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09:41hebutterworth| Would appreciate help from anyone experienced with xend...
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09:41hebutterworth| when I add a USB device to a front end domain, it creates the back-end domain controller
09:42hebutterworth| but the creation of the back-end domain controller in xend appears to prevent the back-end domain from shutting down cleanly
09:42hebutterworth| shutdown just loops
09:43hebutterworth| Any ideas what needs to be done to clean up the back-end controller during shutdown would be appreciated.
09:44mael too bad Mark is not there at the moment
09:47soffi man I don't want to be in work today
09:47soffi grr
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11:03smcavoy hello
11:04smcavoy I am running Debian sarge and have installed the experimental packages for xen. I am just starting to build a xen enabled kernel, ran the patch, but I don't see anything identifying it as xen patched. am I missing something?
11:06plars smcavoy: it will build the xen kernels for you, you just need to do a make world
11:07smcavoy plars: make world? I was going to use make-kpkg to build it.
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11:24hollis jimix: I was confused about "interrupts" vs "exceptions" on x86
11:24hollis jimix: interrupts are not enabled before calling the C handler, of course
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11:42jimix hollis: whew
11:50jimix hollis: so two things come to mind. 1) if we want a timer interrupt in HV we should use DEC rather than HDEC. 2) if we do _not_ want timers we can just set it high +'ve so we never get it.
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12:30riel oh crud
12:30riel this isn't right at all
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12:31riel how can HYPERVISOR_update_va_mapping() fail only when the xenU host runs mount ?
12:31riel and work fine with the earlier processes
12:31riel in do_no_page -> do_anonymous_page, even
12:41matta-lt uh....
12:43riel Failed update VA mapping: bf9e1f48, 03696067, 00000000
12:43riel ------------[ cut here ]------------
12:43riel kernel BUG at include/asm-xen/hypervisor.h:484!
12:43riel ...
12:43riel EIP is at do_anonymous_page+0x1df/0x220
12:43riel ...
12:43riel Call Trace:
12:43riel [<c0159570>] do_no_page+0x200/0x3c0
12:43riel ...
12:43matta-lt this is a current unstable?
12:43riel it's the same xen code that worked in fedora kernel 1226
12:43matta-lt oh
12:43matta-lt weird
12:44riel pulled up to the current upstream kernel (2.6.12-rc2)
12:44riel but no changes in this code since kernel 1225 or so
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13:07hebutterworth| I posted a question earlier about xend requirements for clean shutdown of driver domains.
13:07hebutterworth| Not sure if anyone is thinking about it.
13:07hebutterworth| Anyway, it turns out that the xend file has a number of bugs which prevent clean shutdown of driver domains.
13:07hebutterworth| I have it working now.
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13:24aliguori reil: i was having the same message occur.. it turned out to be a grant table issue
13:24aliguori riel: seems logical too that it occurs only at mount
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13:42riel aliguori: oh ok
13:42riel aliguori: strange that it didn't happen before
13:42riel aliguori: also, how can the "grant tabled" memory cause an oops in the page fault path ?
13:42* riel will try a blind upgrade - that does often help ;)
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13:51aliguori riel: i'm not sure.. i've not looked at the grant table stuff much at all
13:51aliguori it could be coincidence
13:52riel quite possibly
13:52riel I'll just go for the random upgrade ;)
13:52* riel & bk pull
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14:51smcavoy hello. I have xen installed on sarge (from experimental). I compiled a kernel from 2.6.10 patched with the kernel-patch package. when I try to start xen after booting the new kernel I get an error:
14:51smcavoy ERROR: Could not obtain handle on privileged command interface (2 = No such file or directory)
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14:51smcavoy I get that when I run xend start (/etc/init.d/xend start exits right away)
14:52smcavoy any ideas what I might be missing?
14:52aliguori smcavoy: are you not starting it as root?
14:52smcavoy aliguori: I am root when I run it
14:56plars smcavoy: are you sure you're booted into the xen kernel?
