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06:31<astevanato>Hi guys, going back to the question that I posted yesterday. What does it mean when xl network-list domID has a virtual device with tx-/rx-ring ref equal to -1?
06:31<astevanato>gwd: as suggested by you I also wrote to
06:46<royger>device is not setup
06:50<astevanato>why this happen with the driver domain?
06:56<royger>if using a driver domain, do you have `xl devd` running on it?
07:00<astevanato>I just followed the wiki Let me check
07:04<astevanato>I got an error running xl devd on guest0: libxl: error: libxl_utils.c:820:libxl_cpu_bitmap_alloc: failed to retreive the maximum number of cpus
07:20<royger>astevanato: you need driver_domain=1 in the xl.cfg for the driver domain
07:20<royger>I don't think that's mentioned
07:21<royger>could you please update the wiki page with your findings?
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09:03<astevanato>royger: I tried to start guest0 with driver_domain=1, nothing has changed
09:04<royger>astevanato: do you have privcmd build and loaded in your driver domain?
09:12<astevanato>royger: yes, it is available under /proc/xen/privcmd or /dev/xen/privcmd
09:14<royger>is the version of the tools you are running in the driver domain the same as the hypervisor?
09:16<astevanato>since I'm using the same kernel and rootfs for both dom0 and guests, I suppose yes
09:17<royger>cna you paste the full output of `xl -vvvv devd` somewhere?
09:25<royger>astevanato: hm, not very helpful, you will have to strace it `strace xl devd`
09:41<royger>astevanato: so it seems like aa67b97ed34 broke driver domain support by requiring a libxl_cpu_bitmap_alloc call in order to parse the global configuration file
09:41<royger>astevanato: send and email to the list repoorting this, and Cc the tools maintainers
09:42<astevanato>still xen-users where I wrote this morning?
09:42<royger>the sysctl interface is restricted to priviledged domains, and that excludes driver domains
09:43<royger>astevanato: no, xen-devel
09:43<royger>this requires a developer to fix
09:43<royger>it's a BUG, not an issue without your setup
09:46<astevanato>Should I put you in cc?
09:52<royger>yes, that would be fine ( Also add the people listed in the TOOLSTACK section of MAINTAINERS file
09:58<astevanato>I think I mess up during the copy-paste, hopefully it is still understandable.
10:58<astevanato>royger: I think I was looking at an old version of the MAINTAINERS file, should I send it again with the correct guy?
10:59<royger>astevanato: just reply with Anthony added on the Cc and Ian dropped
10:59<royger>no need to resend, or else we migth get parallel threads going on
10:59<astevanato>perfect, sorry
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