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#xen IRC Logs for 2022-01-26

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00:19<ChmEarl>Debian Sid now has binutils v2.37.90.20220123-2 patched on the 25th, this still does not fix the EFI build, I tried it in Jammy
00:28<ChmEarl> ld -V -> GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian)
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07:08<masternick>Hi everyone, I'm trying to run FreeRTOS on XEN hypervisor, but I'm having some troubles. Anyone can help me?
07:10<royger>masternick: you will likely get more feedback from posting to xen-users if there's no response here
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10:38<ChmEarl>xen-4.15.1 hypervisor build in Debian Sid ^
10:39<ChmEarl>same error when linking the EFI blob
10:39<andyhhp>you're going to have to find a binutils developer to debug and fix the segfault
10:40<ChmEarl>they are actively patching binutils, recently last night
10:40<andyhhp>that's not something that people around here are liable to be able to fix
13:42<weylkesiq>ChmEarl: for what it's worth: i'm able to build the 4.16 xen efi on gentoo using binutils 2.37 (and i believe this used to work with 4.15.1 too)
14:01<ChmEarl>weylkesiq, ty, the Debian Sid has binutils patched to @
14:04<ChmEarl> worked on Dec 1 in Jammy
14:05<ChmEarl>things broke on Jan 21
14:05<ChmEarl> offending version
14:56<weylkesiq>ChmEarl: i see, i think this is one of those "when sid breaks, you get to keep all the pieces" moments?
14:58<ChmEarl>it was broken upstream in gnu so we use Debian Sid to experience the grief
14:58<ChmEarl>Bully works great
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