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#uml IRC Logs for 2010-01-25

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10:15<rvsjoen:#uml>im having some issues using the tuntap transport, are requests from the guest make it to the host, the host replies, but the reply never makes it back to the client
10:16<rvsjoen:#uml>the network is set up as specified here
10:17<rvsjoen:#uml>if I try to ping the guest from the host, it says destination unreachable, and the arp request never makes it through
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11:17<rvsjoen:#uml>hmm.. when I do ifconfig up on the guest I get this: helper_wait : waitpid process 9597 failed, errno = 10
11:39<rvsjoen:#uml>ok, now i'm seeing this
11:39<rvsjoen:#uml>tuntap_open_tramp : didn't receive a message
11:39<rvsjoen:#uml>setreuid to root failed : : Operation not permitted
11:39<rvsjoen:#uml>even though /usr/lib/uml/uml_net is setuid root
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