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11:02<adiblol:#uml>i didn't find it in any mail archives: there is a security bug in uml 2.6.32 (debian wheezy) which makes possible to access files outside hostfs=... path by simply mounting hostfs like: mount none /mnt/host -t hostfs -o ..
11:02<adiblol:#uml>and i can't access wiki mentioned in channel topic. 502 proxy error.
11:05<adiblol:#uml>is the bug still in newer versions so i just have to disable hostfs during compilation (and make it completly unusable)?
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12:14<adiblol:#uml>ok, the bug exists in 3.1.4, too, just compiled.
12:18<adiblol:#uml>any *secure* way of sharing filesystem (except i.e. nfs)?
12:19<adiblol:#uml>(also echo o > /proc/sysrq-trigger is broken in 3.1.4)
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16:15<mixi:#uml>hi there. is it possible to build uml on 64b cygwin?
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19:48<adiblol:#uml>if features such as hostfs exist, isn't it possible that kind of bad guy compiles malicious code which uses host syscalls as kernel module and then insmod it inside uml to gain control over host system?
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