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#xen IRC Logs for 2022-01-28

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00:06<jgross>isodude: "extensive" is the correct attribute here. It booted as dom0 and as PVH guest. :-)
00:46<isodude>jgross: noted! well, now it boots properly with HVM/PVH/Dom0 on AMD hardware. Which by itself seems like a feat.
01:08<isodude>Ok so, anyone want to bite? Let's get suspend working on AMD Ryzen 4750U! I got two outstanding issues that I can't pin down properly. One of them is solved partly (new problem with BOs, maybe solved in drm-next) somewhere between Xen 4.15 and Xen 4.14 (, the other one seems unresolved
01:08<isodude>( Both work properly if booting the same kernel but without Xen. I was thinking that AMDGPU driver messed up MSI by not initializing it properly, was a dead end though. The other text duplication thingy is just weird.. how do you even diagnose such a thing? The response from amdgpu folks is.. nil.
01:08<isodude>Thoughs, directions?
01:09<isodude>I'm a year deep into this now soon, fun journey though :)
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11:58<ChmEarl>upstream binutils has a fix for broken EFI linking
11:59<andyhhp>yeah - it was reported this morning on xen-devel.
12:28<ChmEarl>Ubuntu Jammy is going with xen 4.16, qemu 6.2, & libvirt 8.0
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