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09:04<naugrim>hi all
09:05<naugrim>im tryin to run latest kernel with gentoo root_fs, which i get from
09:05<naugrim>but have some problem s with udev, it hangs on "Waiting for uevents to be processe"
09:06<naugrim>if anyone of you could help me ?
09:10<shadowdaemon>Did you read the /etc/init.d/udev rc-script?
09:10<shadowdaemon>It seems likely that it is hanging on "udevadm settle --timeout=${udev_settle_timeout:-60}".
09:11<shadowdaemon>I'd suggest creating static /dev nodes and not using udev as a test.
09:12<shadowdaemon>That way you can at least get a command prompt up to do further testing.
09:13<naugrim>ok, i try, but trully i don't how to create static /dev nodes
09:14<shadowdaemon>You use "mknod" to do this.
09:15<naugrim>which dev i shuld creat to make basic /dev nodes
09:16<shadowdaemon>Hmm, not that many. I forget though. =P
09:16<shadowdaemon>Let me find out.
09:17<naugrim>i try to disable udev, bo of course get kernel panic "VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(98,0)"
09:18<shadowdaemon>You need /dev/null and /dev/console I think. Also you need the /dev/ubd node.
09:19<shadowdaemon>So to make the right block device you do "mknod /dev/ubd? b 98,0" I think.
09:20<shadowdaemon>/dev/ubd? is probably /dev/ubda
09:21<naugrim>yes, how to creat /dev/null and /dev/console ?
09:22<shadowdaemon>mknod /dev/null c 1 3
09:22<shadowdaemon>mknod /dev/console c 5 1
09:22<shadowdaemon>(I think)
09:23<shadowdaemon>You can look at your existing /dev/null to see what sort of device it is, and the major/minor device numbers.
09:27<naugrim>thx for advice i will try and inform what the result was
09:28<shadowdaemon>Good luck.
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10:22<naugrim_>shadowdaemon: without udev and with static dev udba gentoo boots correctly
10:23<shadowdaemon>Nice. Now you can test udev. =)
10:24<naugrim_>I would have knowledge to do it
10:26<naugrim_>anyway, thanks
10:26<shadowdaemon>No problem.
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