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06:02yarihm hey everyone ... does anyone know whether there are known issues with xen and raidframe on netbsd?
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10:56aliguori anyone running today's xen-unstable? my system is going nuts
10:57rharper aliguori: yeah, working fine here
10:57aliguori time's going backwards
10:57rharper none of that here
10:57aliguori rharper: come check this out
10:57rharper k
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10:57hollis is it like Memento?
11:02rharper heh
11:03hebutterworth| aliguori, that will help with the schedule
11:03aliguori hebutterworth: :-)
11:04aliguori yeah, i've got a copy of bk from yesterday.. hoping it goes away after upgrading to today's copy
11:04aliguori this is with a brand new fedora core 3 image too...
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11:47matta riel: is it recommended to not run the FC4 1268 xen0 kernel?
11:48riel matta: indeed ;)
11:48riel matta: I'm fixing things up as we speak
11:48riel that kernel can't create domUs
11:48soffi ahhh
11:48soffi I thought I had buggy hardware because xm create always hung the machine
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11:49riel it didn't hang the machine here
11:49sleon hi
11:49sleon when i start xend i get
11:49riel it just oopsed
11:49sleon ImportError: No module named twisted.internet
11:49sleon why ?
11:49sleon do i need somthing?
11:49riel sleon: because you don't have python-twisted installed
11:49sleon thx
11:50* riel just rebuilt a kernel with Keir's patch
11:51riel I'm about to test it
11:51sleon riel, what is it for a patch?
11:51riel (had to fix a few other things too - vdso related)
11:51sleon riel, is it for nvidia driver to work??
11:51sleon :D
11:51riel sleon: nvidia can't go out of business soon enough ;)
11:51sleon :)))
11:52sleon do you know what to do , to make nvidia driver to work with xen?
11:52riel yeah, first you get the source code
11:52sleon hehehhehe
11:52riel then you port it to run in domain 0
11:52sleon hrhrhr
11:52sleon ver yfunny
11:52mael very true indeed
11:52riel it's also true
11:53mael or you can wait and buy a VT proc when they'll be ready
11:53riel mael: that's not going to help you with the nvidia driver in dom0
11:53sleon what is vt proc?
11:54mael riel: right but you might be able to run it in a virtualized domU, no?
11:54mael or will they need to virtualize the hardware also?
11:54riel if you want to emulate an nvidia video card in software, sure
11:54aliguori which would be more difficult than just rewriting the driver itself :-)
11:55mael I thought they planned to allow a kind of direct access for hardware in the VT/pacifica situations
11:55riel mael: direct access to PCI and PCI-E devices, yes
11:55riel mael: but you can't be allowed to control the agpgart ...
11:55mael argh
11:55soffi what's the deal with everyone wanting nvidia to work in dom0 ? :)
11:55mael I missed this point
11:56riel soffi: beats me, I don't care about nvidia
11:56@Sir_Ahzz no idea.
11:56mael hehe
11:56soffi I don't care about graphics period... headless servers miles away
11:57mael riel: If I get right, then it won't be possible to virtualise agp hardware using VT?
11:57riel excellent, Keir's patch works ;)
11:57mael even for a windows domU?
11:58riel you could virtualise it
11:59riel but it would be complex software
11:59soffi Windows
11:59soffi hehehehehehe
11:59mael mmh ok
11:59mael then I must have understood Keir wrongly when I meet him last friday
11:59matta riel: hrm, so it can start domU's now?
12:00riel matta: what I just committed to cvs, yes
12:00matta riel: how soon until this "fixed" version makes tot the RPM's
12:00riel just need to build the rpm now
12:00matta ?
12:00matta ok, that answers that
12:00riel matta: tonight, unless test 3 already froze in which case we're out of luck
12:00matta i'm in process of doing my weekly yum upgrade on the FC4 server
12:01matta well, nothing would stop you from putting the dom0/domU/xen RPM's in your personal space, right?
12:02riel true
12:02riel if I miss FC4 test3, I'll just put the RPMs on my page
12:02matta ok
12:08soffi "Xen creates a new architecture and you can run Windows," he said. "It has nice features like being able to take a virtual host and move it to another machine while it's running."
12:09soffi says some Jonathan Corbet about 2.6.12
12:09matta soffi: where is this?
