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12:52<al`:#uml>hi folks
12:53<al`:#uml>I'm trying to trace init execution inside uml from linux v2.6.38.
12:53<al`:#uml>Host is running Fedora 14, which ship a 2.6.35-based kernel
12:54<al`:#uml>I've been able to trace the execution until `run_kernel_thread'
12:54<al`:#uml>but I fail to trace it further
12:55<al`:#uml>what I'm exactly looking for is the place where the original registers context is set right before starting to execute init
12:56<al`:#uml>so far, I suspect this job is not handled by the uml, but by the host kernel
12:57<al`:#uml>do you have any hints I should look for ?
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