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14:48Method does anyone know why vmware won't run in a domain 0 xen guest?
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15:03@cw Method: it has various needs that aren't presently virtualized to work with Xen
15:03@cw Method: my guess is that vmware/emc really are the only people who can address that
15:04Method i see, so it's similar to the OS porting issue?
15:05@cw similar yes
15:05@cw vmware (probably, i didn't check) uses various instructions it shouldn't and the kernel module does things that will need changing for xen
15:06Method well, it won't be an issue once windows supports xen :)
15:07@cw windows wont support xen ever as-is i bet
15:07@cw not anything you and distributate anyhow, you need to get VT silicon for windows to work
15:09Method at the point where the processor can virtualize what is the advantage of running xen?
15:11hollis you need sofware (e.g. xen) to take advantage of that hardware support
15:11hollis the hardware can only offer you the capability
15:11@cw xen is fine for *bsd, linux, etc.
15:11@cw for many people that is *all* they will ever want ... windows isn't useful to them
15:11Method cw: sure..
15:11@cw if you want windows to work virtualized you need to get VT support and that will also be *slower* too
15:12demon not really
15:12demon once you have hardware support for full virtualization, it won't be notably slower
15:12@cw at some point microsoft will have their own VM/Monitor and windows i bet for their datacenter range
15:12demon well, they already do
15:12@cw yes
15:12demon or are trying to get that going
15:12demon that's what VirtualPC is for
15:12@cw and it will be slower (a bit) that xen + modified OS
15:13@cw yeah, but i bet once VT silicon is out there you will be able to partition windows and fancy things
15:13demon only if you have to deal a lot with emulated hardware should you see a notable slowdown
15:13Method isn't the vt processor instruction set very close to xen's instruction set? why would it be slower?
15:13@cw for the high-end spendy version of windows, not sure if any of that will work with xen or a non-ms monitor
15:13@cw Method: it will be slower because you have to emulate hardware at a lower-level still so there is some overhead
15:14@cw xen has no instruction set, the VT stuff allows us to virtualize things that are hard/impossible now
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