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03:01mael hi
03:01mael lo rusty
03:02mael rusty: I noted that you're admin for the qemu project on sourceforge
03:03mael how much are you involved in this project?
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03:04mael mmh :\
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09:02soffi whoops sorry wrong channel dudes
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10:20demon so does anyone know where xen for x86_64 is at now?
10:20demon I have a spare AMD64 system, and I wanted to try it out
10:21cdub demon: -unstable
10:21soffi hven\xE6r kom fyrsti b\xEDllinn til landsins?
10:22demon ah
10:22mael soffi: wrong channel again?
10:24soffi ohh
10:24soffi yes :(
10:24soffi I'm not used to many channels.. I'm on one channel on ircnet and this channel on oftc
10:25soffi I am a simple boy
10:25demon a simple scandinavian lad?
10:25soffi yup :)
10:26soffi but I don't think scandinavians refer to themselves as lads
10:26demon mmm... gotcha
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11:27demon hm... are there any known build issues with the current -unstable tree for x86_64?
11:27demon it's blowing up for me in xc_ptrace.c
11:27tab what's the error ?
11:31demon where's a good web based pasteboard? there's a fair amount of it...
11:31tab demon: copy paste first error
11:31demon In file included from /usr/include/asm/processor.h:13,
11:31demon from /usr/include/asm/elf.h:10,
11:31demon from xc_ptrace.c:4:
11:32demon /usr/include/asm/sigcontext.h:9: error: redefinition of `struct _fpstate'
11:32demon /usr/include/asm/sigcontext.h:23: error: redefinition of `struct sigcontext'
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11:33eigood it should show where the first definition is
11:33demon that's the full error output... though for some reason it stuck <?php ?> around it
11:33demon just ignore that part
11:34demon unless... do I need to be using GCC 4??
11:35tab I don't think so
11:35demon debian includes 3.3.5 as the default... I can get 3.4.something packages if needed
11:36tab no 3.3.5 is probably fine
11:45cdub demon: builds fine here, but iirc debian handles x86_64 differently from the rest?
11:46* riel bk pulls and wedges the linux-2.6.11-xen.patch into rawhide
11:46demon cdub: "differently" how?
11:47cdub demon: esp. w.r.t. 32-bit vs. 64-bit support
11:47@riel debian doesn't have multi-arch libs, IIRC
11:47demon nope
11:47@riel they have their 64 bit libraries in /lib, not /lib64
11:47@riel (last I heard - they may have come around ...)
11:47demon well, that shouldn't matter for the purposes of native builds of xen tools
11:48demon right?
11:48cdub which means the headers may look different too? the asm/ stuff is typically a pointer to 32 or 64 bit header
11:48cdub demon: yes, but perhaps headers aren't fully sanitized? (random conjecture ;-)
11:49demon dunno... I've not messed much with linux on x86_64 as yet... just on i386 and ppc
11:51eigood doing multiarch has issues
11:51eigood we are doing it with chroots
11:52eigood but I don't know much about it, so don't ask me for details
11:52cdub heh
11:53tab riel: still true
11:53tab riel: /lib64 is a symlink to /lib
11:53cdub demon: does it help to use linux/elf.h instead of raw asm/elf.h? (in xc_ptrace.c includes)
12:01demon cdub: same errors
12:02demon linux/elf.h just gets added to the inclusion stack, that's the only difference
12:06cdub demon: heh
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12:12cdub demon: yeah, asm/processor.h is dropped in the userspace version of that header on this distro. looks a bit like a distro problem to me...
12:13cdub demon: does adding #define __ASM_X86_64_PROCESSOR_H (or whatever your header is using) to xc_ptrace.c before it sucks in asm/elf.h help? (yeah, just a hacky workaround)
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12:55itamarjp how to use a virtual cc on paypal ?
12:56eigood this relates to xen how?
12:57hena virtual monitor, virtual cc
12:58itamarjp hehehehe
12:58itamarjp :-)
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13:20yarihm hi everyone
13:21itamarjp hi
13:21yarihm is there a way to prevent xen from rebooting within 5 seconds if there is something going wrong at boot? i can hardly read the errormsg
13:21yarihm it says something about CPU0 which turned into toast ...
13:22tab you have to read faster :-)
13:22yarihm grmbl ...
