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06:23<astevanato>Hi all, I need your support. I'm trying to establish communication between guests using network (without NIC, i don't neet to access outside). Therefore, I start the first guest and create a bridge on it. Then i start the second guest with vif = [ "backend=guest0, bridge=guest0br" ]. Once the guest1 has finished the boot, on guest0 I have the guest0br and vifX.0 interface (however all without ip), and on guest1 I do not seed an
06:25<astevanato>Is that something possible? I just want that guest0 and guest1 can communicate using network. Exploitinig xen-netback and xen-netfront without passing from dom0, like it would be if the bridge were created by dom0.
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06:34<astevanato>Instead if the bridge is created in dom0 (without adding the interface eth0) the eth0 interface for guest0 is created correctly, still without IP
08:43<gwd>astevanato: That kind of setup should certainly be possible
08:43<gwd>I think your best bet might be to send the commands you used to create the bridge and the guest config files to
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08:54<astevanato>I did nothing special actually. brctl addbr guest0br, and for the guest i specified the name, vcpu, mem and vif
08:54<astevanato>gwd: thanks for the reply
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10:13<Neil0>Hey guys
10:14<Neil0>What causes /var/lib/xen/userdata-d*. JSON to be written?
10:14<Neil0>Is it only if there's a problem with the VM?
10:22<gwd>Neil0: If you don't get an answer here you might try on #xendevel
10:25<Neil0>Cool thx
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12:47<neilthereildeil>hey guys
12:47<neilthereildeil>where can i find documentation about what the xen systemd services do?
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