uml->>I *think* 64-bit on 32-bit is possible, but I'm not sure which kernel version you need for that :)
15:50<Micksa-#uml->>that sounds too adventurous now that I think of it
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16:45<Magotari-#uml->>That skas3 patch is pretty nice.
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22:34<dang-#uml->>And here I'm on 2.6.24-pre...
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