14:56plars smcavoy: what does uname -a say?
14:57smcavoy Linux xen0 2.6.10-xen #1 SMP Thu Apr 14 12:14:28 EDT 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
14:57smcavoy plars
14:57plars does /proc/xen/privcmd exist?
14:57smcavoy plars: I compiled the kernel with make-kpkg after applying the patch to the system (the debian kernel-patch from experimental)
14:58plars smcavoy: not familiar with doing it that way personally
14:58smcavoy plars: no. I searched /proc for any mention of xen.
14:58smcavoy plars: so it sounds like I am not running a xen kernel then
14:58eigood the init script checks whether that file exists, and exits before starting python if it doesn't
14:58eigood so, that file does exist
14:59plars it *looks* like you're running a xen kernel, but possibly you didn't get everything patched in
14:59eigood did you enable privledged operations in the kernel config?
14:59aliguori yeah
14:59plars it could look that way and all you got is the toplevel makefile change for extraversion
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14:59aliguori it sounds like you're using a domU kernel in dom0
15:00plars eh, possibly
15:00plars actually
15:00smcavoy aliguori: that could be it then.
15:00plars it should say xen0
15:00plars not just xen
15:00plars where'd you get this patch from?
15:00smcavoy debian experimental
15:00aliguori sounds like the patch you got was for a domU kernel.. modify the config to make sure you have privileged ops enabled
15:00plars smcavoy: might want to try just downloading one of the nightly tarballs and building it
15:01eigood ther is no such thing as a dom0 or domU patch
15:01eigood they are the same thing.
15:01aliguori see
15:01eigood plars: no
15:01eigood the patch works
15:01aliguori eigood: well, the configs going to be different then
15:01smcavoy eigood: should the debian kernel patch have added any options to config interface?
15:01aliguori you cannot use the same exact kernel from dom[0U]
15:01eigood of course, but that has nothing to do with whether the patch is wrong
15:01eigood smcavoy: make menuconfig ARCH=xen
15:02eigood aliguori: actually, you can boot a dom0 kernel in a domU setup
15:02plars eigood: didn't say the patch was wrong, I just don't personally know
15:02eigood smcavoy: I'm the debian xen maintainer, btw
15:02plars unless he's trying to test the patch specifically, I meant it might be easier just to use the tarball
15:02plars ah, good :)
15:02plars he's the one you want to talk to then :)
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15:02smcavoy excellent :)
15:02eigood hmm.
15:02eigood maybe I better hide
15:02plars heh
15:04smcavoy eigood: your patch is for debian's 2.6.10 only, right?
15:04eigood no
15:05aliguori eigood: you can boot, but that doesn't make it useful :-)
15:05eigood I take kernel-source-2.6.10, unapply kernel-patch-2.6.10-debian, then overlay the xen sparse tree, and diff against pristine 2.6.10
15:05eigood aliguori: it works fine
15:05eigood can't do dom0 stuff, of course, but it works as a domU kernel no prob
15:05eigood it actually means you don't have to compile 2 kernels
15:07aliguori eigood: if you've got PRIVILEGED_GUEST enabled, you're going to do some things differently
15:07aliguori i'm not surprised it still works
15:07aliguori but i wouldn't be surprised if it broke at some point
15:08eigood we don't do that normally; just happened once accidentally
15:10aliguori ahh
15:10aliguori eigood: so what has been the debian's communities reaction to xen?
15:11aliguori eigood: what do they want the most?
15:13eigood they seem to like the packages
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20:33rene- is there anyway i can balloon domain-0 above what grubs dom0_mem?
20:33rene- or alternatively, can i use something liek dom0_mem=75%
20:33rene- liek==like
20:33rene- reason being, i need to install xen0 on 300 odd servers
20:34rene- with all of them have different amounts of memory
20:34rene- and im probably going to be using a static grub menu.lst
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