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05:21<astevanato>Hi all, I'm here bothering you again! D: What I'm trying to achieve without success is to create HVM guest on arm. I created a simple guest.cfg file specifying the kernel, ramdisk (as usual) and then added type = "hvm" but what I get is the following error: xc: error: panic: xc_dom_core.c:206: failed to open file '/usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader': No such file or directory: Internal error since the file does not exist.
05:22<julieng>astevanato: You want to use type="pvh" for Arm guest. We don't support HVM (this implies starting QEMU to emulate some devices).
05:23<julieng>You can also remove type="..." and xl should select the correct one for you.
05:23<astevanato>Yes, that's the point. I would like to do some experiments using PV driver with respect to emulated ones
05:24<astevanato>julieng: btw what you just said it is written somewhere?
05:29<julieng>That's going to require a lot of work. QEMU is not ready to service Xen Arm guest. That said, we added support for IOREQ recently. So you could wire your own device emulation. For Arm, one of the first device we discussed was virtio (you can look for the discussion on xen-devel).
05:29<julieng>Everything is documented in
05:34<astevanato>thanks julieng, I was searching for something "arm does not support hvm guests" but I think it is enough. Are you talking about this ?
05:37<julieng>I can't think of a documentation where we explicitly say "arm does not support hvm guests". But you might be able to find such statement in talks Stefano and I gave a few years ago.
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