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12:16<todd:#uml>Hi, I'm new to UML, what a cool idea! What I'm interested in is sandboxing code, but I'm interested also in protecting the running code from an attacker on the host node. If you run code under UML can the host capture RAM etc to look at the data and being programs being run under UML? It may not be possible to have real protection under any system where root
12:16<todd:#uml>powers exist, but I'm not sure. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.
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14:26<adiblol:#uml>it is impossible to make root have less powers
14:27<adiblol:#uml>however, there TPM gives such a misfeatures but they are misconception. server owner must have superuser powers!
14:28<adiblol:#uml>s/there //
16:25<todd:#uml>Thanks, so there's no way to keep code running on a machine, say even on a browser, secure. That's unfortunate.
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