12:09matta hrm...
12:09matta on kerneltalk?
12:09matta or whatever that site is...
12:10hollis probably a standard journalist misquote
12:11matta yeah
12:11yosh hm, are there known issues with 2.0.5 and initrd?
12:11* riel kicks off a build
12:11soffi damn you gotta love renumbering and changing subnets
12:13matta he might have stated 2.6.12 will include xen and xen will eventually support VT which will allow windows to run
12:13murb soffi: vi /etc/radvd.conf ; kill -HUP `cat /var/run/` # ?
12:13matta and then Rodney Gedda went and f'ed that up
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12:13soffi murb: nahh
12:14soffi renumbering some servers and moving them
12:14soffi ugh
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12:41aliguori so does keir's patch need to be applied to be able to build domUs?
12:43riel aliguori: yes
12:43aliguori damn.
12:43riel (unless you're following the head of tree, in which case you may have other fun bugs to run into)
12:43riel Keir committed the patch this morning
12:43aliguori ok
12:43riel so probably after the nightly snapshot was taken
12:43aliguori well then i have it
12:44aliguori i just grabbed bk a hour ago
12:44aliguori so
12:44riel yeah, then you have it ;)
12:44aliguori i'm getting an EINVAL when building a domain
12:44riel I grabbed just the patch, because I want a working FC4 test3 without surprises ;)
12:44aliguori the parameters should be right
12:45rharper aliguori: using vm tools, or xend? Keir also changed the build domain image last friday, changes the way you build domains, check out xc_domain.c xc_domain_create()
12:46aliguori rharper: yes, i fixed all of that in vm-tools
12:46rharper k
12:46aliguori :-)
12:46rharper just checking
12:46aliguori i bet i know what it is....
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13:00sleon i get an error
13:00sleon File "/usr/lib/python/xen/xend/server/", line 28, in ?
13:00sleon from twisted.web import server, static
13:00sleon ImportError: No module named web
13:00sleon what to do with it?
13:02tab sleon: do you have all twisted modules ?
13:03sleon all??!
13:03sleon tab, what do you mean with all?
13:03sleon i have Twisted-2.0
13:05tab I'm not sure xend already run on twisted 2
13:05tab anybody knows more than I on the subject ?
13:07sleon i need twisted-web :))
13:09jonmason I am running twisted 1.3.0
13:09jonmason Is anyone successfully running twisted 2.0?
13:11sleon me not
13:11sleon :))
13:11sleon jonmason, it says : some things are depreached
13:12jonmason I don't feel brave enough to try moving up yet
13:15sleon hehe
13:17sleon [root@localhost python-twisted]# xm list
13:17sleon (111, 'Connection refused')
13:17sleon Error: Error connecting to xend, is xend running?
13:17sleon what am i doing wrong?
13:17sleon i did xend start
13:17sleon before it
13:18jonmason sleon: what version of xen are you running?
13:19sleon 2.0
13:19sleon or so
13:19sleon moment
13:19sleon where can i see it?
13:19sleon last source stable from page
13:21jonmason sleon: I don't know
13:21jonmason I don't see it in dmesg or uname
13:21jonmason I am running xen-unstable (a few weeks old)
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13:22knewt is acpi moved into dom0 in -unstable yet?
13:22jonmason rc-status will show you the active apps, look for xend
13:22sleon bye all
13:22jonmason knewt: no idea
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13:23jonmason I am working on something else ;-)
13:24knewt i'd love to get xen onto my laptop :)
13:25jonmason knewt: why can't you?
13:27knewt well, i haven't tried it yet but i'd imagine the current acpi support in xen itself isn't enough. without acpi in linux my screen forceable drops in brightness once 50% battery is reached
13:27knewt s/forceable/forceably/
13:30knewt also, i really rather like being able to keep an eye on the temperature of the system
13:31jonmason ah, you are no fun
13:31knewt and i /know/ that that isn't visible without the acpi into dom0. i can just about live without it on my servers
13:31murb knewt: doesn't the SMBus stuff work in dom0?
13:31jonmason I think someone is working on ACPI, so lets hope it'll be there soon
13:33knewt murb: no idea what that is tbh. i just read the contents of "/proc/acpi/thermal_zone/THRM/temperature"
13:35murb Oh, i'm deploying a new Intel 1U box tomorrow, which has a 6300ESB SMBus Controller, I'm also wonding if a) the TCO stuff works in dom0, and b) if it would be worth while.
