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06:26<linux__alien-#uml->>hey Magotari_
07:05<Magotari_-#uml->>Hey, linux__alien. I just woke up five minutes ago.
07:05<linux__alien-#uml->>Good Morning Magotari_ :)
07:05<Magotari_-#uml->>13:00. What a lovely time. My sleep is a mess.
07:06<Magotari_-#uml->>Anyway, how can I help you?
07:08<linux__alien-#uml->>Just came in to say Hi :) and to hang in here :) Am reading through some kernel docs to start trying it out. If i have any questions for sure i ll ping you for sure :)
07:08<linux__alien-#uml->>but just thinking any idea of how to invoke the Konsole. In case you get to know something about it later on please let me know
07:09<Magotari_-#uml->>linux__alien: I see.
07:09<Magotari_-#uml->>Yeah, I have been thinking about Konsole. It does seem doable.
07:10<Magotari_-#uml->>Wish I could read the code. Oh. Wait. Open source. I can.
07:11<linux__alien-#uml->>Take your time you have just got up have something to drink take your time relax and then you could :)
07:14<linux__alien-#uml->>Magotari_, see this
07:14<linux__alien-#uml->>thats my article that i wrote for User Mode Linux on Fedora to help people. When i wrote it i knew only 5 % now i guess i know 10 % so would add the remaining 5 % there :)
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07:17<Magotari_-#uml->>Hmm... It took me a while to digest point 6. Then I realised you mean a second terminal. I guess I am still tired.
07:21<linux__alien-#uml->>Ok :)
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07:28<Magotari_-#uml->>linux__alien: I found the handbook on the net, so no need to read the code, actually.
07:29<linux__alien-#uml->>:) handbook of Konsole is it
07:29<Magotari_-#uml->>I don't remember what order the switches go in, but the title switch is '-T' and the exec switch is '-e'
07:29<linux__alien-#uml->>i looked into the help manual but found -T<terminal name> and --tn but didnt work out though
07:29<Magotari_-#uml->>So I think... xterm=Konsole,-T,-e or xterm=Konsole,-e,-T
07:30<Magotari_-#uml->>I don't remember the order, sadly. Let me check my tree.
07:31<Magotari_-#uml->>Got it.
07:31<Magotari_-#uml->>Add this to the commandline for a Konsole terminal instead of xterm.
07:32<linux__alien-#uml->>"/linux ubda =Download/User_Mode_Linux/FedoraCore5-x86-root_fs mem=128M eth0=tuntap,,, ssl=port:9000 con=xterm xterm=Konsole,-T,-e
07:40<Magotari_-#uml->>Looks good.
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07:42<linux__alien-#uml->>but nothing happens in the sense it starts with the booting nor the xterm shows up nor the Konsole
07:43<linux__alien-#uml->>It stands here
07:43<linux__alien-#uml->>UML running in SKAS0 mode
07:43<linux__alien-#uml->>and after this i dont get anything it just waits i dont know what happens
07:43<linux__alien-#uml->>so just killed it
07:43<linux__alien-#uml->>i mean pressed Ctrl C
07:44<linux__alien-#uml->>hey be right back
07:44<linux__alien-#uml->>will you be here
07:44<Magotari_-#uml->>Family stuff starting.
07:44<Magotari_-#uml->>As much as I don't want it, it is christmas.
07:45<Magotari_-#uml->>So I'm not at the computer all the time.
07:45<linux__alien-#uml->>Ok !! Merry Christmas :)
07:45<Magotari_-#uml->>Ok, let me see what you could do...
07:45<Magotari_-#uml->>Won't be Merry, but thanks for the thought.
07:45<linux__alien-#uml->>i will have to go out to pick up few stuff and be back soon . :) If not i shall meet you tomorrow or the day after
07:46<linux__alien-#uml->>:) Thanks once again for your help and time :)
07:46<Magotari_-#uml->>Can you just start Konsole like this: Konsole -T test -e <some program>
07:46<Magotari_-#uml->>Ah, ok.
07:46<Magotari_-#uml->>See you whenever.
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10:42<linux__alien-#uml->>Hey Magotari welcome back
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