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01:48cilkay Woohoo! I have a Mandriva 2005 LE VM running on Mandriva 2005 LE.
01:49chrish01 wow, people still use mandrake?
01:49cilkay The install script did not create the necessary directories in /var/lib/xen or /var/run/xend
01:49chrish01 debian is the same
01:50cilkay yeah, sure, whatever you say:)
01:51cilkay A visit to #debian, where they eat their young, and then a visit to #mandriva will prove that they are NOT the same at all.
01:51chrish01 thats fine. i dont need to be in #debian to rip on people :)
01:51cilkay I have little use for the "mine is bigger than your's" attitude of many folks on #debian
01:52chrish01 the quality of debian is amazingly beyond the rest. i can easily see why they get big heads from time to time
01:53cilkay No question Debian is a good distro but there are other good distros too.
01:53chrish01 depends what you are using them for too. i would never run a server with anything other than debian anymore though. just not worth it
01:54cilkay The people who have big heads are more often the wannabes, not the real gurus. Gurus do not have to remind everyone of how smart they are.
01:54chrish01 nod
01:54chrish01 your work should speak for you
01:54cilkay Exactly.
01:54chrish01 unfortunately, i dont think mandriva's work has shown for them ;-)
01:55chrish01 im not big on their admin tools. i think they were a giant step backwards into the linuxconf days
01:55cilkay I've been using Mandrake since the first release. Like any distro, it has its pros and cons.
01:56chrish01 i used it from the 6 release to 7.2
01:56cilkay MCC is a gem. The draktools are excellent. I love urpmi. I gained a healthy respect for Mandrake/Mandriva after learning how to package RPMs for MDK and creating my own urpmi repository.
01:56chrish01 back when redhat was fucking up big time. then switched to gentoo until around 2001, then to debian shortly after
01:57chrish01 i think urpmi was good concept, but it is far from being as a good of tool as apt
01:57cilkay I've used both. I think both have their pros and cons.
01:57cilkay I could live with Debian if I had to, but I don't have to.
01:58chrish01 i rarely use gui's. so the lack of good cli tools on mandrake doesnt cut it
01:58cilkay Besides, I will in all likelihood be creating Debian/Ubuntu VMs on this box.
01:58chrish01 thats a smart choice. running xen with having apt to bootstrap makes things tons easier
01:58cilkay Huh? MDK has all the cli tools that any other distro has and then some.
01:58chrish01 their ncurses stuff sucks
01:59cilkay Well, not *this* box. This is a laptop. The server that I just got running.
01:59chrish01 they tried to bridge things to make it like gtk, which was not smart IMO
01:59cilkay I think you're talking about a different distro.
02:00chrish01 naw, they *used* to make all the drakconf shit work for both ncurses and gtk
02:00cilkay They still do.
02:00cilkay Works great both ways.
02:00cilkay I've done a remote install of Mandrake on a server in Germany to which I had no physical access or remote hands.
02:00chrish01 anyway, i dont like to debate os's. i try not to take the trolls when they come along
02:00cilkay The tools work great if take the time to learn them.
02:01chrish01 dude, i remotely changed a redhat 9 box to freebsd
02:02cilkay *dude*, for someone who doesn't feed trolls, you certainly seem to behave like one with your inane comments about "Mandrake, people still use that?"
02:02cilkay Anyway, g'nite.
02:02chrish01 that was more of ajoke
02:02cilkay Jokes don't travel well on IRC I'm afraid, esp. if you don't use little smiley thingies.
02:02cilkay Cheers.
02:03chrish01 night
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12:32tryggth I'm using Xen from Fedora development and everything is going pretty well. Have a FedoraCore3 image running. But I'm having trouble getting the swap file to work.
12:33tryggth I've added disk = ['file:/root/FedoraCore3.img,sda1,w','file:/root/FedoraCore3.swap,sda2,w'] to the configuration file.
12:33tryggth And in /etc/fstab in the domU instance I added a line for the swap file.
12:33tryggth But when I start the domU instance and then check with top the swap file isn't there.
12:34tryggth I like in /dev in the domU instance and though I see /dev/sda1 I don't see sda2.
12:35tryggth I'm thinking it may have something to do with udev not working in dom0 or domU, but that is just a guess.
12:36tryggth The line added to fstab is: /dev/sda2 swap swap defaults 0 0
12:38tryggth Any ideas? I've tried using mknod but I get the feeling that the dev entries are being created during boot.
12:42riel did you mkswap /root/FedoraCore3.swap ?
12:48tryggth Yes. But let me try it again. It did have a slightly unexpected message.
12:50tryggth mkswap return the following two lines:
12:50tryggth Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 524283 kB
12:50tryggth no label, UUID=e8ff9a40-b7fc-49d0-b608-7d00738d94eb
12:51tryggth It was the "nolabel" comment I was thinking about... and that isn't all that unexpected.
12:51tryggth Just ran it and still am not getting the swap file.
12:51tryggth I'm sure its going to be something silly since everyting else is working well. Just can't figure out what it is...
12:51tryggth Hmm.
13:00tryggth I guess I could try figuring it out if I knew how the /dev/sda2 entry is getting set up in the domU filesystem image.
13:00tryggth What is strange is that the /root/FedoraCore3.img file is being used just fine.
13:25tryggth Just tried: xm vbd-create basic file:/root/FedoraCore3.swap sda2 w
13:25tryggth No error message but still no /dev/sda2 created.
13:27tryggth However the log is showing: DEBUG (blkif:63) exception looking up device number for sda2: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/dev/sda2'
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13:33tryggth OK, my mknod was probably wrong in the client image. I changed it to mknod -m 660 sda2 b 8 2 and now when I run the vbd-create message I get an immediate error.
13:34tryggth Error: Creating vbd failed: device (vbd (uname file:/root/FedoraCore3.swap) (dev sda2) (mode w)), error 5
13:49tryggth I have to do more to figure this stuff out before I ask silly questions. Thanks.
13:59tryggth Found the problem. My image didn't have the right xenU /lib/modules. Sorry for the confusion.
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16:03newsham I'm a bk newbie, but according to the web page I should just be able to bk clone <rep> and have all the files right? I cloned bk:// and I see a bunch of SCCS directories but no makefile.
16:07newsham ahh, I think it had errors..
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19:44adrianoc hi, i try MAKE WORLD, but returno this message:
19:44adrianoc usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-slackware-linux/3.3.4/../../../../i486-slackware-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lssl
19:51adrianoc somebody, please ?
20:06adrianoc i found, it lacked openssl
20:06adrianoc i am back
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