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15:34<ccw>sorry for the elementary question, -- the settings documented in xl.cfg are for a per guest file, correct?
15:36<andyhhp>broadly speaking, yes
15:36<andyhhp>but it is documentation and quality varies
15:36<andyhhp>if there's something which is wrong and/or confusing, it should be fixed
15:39<ccw>Well.. in the end.. I just upgraded to 4.15 (gentoo system), and I have a Solaris guest -- I was using a local patch that "fixed" a solaris gp associated with msr.
15:40<ccw>but it looks like there was a lot of changes (I'm still reading) in that area..
15:40<ccw>-- so my question was kind of related to the msr_relaxed flag and how to set it for a specific guest
15:41<andyhhp>well it is documented
15:42<ccw>yes -- I found that. was just slightly confused with the name 'xl.cfg' -- wasn't sure if it was a single file or just the "format" of individual guests
15:44<ccw>the other bit is figuring out how to set the option via libvirt's setup (I would love to drop libvirt, but some in house provisioning tools that we use are libvirt based)
15:45<ccw>BUT -- I believe that you answered my question
15:45<ccw>thanks :)
15:47<andyhhp>I've got no idea about libvirt. At one point there was some logic to pick apart the IDL and covert options
15:49<ccw>I can ask my 2nd part of the question over in the virt channel
15:51<andyhhp>yeah, there's no system-wide relaxed setting
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