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#uml IRC Logs for 2009-11-12

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09:00<derRichard:#uml> seems down. any progress?
10:34*caker:#uml points to
10:38<derRichard:#uml>the sf site seems very outdated :(
10:38<derRichard:#uml>the wiki is also down
10:38<caker:#uml>they all are these days. What are you looking for?
10:38<derRichard:#uml>i'm looking for up2date documentation
10:44<derRichard:#uml> looks good :-)
11:00<derRichard:#uml>on my centos5.3 host the centos5.3 uml guest prints this message very often: "getmaster - no usable host pty devices". is this something to worry about?
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14:11<tilmann:#uml>hi, i'm using UML with slirp (because i don't have root access), and even though i'm using a fullbolt build of slirp the outgoing traffic is capped to like 48K/sec (incoming traffic is fast)
14:12<tilmann:#uml>any idea how to fix this?
14:14<tilmann:#uml>(apparently other people have encountered this as well, it seems no one has a fix though)
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