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11:41<jdike:#uml>Hi guys
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15:20<dagb:#uml>good evening
15:23<dagb:#uml>can anyone suggest what con/ssl options I need to be able to start my uml and get the console of my uml show up in the same xterm as I start linux in? I have configured a console on the first serial line in the uml inittab.
15:42<jdike:#uml>put a getty on tty0
15:42<jdike:#uml>and add con0=fd:0,fd:1 to the command line
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16:11<dagb:#uml>jdike: no way to do it with a uml serial line? I could swear I had done that with this image previously, but....
16:12<dagb:#uml>jdike: thanks for uml, by the way.
16:12<jdike:#uml>you can, but it'll be a bit weird
16:12<jdike:#uml>ssl0=fd:0,fd:1 should do it
16:12<jdike:#uml>but there won't be much boot output until the login prompt
16:14<dagb:#uml>Failed to open serial line 0, err = -16
16:14<dagb:#uml>Can't open /dev/ttyS0: Device or resource busy
16:14<jdike:#uml>host or UML ttyS0?
16:15<jdike:#uml>you're trying to attach a host serial line to UML?
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16:15<dagb:#uml>sorry. the uml inittab tries to open a console on its serial line. I want that redirected to the terminal I start uml in.
16:16<dagb:#uml>If possible
16:17<dagb:#uml>I vaguely recall using a uml virtual console earlier, but got some issues with process control if (re)using the same host terminal for the uml virtual console.
16:26<jdike:#uml>unless there is a real reason you want a UML serial line in your terminal, the easiest way to get a login prompt in your window is the con0 thing above
16:31<dagb:#uml>I'll build another kernel/initramfs and make that correction. Thank you for your help.
16:59<dagb:#uml>uml does not build with 2.6.29-rc4. At least not with my config.
16:59<dagb:#uml>FYI only.
17:01*dagb:#uml crashes
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