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#xen IRC Logs for 2022-01-24

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00:13<ChmEarl>building xen-4.15.1 in Jammy, patched to HEAD of staging-4.15
00:14<ChmEarl>the EFI build is deleted, saying `xen.efi generation disabled`
00:21<ChmEarl>this build worked 2 weeks ago as is
00:28<ChmEarl>they say the EFI build segfaults for them
00:35<ChmEarl>fishing around in xen/ tree I don't see this message any place, I can't believe that there is a patch in Jammy on the loader causing it
00:35<ChmEarl>`xen.efi generation disabled` where did this message come from?
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00:36<ChmEarl>let me guess, RedHat
00:43<ChmEarl>Debian-xen also found a similar bug:
00:51<ChmEarl>checking my build log shows no segfault from the loader during the EFI linking
00:52<ChmEarl>the binutils source willfully tampered with my build
00:52<ChmEarl>my CPU has no avx2
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04:27<andyhhp>ChmEarl: it's echo '$(if $(filter y,$(XEN_BUILD_EFI)),xen.efi generation,EFI support) disabled' in xen/arch/x86/Makefile
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12:24<ChmEarl>in xen/arch/x86_64/Makefile I forced `export XEN_BUILD_EFI := y` with a sed edit, it still whacks the EFI build
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16:32<ChmEarl>fc36/rawhide; less than 1 week ago I built only the hypervisor part of xen-4.16.0 and the EFI build was OK
16:33<ChmEarl>using the Almalinux SRPM
16:33<ChmEarl>the binutils version in rawhide is behind the Jammy/DebExperimental
18:39<ChmEarl>despite the failed EFI build, I have xen-4.15.1 w/qemu-6.1 up in Jammy, xen patched to @ and Jammy latest
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