13:36knewt it'll be nice to get it on the servers as well, after losing a processor when it's fan stopped working. although i /think/ the bios shutdown feature would still have worked.... if i'd ever re-enabled it after my cmos settings got lost one day :/
13:43demon it seems the definitions of some structs (struct _fpstate and struct sigcontext) differ betweem /usr/include/bits/sigcontext.h and /usr/include/asm/signcontext.h on x86_64....
13:43demon anyone have any thoughts on how that could be fixed?
13:43demon (er... sigcontext.h even)
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15:19aliguori demon: where is this creating a problem?
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15:56demon aliguori: trying to build the Xen tools on Debian for x86_64
15:57aliguori ohhh
15:57aliguori :-)
15:58riel ok, so I can forget about x86_64 xenolinux ? ;)
15:58riel arch/xen/x86_64/kernel/entry.S: Assembler messages:
15:58riel arch/xen/x86_64/kernel/entry.S:251: Error: suffix or operands invalid for `movq'arch/xen/x86_64/kernel/entry.S:251: Error: Incorrect register `%ebp' used with `q' suffix
15:58riel arch/xen/x86_64/kernel/entry.S:251: Error: Incorrect register `%r11' used with `l' suffix
16:01rharper jeroney: you've got x86_64 to compile, no?
16:04jeroney jeroney: yeah compiling
16:05demon what distro were you using?
16:05jeroney ebp should be used with movl
16:05aliguori riel: what is that from?
16:05riel aliguori: trying to compile x86_64 xenolinux
16:05aliguori riel: yeah, but from when?
16:05jeroney r11 moved with movq
16:05jeroney is this from today riel?
16:05riel yesterday
16:06demon I tried using todays bk
16:06jeroney hmm...I think the version on my machine now is from yesterday
16:06demon and it blows up building the tools, and building the hyperkernel
16:06jeroney but if you are seeing that error then the change must have happended after I grabbed mine...looking now
16:06demon haven't even gotten to trying to build the xenolinux kernel yet
16:09aliguori riel: i have today's snapshot and I don't see how you can be getting that error. there's no movq on 251
16:10aliguori demon: what version of gcc?
16:10demon debian's packaged 3.3.5
16:10demon gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-8)
16:10riel aliguori: nor is there on yesterday's package ;)
16:13aliguori very odd
16:15aliguori riel: yesterday's bk is pretty broken.. i don't think that's the problem but just fyi
16:15aliguori a ton of people here are having problems with it
16:15aliguori and by ton, i mean 3-4 :-)
16:15rharper heh
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16:31riel aliguori: hey, that's almost everybody ;)
16:31aliguori riel: here it basically is :-) i think there's 7 of us here in austin
16:32riel all trying x86_64 ?
16:33aliguori no
16:33aliguori jeroney is the lucky x86_64 man.. xen (in general) seems to be hosed yesterday
16:34riel seems to work fine with Keir's patch
16:34aliguori yeah
16:34riel in fact, that's what's going into FC4 test 3 ;)
16:34aliguori oh, that's right, that's what you've got going :-)
16:34aliguori is there anything else that went in since yesterday?
16:34aliguori other than keir's patch?
16:35riel lots, but I haven't applied anything else ;)
16:35jeroney I had to get off of FC4 while I resolved issues with Xen...went back to FC3 till i get domUs building
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17:32aliguori can anyone translate to american english:
17:32aliguori "
17:32aliguori creating domain with duff kernel files leaves dead domain "
17:32aliguori i think duff means messed up right?
17:32hollis yeah
17:32aliguori k, thanks
17:32hollis write back and say "that's pants"
17:33aliguori pants?
17:33hollis pants.
17:33hollis ;)
17:33aliguori i was trying to interpret the Todo list on the wiki
17:33--- User: *** riel is now known as unriel
17:33aliguori is there like a british to american dictionary or something?