13:22yarihm :) it seems to be netbsd's fault from what i can tell
13:22tab but you probably can configure that in the code
13:23yarihm tab: yes ...
13:23yarihm OTOH i'm not that keen on grepping and reading all the code just to figure out where these 5 seconds are hardcoded, i'll read faster ,)
13:24yarihm is anyone using NetBSD in domain0 anyway?
13:26rharper yarihm: try adding 'noreboot' to the bootloader option
13:26yarihm rharper: ah, great, thanks
13:26rharper yarihm: you are welcome
13:28yarihm rharper: as a parameter to the xen-kernel i guess: kernel (hd0,a)/xen.gz dom0_mem=65536 noreboot (for grub)?
13:28rharper yes, grub boots xen, which will boot dom0
13:29rharper that looks right
13:29yarihm yep, got that ... i asked because there is this module-line so the dom0-kernel isn't passed as an bootloader option in that way
13:30rharper ok
13:30yarihm hmkay, now i replaced my dom0-netbsd-kernel and put that option, now the problem is gone anyway :)
13:30yarihm hah, my first boot into xen ... i have no clue what's next ... pressing ctrl-a three times is suggested here ...
13:31yarihm ok, that doesn't work ...
13:31rharper not knowing anything about netbsd dom0, with Linux, xen boots dom0, and dom0 looks just like booting baremetal kernel...
13:32yarihm rharper: yeah, seems the like ... network-wise everything is fine ...
13:32rharper cool
13:32yarihm rharper: do you have to do something special in order to have the dom0 kernel appear on the terminal?
13:33yarihm or does it do that by default?
13:33yarihm i would not be surprised if netbsd would go to serial console per default ... :-\
13:33rharper I dont think so, lemme check my grub conf
13:34rharper I put console=tty0 on my dom0 bootloader line
13:34rharper module /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.11-xen0 root=/dev/sda2 ro console=tty0
13:35yarihm hmm ... ttyS0 is probably the serial-line i guess ... i screwed up again :)
13:36rharper ttyS0 is serial in Linux
13:36yarihm hmm ... the bastard won't reboot from command line he says ... brb, gotta run into the server-room
13:37yarihm maybe that's because noreboot?
13:37rharper could be, never booted with noreboot
13:37rharper sounds likely
13:38rharper from the code: opt_noreboot: If true, machine will need manual reset on error.
13:38yarihm yeah, doesn't it? :) noreboot will probably result in not rebooting
13:38rharper nothing like getting what you asked for =)
13:38yarihm yes!
13:40yarihm and tadaaa! it reboots :)
13:43yarihm rharper: how does xen with linux handle this: IIRC the system here has 512MB swap-space, i passed dom0_mem=65535 and now it shows only 128MB swap ...
13:48rharper well, swap and dom0_mem are differing things
13:48rharper swap is usually a physical partition or file , dom0_mem is the amount of RAM you want your domain to have
13:49* riel bets his new xen rpm won't run
13:49@riel getting it to compile this time around was just _too_ easy
13:49@riel there must be a catch
13:49rharper your swap space shouldnt change from your non-xen configuration if it was a physical device , like /dev/hdb, or a file
13:51rharper riel: heh
13:51* riel is happy for serial console and remote power switch ;)
13:51@riel once the kernel rpms are compiled, I can test it
13:52rharper oo, we need one of those programmable power switches for the lab
13:53hollis yes we do
13:53* riel can reboot his test systems from home, and play with the boot loader
13:54rharper yeah, I've got the serial con, and a wrapper to auto-gen a new grub.conf that can do that, but if xen gets into that manual reset state, Im toast
14:00plars rharper: if you have serial console, you can control grub through it
14:01HoraPe plars: but you cannot reset the box
14:01plars HoraPe: depends on the box :)
14:02rharper plars: interesting, didnt know grub would display menu to serial, you have the fu to do that somewhere?
14:04plars rharper: yup
14:04plars I'll send it to you
14:05rharper plars: sweet,thanks
14:08jeroney rharper: when I was working on blade machines, I had grub running through serial connection ... it's very nice
14:10rharper jeroney: Im looking forward to that (grub over serial)
14:10jeroney rharper: but to reset the machine ... I used the blade management console
14:10plars jeroney: the blades are even easier, you don't even need to do anything in grub to make that work
14:11jeroney plars: I had to set it up to use the serial I could see it over SOL
14:11jeroney plars: isn't there a way to see standard vga output on the blades ?
