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12:05<rjbell4:#uml>Is there a way to present to UML more "physical" memory than the UML kernel will use?
12:05<rjbell4:#uml>On physical hardware, I could specify "mem=" some value less than the physical RAM.
12:06<rjbell4:#uml>But with UML, that's the way to designate how much physical RAM there is.
12:06<rjbell4:#uml>I'd like there to be some physical RAM not managed by the UML kernel.
12:07<caker:#uml>./linux mem=512M
12:08<rjbell4:#uml>But then Linux will use all that memory
12:08<caker:#uml>ok, so: ./linux mem=256M
12:08<caker:#uml>not sure what you're asiking here
12:09<rjbell4:#uml>If, on a 1 GB machine, I pass "mem=512M" to the kernel, the system will only using 512M of memory. Another 512M of memory will be present, but not used by the kernel. I'd like to do "special stuff" with that memory.
12:10<caker:#uml>check out iomem:
12:11<rjbell4:#uml>Will do
12:12<rjbell4:#uml>Thanks. I saw that in the man page, but it didn't grab my attention. That web page gives a little more depth, and I'll see about using it.
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13:12<jdike:#uml>Hi guys
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