17:34aliguori on the web
17:34hollis I think so actually, but I don't remember a URL
17:36niv aliguori:
17:37jonmason aliguori: I prefer the random initials w/o any key as to who they are
17:37jonmason I think one of them is me
17:37hollis niv: that says pants == trousers
17:38niv hollis: i know. its sadly lacking as a translator :). what we really need is a more _informal_ translation ;)
17:38niv for instance, it doesn't have the word git on there. now i ask you, a british to english dictionary that doesn't explain the commonest word in the english english language...
17:39aliguori niv: so what does git mean?
17:39mikegrb you git
17:42jonmason I prefer the math == maths
17:42jonmason that one drives me insane
17:42mikegrb hah! indeedly so
17:42niv aliguori: iap = ian pratt, mw = mark williamson hb = harry butterworth jm = jon mason vh = vicente kaf = keir fraser rh = ryan harper gk = gertt knorr eh = ? jk = ?
17:43mikegrb how comes ian's mail client is so broken?
17:43mikegrb it mucks the headers all up so propper threading doesn't work
17:43rharper heh
17:43mikegrb and then it is chicken and doesn't say what client it is
17:43rharper I think it says MS Exchange in the headers
17:43aliguori jk == jeremy katz
17:44jonmason niv: update the wiki to say so
17:46niv aliguori: I went googling for a git explanation of the inevitable thousands I thought I would find on the web, and not on the first 3 pages, surprise surprise!! Google searches apparently are weighted towards US searches or the Brits don't google for obvious things :)
17:46hollis mikegrb: yeah, we've been complaining about that too :/
17:46aliguori heheh
17:47jonmason niv: they also don't explain what a "cow" is either
17:47rharper niv; you try ? maybe that is keyed towards british pages
17:48hollis jonmason: copy-on-write maybe?
17:48jonmason touche
17:48jonmason niv: my patch applied cleanly for Andrew
17:50niv rharper: ah, of course, that's where the brits hang out..makes sense..
17:50niv jonmason: cool! was that on today's bits?
17:50jonmason niv: yup, but I still can't get it to work
17:50niv what is the error you're getting?
17:51jonmason driving me more insane than the maths thing
17:51jonmason kernel BUG at <bad filename>:47851!
17:51niv on boot? or this is on domU start?
17:53jonmason boot
17:53niv what about posting the problem on xen-devel?
17:53niv is anyone looking at it?
17:54jonmason ya, I guess I will do that
17:54aliguori niv: strange thing is, using the same config, same snapshot, it works on my netvista
17:54rharper jonmason: thats built with debug=y, and you installed the xen-sym file ?
17:54jonmason but I actually would like to get anything done today
17:54aliguori which should be almost identical to jonmason's thinkcentre
17:54jonmason rharper: no
17:54rharper make sure you build with debug=y
17:54rharper at this point, no reason to ever not build with debug=y unless you are perf testing
17:55jonmason rharper: perf testing
17:55rharper bah
17:55rharper =)
17:55jonmason doing network perf stuff
17:55rharper should have guessed
17:55rharper well, toss it on for now, take it out once it boots again
17:55jonmason how else to know how much no checksum gets ya
17:55niv jonmason: possibly you have some driver or module that's actually getting loaded and running into the error
17:55niv which file?
17:56jonmason <bad filename>
17:56hollis heh
17:56niv jonmason: yeah, seriously, try with debug just to see what's going on
17:56jonmason ya
17:56jonmason where do I pass the in?
17:56hollis make debug=y
17:56jonmason make debug=y install-kernels
17:57rharper make debug=y
17:57jonmason :(, alright
17:57rharper you want it all as debug, xen, tools, and the kernels (not that tools or kernel does anything with that arg that I know of)
18:00niv jonmason: might want a make clean first
18:00jonmason niv: its recompiling everything
18:01rharper niv: <-- that what you want?
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18:05jonmason lol, that fixed it
18:05jonmason aliguori: are you running with debug on?
18:05rharper hehe
18:05rharper nice
18:05aliguori jonmason: nope
18:06jonmason did you make a deal with the devil?
18:06niv rharper: ah, that's a good one. Of course, to really understand what a git is, I highly recommend RedDwarf Seasons 1- 7. ""Nobody ever said I was charming, they said "Rimmer, you're a git!""
18:06aliguori beyond the one i already had?
