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00:06rusty aliguori: good
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00:46Hunger hi
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03:11mael hi
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07:37amr I'm setting up xen for the first time, and would like to get some feedback on the configuration of domain 0. Does domain 0 use the "root" filesystem on which the kernel is installed, or does a separate partiton have to be established for domain 0 and added to the configuration file?
07:40demon no, domain 0 will use the root filesystem you already have set up
07:42demon it's the first domain that's booted by the xen hyperkernel
07:51amr thanks for confirming that.
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10:04@Sir_Ahzz mmmm.
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14:08rharper riel: did you ever track down which changeset caused that guest oops you posted about?
14:09rharper I have a nightly from the 21st that still works, so something between 21st and 24th
14:10@riel rharper: haven't found it yet
14:10rharper I don't have bk, and I didnt grab any snapshots over the weekend =(
14:10* rharper adds that to his crontab
14:27@riel mmm, so the 21st works
14:27@riel typical
14:28* riel always seems to grab the non-working snapshots ;)
14:30rharper you can get a nightly from the 23th, here
14:30rharper I'm trying that one out right now
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14:35niv rharper: please let me know if that works for you..
14:36rharper niv: 23rd is still hosed
14:36rharper so, something commited on the 22nd
14:38aliguori-work| is anyone using the most recent xen-unstable?
14:38aliguori-work| from last night?
14:39aliguori-work| i can no longer boot with lvm...
14:39rharper aliguori-work: no, been talking about that
14:39rharper last working snapshot for me is from the 21st
14:39rharper aliguori-work: more specifically,I can boot dom0, but domU creation fails
14:39aliguori-work| rharper: where does it fail for you?
14:39aliguori-work| oh, i get hung up loading a module in my initrd.
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14:40rharper that may be something else
14:40rharper I dont use initrd
14:40aliguori i've used the same process to build the initrd for a long time now
14:40aliguori and i've checked myself a half a dozen times...
14:40aliguori so i'm reasonable sure it's not a stupid-user thing
14:41rharper sure, I can push the nightly from the 21st to you if you want to check that
14:42@riel aliguori: initrd + lvm works fine in the snapshot from sunday night
14:42aliguori riel: lvm dom0?
14:42niv rharper: thanks. grrrr...
14:42rharper niv: np
14:44@riel aliguori: yes
14:44aliguori hmmm, maybe it's a devfs issue.
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14:51caker aliguori: that initrd work out for you?
14:54@riel aliguori: devfs? what distro are you using ? ;)
14:54@riel udev seems to work fine
14:54aliguori caker: nope
14:54aliguori riel: gentoo
14:55aliguori and it's a major pain-in-the-*ss
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14:56@riel ohhh I have an idea
14:56@riel I can catch when xend tries to map a bad page through the ioctl
14:57aliguori riel: you could also just modify the xc.c bindings
14:57aliguori that would be a heck of a lot easier :-)
15:03@riel xc_private.c ?
15:03aliguori you could do that too
15:04aliguori but i'd modify tools/python/xen/lowlevel/xc/xc.c
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15:08aliguori riel: oh f, now it's in xcs :-)
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15:21aliguori hmm, so it actually freezes trying to load a USB driver
15:21aliguori interesting
15:22@riel thing is - how can I know from inside userspace what is and isn't a page inside our own domain ?
15:23aliguori riel: modifying the ioctl is probably the simplier approach i guess
15:23@riel *nod*
15:23@riel I can just call page_valid or pfn_valid from inside the ioctl code ;)
15:24@riel and for FC4t3 I might code up an munmap workaround ;)
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15:43jeroney riel: we just learned about a new command "dmidecode" that gives info on the machine..out of the pure nature of curiocity do you have fedoar domU up could you try running this command?
15:44jeroney fedoar == fedora
15:44jeroney riel: I would be machines are in bad development state really curious about this .. figured you would have a system with fedora domU just sitting around
15:46jeroney riel: nevermind
15:46jeroney rile: figured out what the program does ... it wouldn't work anyway
15:46@riel hehe
15:51nDuff Is mlock() known to have issues on XenLinux? (OpenVPN is failing to initialize w/ the --mlock option enabled).
15:52@riel nDuff: no, there are no differences between xen and non-xen when it comes to mlock
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16:02xai Does anyone have a bare-metal rhel4 or fedora root filesystem available for dl?
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