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12:21<jdike:#uml>Hi guys
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14:33<huslu:#uml>hi jdike
14:34<huslu:#uml>i'm doing make ARCH=um on linux- and it errors out in the end
14:35<jdike:#uml>doesn't happen here, and I don't know why
14:35<jdike:#uml>there have been patches posted, and they are claimed to work, but I don't see what the problem is, so dunno how they fix it
14:36<huslu:#uml>is this just with or other versions around it have it too?
14:45<jdike:#uml>other versions have the same problem
15:23<huslu:#uml>hm, how the heck do i compile this thing? nobody has a hunch what setting provokes it?
15:38<huslu:#uml>ok, does he mean just these two lines? (wondering since he has the word "etc" in there)
16:01<huslu:#uml>jdike: i'm not sure what i should do with al viro's message. i mean i don't know where he should replace those lines
16:01<huslu:#uml>i'll try #define sys_sigprocmask sys_kernel_sigprocmask change
16:23<huslu:#uml>well, that change at least produced successful make.
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16:53<zig:#uml>hi, I'm looking for a version of the kernel that supports SMP in user mode ARCH
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19:05<jonrafkind:#uml>is there a recommended way to cite UML for an academic paper?
19:13<jdike:#uml>the same way you cite any other project, I suppose
19:18<jonrafkind:#uml>ok, just a url to
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20:01<huslu:#uml>jdike: thanks for that mail archive pointer. i'm not sure if that '#define sys_sigprocmask sys_kernel_sigprocmask' is a true way to fix this but it sure got the binary done.
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