18:06rharper niv: hehe
18:06jonmason niv: I agree, good stuff
18:08jonmason niv:
18:08rharper heh
18:09jonmason niv: I would not recomend looking up any rap lyrics on that'll never listen to the songs the same way
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18:28hollis mmm, my faith in this development board was just shattered
18:28hollis that's not a nice feeling
18:30knewt hi mark
18:30jonmason hollis: you broke it?
18:30niv hollis: what's troubling ya?
18:31hollis it failed in a bad way it shouldn't have
18:31hollis and I rebooted and it worked
18:31hollis means I now have to be suspicious of every nasty failure
18:31_MarkW knewt: hi
18:31hollis "maybe it was me, maybe it wasn't..."
18:32knewt _MarkW: don't suppose you know how acpi-into-dom0 is going?
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18:34_MarkW knewt: it's been on the Real Soon Now list for months, hasn't it :-(
18:34jonmason hollis: actually, rh_out was jsut talking to me about that
18:34_MarkW the patch exists but I guess it's still being tested / tweaked
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18:34_MarkW I must admit I haven't heard anything for a while but it *must* be getting there by now
18:35jonmason hollis: he said he was seeing similar things at the end of March, but it went away in April
18:35hollis jonmason: well, this is way too early to be anything but a platform issue
18:36jonmason hollis: I would talk to him anyway
18:42--- ---> drbyte [] has joined #xen
18:43jonmason is anyone seeing the mysterious e1000 problem mentioned on the wiki?
18:45jonmason as I have e1000, and I don't see any major problems
18:46hollis jonmason: if only there were a bug open for it ;)
18:46jonmason hollis: I already checked for that
18:46jonmason and I'll open one if someone will tell me the problem
18:48niv browsing through xen-devel archives
18:50jonmason niv: ok, I'll read that thread tomorrow
18:50jonmason laters
18:50--- User: *** jonmason is now known as jon-out
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19:48knewt hmm. i just started refactoring some code before i even finished writing it *g*
19:49_MarkW knewt: that's a bit keen!
19:51knewt well, i did the initial design purely in my head, but as i began coding it it started getting more complex as i realised stuff i'd missed. so i got out a paper pad and pen, started drawing lots of diagrams all over the place, and did a paper-based redesign, which i'm now changing over to
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19:59_MarkW ah designing things too!
19:59_MarkW very worrying :-)
20:00_MarkW thanks to my "improvements" today XenFS appears to have lost the ability to list directories
20:00_MarkW that's rather strange.
20:00* _MarkW scratches his head
20:06--- ---> JViz [] has joined #xen
20:09_MarkW doh!
20:09_MarkW who wrote this driver?
20:09_MarkW ah yes, I did ;-)
20:10--- ---> rusty [] has joined #xen
20:15_MarkW oops, i broke something else
20:15_MarkW i think the kernel will stop panicking if i eat some biscuits now
20:26knewt ok, time for sleep methinks. then i'll see if i can get the new improved cowifying code all written tomorrow
20:26_MarkW ah, the biscuits fixed it. my contribution today is to get XenFS functionally back to where it was yesterday but with better guts.
20:27_MarkW knewt: cowifying? sounds cool.
20:27knewt cow device mapper target
20:27_MarkW wicked!
20:28_MarkW Ian will get excited if you post some details on xen-devel some time. You'll likely get lots of feedback.
20:29knewt once i've got an alpha-test ready for people to test i'm going to ask for fools^Wguinea-pigs^Wtesters
20:30_MarkW sounds good. i guess you want to get some sleep now but I'd like to talk more about this later.
20:30_MarkW maybe tomorrow, if I make it online.
20:30knewt sure. and yeah, 3:30am over here
20:31_MarkW 2.30 over here :-)
20:31_MarkW (am that is)
20:32knewt yeah, much easier than trying to remember the time in offset to perth. (6 hours ahead from me right now, just checked)
21:04_MarkW bed now. gnight all.
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22:13xai I just created a bare metal CentOS4 filesytem. It about 400MB, and as small as possible using kickstart tools etc.. Its about 120MB in .tgz format.. It uses UDEV, but I made sure you don't need an initrd file to boot it.. YOu just need kernel and modules to go with it.
22:14xai If someone has an ftp site they can share this from, I'd be happy to provide it.
22:14xai I have not tested it a XenU yet.. I need to compile a kernel that supports UDEV.
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