14:11plars in cmos, but you shouldn't have to do anything in grub
14:11plars jeroney: I think so, through the web asm
14:12plars I haven't tried it
14:12plars I'd rather just use vnc probably
14:12plars if I just *had* to have a graphical console on it for whatever reason
14:13yarihm cu guys, thanks rharper for the help ...
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14:53niv plars: could you send me the magic frufru too, to get grub info?
14:54hollis come on guys :)
15:05niv hollis: you are much too wellinformed ;), thanks!
15:07niv hollis: hmm, that's all on that? i have that but it still doesn't work
15:08hollis do you have a graphical splashscreen by any chance? I think that can interfere
15:09niv yeah, maybe i should disable that
15:10@riel *sigh*
15:11@riel it hangs after "Switching to new root"
15:11* riel knew it was too easy
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15:14plars niv: yeah, the graphical menu will make it not work, comment that out
15:14plars sorry, was afk
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15:14niv plars: yep, think that was the issue..
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15:27niv does anybody have the oprofile stuff working on unstable?
15:32jeroney niv: I don't really think anyone has tried it out
15:37rharper andrew did, he ported it to unstable, but had trouble, he mailed xen-devel
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16:18hetz hi people
16:18hetz I'm looking for a VPS provider who sells Xen hosting with a very fast connection and good prices. Any recommendations?
16:19niv rharper: yep, Andrew's port isn't working right now, wondering if anyone had gotten it work successfully yet
16:20rharper niv: ok
16:22hollis hetz: why do you want xen hosting?
16:23hetz hollis Xen based hosting - a virtual machine
16:23hollis why?
16:23hetz cause I cannot afford a real machine hosting
16:24jeroney hetz there is a place that does UML based hosting
16:24jeroney UML = user mode Linux
16:24hetz yes, I'm using Linode already
16:25jeroney I don't nesscarily know if someone hosting using Xen whould be any cheaper
16:25jeroney for you at least
16:26jeroney maybe for them
16:26hetz well, I found services
16:26--- User: *** Fennario is now known as FennAway
16:26eigood we haven't finished our service rollout yet
16:26hetz but I found that they're not very professional
16:27hetz eigood - URL?
16:27eigood as I said, not finished yet
16:28hetz hmm, have u decided on pricing already?
16:28eigood yes, but don't want to say it
16:29eigood it's cheap, but until we finalize the things we are offering, don't want to announce it
16:29hetz eigood, can we talk privately please?
16:30hetz (and no, I'm not going to convince you to reveal prices ;)
16:31eigood if you want
16:33tierra hetz, you know Linode has been testing Xen for the past couple weeks and might be planning on moving everyone over to Xen hosts in another couple months right?
16:34hetz tierra - I know that
16:34itamarjp Checking check_twisted
16:34itamarjp **********************************************************************
16:34itamarjp *** The Twisted framework is not installed.
16:34itamarjp *** Use 'make install-twisted' at the xen root to install.
16:34itamarjp ***
16:34itamarjp *** Alternatively download and install version 1.3 or higher
16:34itamarjp *** from
16:34itamarjp **********************************************************************
16:34itamarjp FAILED
16:34hetz my problem is - their price
16:34itamarjp how to install Twisted ?
16:35tierra hetz, ok, just checking
16:35eigood itamarjp: er, read what you pasted
16:35itamarjp I don\xB4t find the file to download at
16:36eigood it's available in debian, so it's easier there
16:38itamarjp I am using redhat
16:38* eigood pokes hetz
16:41hetz itamarjp - you need this:
16:41hetz untar, and follow the instructions
16:42hetz eigood - so when do u plan to roll out Xen services? any ETA?
16:42eigood well, it requires deploying a second fileserver(got the hardware, will probably deploy today), getting a gigE switch, and a few more xen nodes
16:43eigood the 2 existing xen nodes we have(which we've been using to test the system out) are getting near full(p4 machines with 4g ram each)
16:47hetz oh, so it's a tiny shop, right? :)
16:52eigood we've sold a few instances already, so we are deploying live sites
16:52eigood but yes, small right now
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17:18itamarjp I am installing twisted using make install-twisted
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23:37dash Hi. If I upgrade from 2.0.4 to unstable, do i need to recompile my linux kernels?
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