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00:00<catsup:#uml>well i consider that a bug :/
00:00<xinming-host:#uml>even in debian, Just run linux.uml
00:00<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: But those bug is not important. :-)
00:00<catsup:#uml>hm i duno
00:01<catsup:#uml>i would rather my xterm stays up, and prints the panic message
00:01<catsup:#uml>it would be very important if i was debugging a filesystem driver
00:01<catsup:#uml>luckily i am not! :)
00:01<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: I don't like xterm thing.
00:02<catsup:#uml>i am using xmonad
00:02<catsup:#uml>to watch the boot up process and then my consoles come up and automatically arrange themselves, is quite beautiful
00:02<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: To me, using xterm with uml rather pointless. As we have pts support.
00:03<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: I like the gnome. :-P
00:03<catsup:#uml>yes but with xmonad i can arrange the xterms in ways that i cannot with screens
00:03<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: I think I'll give xmonad a try
00:03<catsup:#uml>of course the xterm is just using the pts, but an independent X frame provides flexible arrangement
00:04<xinming-host:#uml>I've been using ratpoison for a long time.
00:04<catsup:#uml>did you ever try ratpoison? if you use screen, you might like ratpoison -- but i switched to xmonad from screen, because it is much more powerful
00:04<catsup:#uml>from ratpoisn
00:04<catsup:#uml>ah :)
00:04<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: I am the guy who also wish have a nice looking desktop. ;-)
00:04<catsup:#uml>xmonad is very nice looking but only in 3 dimensions (i.e. -- including the time dimension)
00:05<catsup:#uml>otherwise it just looks like ratpoison :)
00:05<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: I'd give xmoand a try.
00:07<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: BTW, do you know that the bug in screen is ever reported?
00:16<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: About if really screen can attach to existing pts, ->
00:23<catsup:#uml>oh i didn't mean that i didn't believe you when i said 'if'
00:24<catsup:#uml>it is just that i was speculating about what was going on with the underlying pt devices so i spoke hypothetically
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00:42<xinming-host:#uml>What else utilities we can use to connect a existing tty except(screen, and kermit) please?
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01:32<catsup:#uml>there are a few others in debian
01:32<catsup:#uml>duno if they would work with uml tho
03:38<xinming-host:#uml>catsup: since said that minicom doesn't support pts, Just wodners what else I could try
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06:17<stmartin:#uml>I have a (single) guest that I've just install bind9 on and am getting the following message a lot in my log. Is it something I should be changing on the host?
06:17<stmartin:#uml>named[1167]: socket: too many open file descriptors
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10:28<jdike:#uml>Hi guys
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13:07<bunk:#uml>jdike: hi
13:08<bunk:#uml>you saw what Iwrote last night?
13:08<jdike:#uml>bunk, saw you bisected it, yeah
13:09<jdike:#uml>that's odd because I swear I tested 32-on-64 before sending it in
13:09<jdike:#uml>but it tells me exactly where the problem is
13:10<bunk:#uml>not sure whether all I wrote after the bisection made sense - it was too late at night...
13:11<bunk:#uml>I have CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO=y in the host kernel, perhaps this or some other setting influences it
13:17<jdike:#uml>Boots fine here
13:17<jdike:#uml>need to check COMPAT_VDSO
13:18<jdike:#uml># CONFIG_COMPAT_VDSO is not set
13:18<jdike:#uml>time to rebuild a host kernel
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